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Metal Gear Online announced for Xbox 360

Metal Gear Online announced for Xbox 360

Hold on. Before you make us bust out our flame suits, hear us out. We're not talking about Metal Gear Solid 4. We're talking Metal Gear Online. Currently exclusive to the PS3, MGO shows signs of a multi-format release. Allow us to explain.

Utilizing the Konami ID service, rather than the Sony PSN login ID, MGO suspiciously removes all dedication to the Sony brand (unlike MGS4 which is rife with Sony love). Konami has stated in the past that MGO and MSG4 are two different games and specifically has said that MGS4 is currently a PS3 exclusive. A standalone Metal Gear Online release for the Xbox 360 could work the same way Counter-Strike did on the original Xbox. As a focused multiplayer experience, Xbox 360 gamers could jump into the world of Metal Gear Solid without having to switch console allegiances. However, Konami could market the release of MGS4 to Xbox 360 owners in this way. By giving them a taste of the universe it's possible they could entice some gamers to head to the store, wallet in hand. While there are plenty of holes in our theory we do think that MGO is a strong possibility as an Xbox 360 release. Also, and dare we say it, MGO hitting the Xbox 360 probably wouldn't get under any PS3 fanboy skin. It's actually an even bigger Xbox 360 tease.

Maybe Not

Konami released Frogger 2 for the XBLA the same week as Metal Gear Solid 4. They might not have as much love for the console as we hope for.


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