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Held Back from Grad

Held Back from Grad

Alan Wake
Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Release Date: TBA

Little is known about the Xbox 360 & PC exclusive thriller Alan Wake. Remedy, creators of Max Payne, have gone dark and refuse to budge on details surrounding the upcoming title. While few details exist, Alan Wake has managed to catch the eyes of gamers everywhere awaiting the next morsel of information that's made available. We hope to see more at E3 08.

Peter Jackson's Halo Project
Developer: Unknown
Release Date: TBA

Many assumed Bungie Studios was hard at work transforming Peter Jackson's vision into a new style of interactive entertainment in the Halo universe, but rumors suggest the development has been tasked to another studio. Jackson, best known for directing the Lord of the Rings films, has stated his Halo title will be very different from traditional games and will bring the franchise to a new direction. The recent departure of Frank O'Connor to Microsoft lends weight to the rumor that Peter Jackson's Halo title has been placed in the hands of the publisher, who owns the intellectual property.


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