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Alan Wake Demoed

Alan Wake Demoed

It feels like the media blackout of Alan Wake has clouded our minds. Was the gamer ever really announced? Did we dream it? As one of the most interesting exclusives under Microsoft's belt we'd expect some form of information to be showcased during the most important industry event.

What else can we say? Alan Wake has blockbuster potential written all over it. In a world where Resident Evil and Silent Hill still hold weight, Alan Wake could be the exclusive title (in a new genre) Microsoft needs. E3 or bust.

Maybe Not
Microsoft has all but ignored the existence of Alan Wake during previous industry events and, so far, all signs point to another skipped chance for the Remedy developed title. Microsoft isn't even mentioning Alan's name anymore, does that bode well for a new IP? Microsoft has promised the game is still in development in the past. Only time will tell.


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