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Ninja Gaiden (Arcade)

Ninja Gaiden (Arcade)

Release: 1988
Platform: Arcade

In the beginning a ninja's only motivation was getting from one side of country to the other. In Ninja Gaiden players take on the role of an unnamed ninja as he treks across the United States destroying anyone who dare step in his path.

Released by developer Tecmo, Ninja Gaiden also saw life around the world. Known as Ninja Ryƫkenden (which would be the inspiration for his name in the next installment) in Japan and Shadow Warrior in Europe, the game's original gameplay was similar to other beat-em-ups of the time--such as Double Dragon.

The game featured a two-player co-op mode where a red-suited ninja would join, in what was considered then to be one of the most difficult games made.

Ninja Gaiden also found a home on the Atari Lynx and DOS-based PCs as well as the Commodore 64 in Europe (as Shadow Warrior) among other entertainment devices.


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