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Halo Wars

Halo Wars

Developer: Ensemble Studios
Release Date: TBA

Quite possibly the most controversial graduate of 2008, Halo Wars is labeled as such because we're still unclear if it will make it to retail this year. Skipping Microsoft's recent San Francisco event, Halo Wars is the first official title to tell the story of humans versus the covenant other than the original trilogy released by Bungie Studios.

Age of Empires developer Ensemble Studios has been hard at work to create a console specific real-time strategy game in the Halo universe that some are calling, simplistic. While looking gorgeous and remaining faithful to the Halo story, Ensemble is tasked with creating another kind of Halo experience--no easy task considering the title's fan base.

While it hasn't been officially announced for 2008, Halo Wars looks like it could compliment the diversity of titles in the Xbox 360 library by releasing along side heavy hitters like Gears of War 2 this holiday season.


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