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Richard Mitchell
Tulsa, Oklahoma -

Richard received a BFA from the University of Oklahoma. Foregoing the endless rejection that is the life of an actor, Richard opted instead to follow his true passion, games. Lucky for him, the internet has turned writing about games into a financially viable occupation. Otherwise he would be condemned to a life in hell, also known as community theatre.

MK vs DC Universe softened for Teen rating

Sad news DC and Mortal Kombat fans, Midway's quest for a Teen ESRB rating has taken its first victims. Some of the content in Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, you see, has been scaled back in order to keep the dreaded 'M' rating off of the box. According to Kotaku, who spoke with Midway's Ed Boon, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe has been submitted to the ESRB three times, making minor changes each time in order to move the game from a Mature rating to Teen. The most painful fatality in this process (pun intented), is that the Joker's awesome, awesome "bang" fatality (see it after the break) has been changed, as the final headshot is now performed offscreen.

So, in a nutshell, the series that spawned the ESRB is now bound to it. Midway needs its money though, and a T rating will sell more copies, which explains why the company is so serious about it.

[Via Joystiq]

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Video: Lara Croft shows off her motorcycle skills

In the latest of a fairly steady stream of trailers, we get to see the improved motorcycle sections of Tomb Raider: Underworld. While we do know that Lara is able to use her motorcycle at any point in the game this time around, it's unclear in the trailer just how much of the action is gameplay and how much is cinematic. Still, it's nice to see that the motorcycle will be used for more than on-rails chase sequences.

For instance, at one point in the trailer, Lara encounters a seemingly impassable pit (filled with spikes, naturally). Before moving on, she has to employ her acrobatic skills to solve a puzzle, thus triggering a mechanism that raises ramps into position. Sure, you might wonder what use ancient civilizations had for motorcycle ramps, but that's really beside the point, isn't it?

WRUP: Absentee edition

Typically, if you don't show up, you don't get a vote. Thus, you will notice something interesting about one of our WRUP entries this week. Someone is gone, unable to write his own comments, so we've taken the liberty of filling them in. We'll let you figure out which is which. As always, don't forget to tell us what you're playing in the comments.

Dustin Burg (SuperDunners): Heading into the weekend, I'll continue my quest for unmatched Halo 3 l33tness by playing some 3 Ball and dabbling in the DLC playlists. I'm also contemplating whether or not I'll try to improve my Geometry War 2 scores. But that game tends to anger me and I'm not sure I want to mess up my otherwise joyous weekend. Gears of War 2 is less than two weeks away, so I'm thinking it would be a good idea to say a fond farewell to my original Gears love. Maybe we can set something up this week and properly pay our last respects to Gears of War. Stay tuned.

Richard Mitchell (SenseiRAM): I'm still sticking with Age of Booty. I've completed all the single player challenges and only have a few challenges left to go. I'm also trying to finally invest myself in Silent Hill: Homecoming. I've had some trouble getting into it what with Fable II and all. I'm also eagerly awaiting the arrival of Sam & Max for the Wii. Assuming Dead Space ever shows up from GameFly, I'll be hitting that too.

Xav de Matos (Snypz): Xav couldn't be here this week, so here goes. We know he's been playing Dead Space and also enjoying some Fable II. On top of that, we can also tell you that he's playing something else (very hush hush, you know). And, since he's not here to defend himself, we'll tell you that he's also playing some Barbie Horse Adventures. It's backwards compatible, yo!

Xbox 360 Fanboy Leaderboard
Xbox 360 Fanboy Leaderboard Mk. II

What were you playing? (WRUP archive)

[Image: shootingstarr(is a blur)]

Reminder: Win Fable II

Hey kids, don't forget that you still have a few precious hours to enter for your chance to win Fable II. We've got one collector's edition to give out as well as five crummy ol' regular editions too. Entering is as easy as sneezing on someone you dislike. In fact, it's even easier (and less messy). All you have to do is head over to the official giveaway post and follow the directions. See? Easy! Now go do it, the giveaway ends today at 5:00pm eastern.

