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Fable 2 Online Co-op Revealed

Fable 2 Online Co-op Revealed

As PR ninjas attempt to keep Peter Molyneux's promises at bay, a lingering question about Fable 2 remains -- is the announced drop-in-drop-out co-op also available over Xbox Live? While Lionhead isn't talking, E3 would be the perfect time to tout the fan favorite feature.

Crackdown. Gears of War. Halo 3. Too Human. What do these Microsoft published titles have in common? All share co-op experiences over the Xbox Live service. As an important exclusive in the Xbox 360 library, Fable 2 has to include the feature. Gamers have come to expect it today as much as we expected quarters be placed onto cabinets back in the age of arcades.

Maybe Not
Fable. Nay, Lionhead. Nay, Peter Molyneux himself have been known to over promise and under deliver. While Fable 2 marketing is quick to deny Xbox Live rumors it is possible that the feature was simply too time consuming to meet the (expected) fall release schedule. Rather than promising and disappointing earlier, Lionhead could deny and disappoint later.


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