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XNA Community Games Launch Details

XNA Community Games Launch Details

When the XNA Community Games service was announced at GDC 08 Microsoft was coy about its launch plans. Other than telling reporters the service would hit during the holiday 08 season, Microsoft sidestepped questions regarding its pricing structure (if any) and game specific release schedules. At E3 08 Microsoft could answer our questions by returning to XNA Community Games and reveal its future with the Xbox community.

As a well attended and known event, E3 is the perfect place to reveal plans for the service. As the fourth quarter approaches and XNA continues to evolve, E3 is your best bet for all information Communtiy Games.

Maybe Not
Considering Microsoft's history with announcing services only to sweep them under the rug when they hit a speedbump (sup, Live Anywhere?) it's possible the launch has been delayed and details will be slim. Could Community Games hit as an even wider open beta this holiday rather than a full fledged launch to make sure the service is ready across the Xbox 360, PC and Zune platforms? It's possible.


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