Fable II players report game breaking glitch

We've been receiving reports from several gamers -- and the Lionhead forums are positively buzzing -- about a game breaking glitch in Fable II. The glitch occurs during the quest called "Monk's Quest," in which players are tasked with speaking to the Abbot of the Temple of Light in Oakfield. Apparently, if players run into the temple, begin the conversation with the Abbot, and then leave the region before the conversation is finished, they are be unable to resume the quest, thus preventing them from completing the main story. Lionhead is currently working on the issue and advises all players to make sure to finish the conversation and cut scene before leaving the area. At the moment there is no fix for those who have already encountered the glitch.

Another glitch discovered in the game causes those who take one of their heroes into co-op with another player starting a new game. Apparently, when leaving childhood, all experience and gold will be wiped from the co-op character. Lionhead hopes to address this glitch in a title update, but advises players to only play co-op after the childhood stage has been completed.

[Thanks to everyone that sent this in]

EA talks Dead Space, Bad Company, Army of Two sequels

In a move that isn't likely to shock readers of this website, EA's Frank Gibeau recently told Variety that Electronic Arts is planning sequels to Battlefield: Bad Company, and Army of Two. Dead Space executive producer Glenn Schofield also confirmed that a Dead Space sequel is in the works as well. Dead Space fans will also be happy to hear that Dead Space novels and toys are under consideration. We're hoping to see some Necromorphs with limb popping action. No concrete details on any of the sequels, such as when we might expect them, were given.

Gears 2 'Last Day' trailer, the new 'Mad World'?

A brand new ad for Gears of War 2, which hits shelves in two weeks, has just been released. Entitled "Last Day," it features Marcus Fenix and his fellow COG soldiers spending their last moments above ground before an underground assault on the Locust's home turf. The song featured in the trailer is "How It Ends" by DeVotchKa and tells viewers "You already know how this will end," as Dom and Marcus descend below the surface. Let there be no doubt, the commercial is definitely well produced.

We can't help but be reminded of the famous (infamous?) "Mad World" ad that promoted the first Gears of War, which makes sense considering it was created by the same team. Like the "Mad World" ad, "Last Day" is a radical departure from most action game advertising. Of course, that's precisely what makes it stand out. Find the ad after the break.

Our only question now is how long it will take for enterprising filmmakers to start remixing the ad with different music, or throwing the music onto other game commercials. Get to it, internets!

Continue reading Gears 2 'Last Day' trailer, the new 'Mad World'?

Fable II: The Albion Bestiary Compendium

The lands of Albion -- as explored in Fable II -- are filled with many strange and wondrous things. Indeed, many of them are wonderful, even magical in nature, but make no mistake, there are dangers as well. In addition to its law abiding populous, Albion is home to all manners of beasts, spirits, and, well, less than law abiding citizens. To this end we provide The Albion Bestiary Compendium. No adventurer should leave home without it!

Come learn your ABC's with The Albion Bestiary Compendium.

Lars Ulrich on why Metallica is Guitar Hero exclusive

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich recently told KBS Radio why the band decided to offer its music on Guitar Hero while denying it to Rock Band. Ulrich's somewhat cryptic reasoning: "We had to make a decision, and it was one or the other, and we felt that Guitar Hero were more suited for what we were looking for. They were ready to step up on a number of fronts and it's been great." Ulrich did not elaborate on how exactly Activision "stepped up," though he does mention the rumors of a Metallica themed Guitar Hero. Ulrich did not confirm such a game was in the works, instead saying "who knows what's gonna lurk next year, but it's pretty exciting."

So, Activision stepped up and Guitar Hero was more suited to what Metallica was looking for. Somehow we get the feeling that Activision stepped up with a suitcase full of money, which is exactly what Metallica was looking for.

