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Halo Chronicles Revealed

Halo Chronicles Revealed

What is Halo Chronicles? Your guess is as good as ours. Initially touted as a new kind of game when Peter Jackson announced in at an E3 many moons ago, Halo Chronicles (as its been officially codenamed) has many potential storylines. It could be the rumored Master Chief-less Halo 4, an MMO or a tactical shooter staring the ODSTs. Whatever it is, E3 is the time to push it out and show Xbox 360 owners that the future is looking good.

Showcasing the future of the series since obtaining the rights during the amicable split from Bungie, Microsoft could ease worried fans that the franchise is dead in the water (quality wise that is) by revealing its future.

Maybe Not
Halo Wars. Gears of War 2. Too Human. Fable 2. Microsoft might not want to lose focus on these by shocking Xbox 360 owners with awesome sending their wallets into hibernation until Chronicles releases.


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