Zombies!!! confirmed for Xbox Live Arcade

After a rumor began circulating over the summer, Twilight Creations officially announced last week that its Zombies!!! board game is headed to Xbox Live Arcade. For those unfamiliar with the game (like us), it's a tile-based game that has players attempting to flee from the "ever-growing zombie horde." So, in other words, it sounds pretty much like the best board game of all time. Zombies!!! is being developed by Big Rooster, which is also working on bringing the board game Wings of War to XBLA. It's also worth noting that Big Rooster was the studio behind the recently canceled XBLA version of Talisman (hopefully not the beginning of a trend). Zombies!!! is expected to release some time in 2009.

[Image: stuttermonkey]

Sacred 2 hits North America Feb 17, 2009, Atari distributes

After the annoucement that Sacred 2: Fallen Angel has been delayed into 2009, Atari has announced a multi-year distribution deal with cdv, the European publisher of the game. Atari will bring Sacred 2 to the North American market, along with future titles from the publisher. Sacred 2 will be hitting North American soil on February 17, 2009. So, for everyone out there awaiting a decent multiplayer dungeon crawl, mark your calendars, and try not to get confused by the new Atari logo on the box. Everyone else, move along.

XBLA in Brief: Portal: Still Alive

This week on XBLA in Brief, we take a look at Portal: Still Alive. Sure, it seems like an easy choice for those wanting to try Portal without paying for The Orange Box. 15 bucks for the original Portal and 14 new challenge maps? Sounds pretty good to us. The only real question is whether or not the 14 additional maps are worth it to Portal fanatics. At a buck a map, we're inclined to say yes. Check out the latest installment of XBLA in Brief to see what's new in Still Alive.

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Star Wars: The Old Republic "under consideration" for consoles

We're sure that quite a few of you had your eyeballs glued to the LucasArts and BioWare press conference yesterday, licking your lips at the announcement of Star Wars: The Old Republic, a new MMO from the same folks that brought us Knights of the Old Republic. If you read this website on a regular basis, it's also quite likely that you were disappointed that the word "console" seemed to be absent from the presentation. We've got semi-good news then, as EA's Frank Gibeau has told Eurogamer that console ports of both Star Wars: The Old Republic and the recently released Warhammer: Age of Reckoning are "under consideration." According to Gibeau, some research will be required before the company can come to a decision on the matter.

We've set our office clocks forward in an attempt to speed up the flow of time. Thus far, we have been unsuccessful. Looks like we'll just have to wait.

[Via Joystiq]

Penny Arcade Episode 2 next week for 1200 points

Microsoft, it would seem, has no pity whatsoever for our aching bank accounts (or cash stuffed mattresses, these days), as it has been officially announced that Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode 2 will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade next Wednesday, October 29. The game includes many new gameplay features, including extra difficulty modes, completion tracking, and the ability to transfer Episode One characters into the game. The game will also feature music from The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, a rock group devoted to the writing of H. P. Lovecraft. Perhaps best of all -- and certainly most interesting -- PAAOTRSPDE2 will cost 1200 Microsoft Points, a full $5 less than the 1600 point Episode One. Find another video after the break.

Gallery: Penny Arcade Epidsode 2

Continue reading Penny Arcade Episode 2 next week for 1200 points

Fanswag: Mega Fable 2 giveaway [update]

Update: Our winners have been selected and notified. Check your inboxes, kids, it might be you! Don't forget to check those spam boxes too!

You may have noticed, but we're smack in the middle of a week filled with Fable II goodness. Today, we are continuing our special coverage with a huge Fable II giveaway. We've got six copies of the game to giveaway, including one Collector's Edition copy. For your chance at some free Fable II goodness of your very own, simply follow our entry rules below.
  • To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post telling us what kind of hero you plan to be in Fable II.
  • You may leave one comment per calendar day, eastern time. Posters of multiple comments will be disqualified. We'll accept entries until Friday, October 24th at 5:00PM eastern. You must be at least 18 years old to enter. This giveaway is open only to residents of the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec).
  • On Friday, we'll pick six winners via a random drawing.
  • One grand prize winner will receive one copy of the Fable II collector's edition, worth $70. Five second prize winners will receive the standard edition of Fable II, worth $60.
  • Complete giveaway rules can be found here

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