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MS considered 3D tech for Xbox 360

Think about this for a moment. Preparation for an evening long session of Halo 3 could have included snacks, beverages, console, game disc and a stereoscopic 3D display. According to a July 3 interview with, XNA's general manager, Chris Satchell, said Microsoft considered the tech for console gaming.

In an excerpt from the interview, Satchell revealed that Microsoft actually looked into using stereoscopic technology (seen in the upcoming Ubisoft game Avatar and Texas Instruments' upcoming DualView TV) for gaming. Ultimately it was determined the need for special glasses made the idea impractical. "I think it is hard to be mainstream with asking people to wear headgear to play games," he said. We'd prefer the headgear above, thank you.

While technology is being developed to overcome some original obstacles for stereoscopic displays, Satchell believes the possibility of the tech is, "very interesting." As Joystiq pointed out, we're officially one step closer to the "Holodeck," people! Awesome?

[via Joystiq]

Shotest Shogi passes cert; Basment Pool delayed

When Shotest Shogi and Basement Pool were originally announced, we were a bit harsh on the latter and quite welcoming to the former. Well thanks to that delisting process that Microsoft unveiled not too long ago, Basement Pool is going to be seeing a bit of a delay. Posting on the Indiegamer boards, Paul Johnson of Rubicon said that while the game is a pet project of his that will likely never really die, Rubicon is waiting for Bankshot Billiards to be retired before releasing Basement Pool to XBLA.

And hey, as for Shotest Shogi, after a bit of a certification debacle, it's finally passed and it's only up to Microsoft when it goes live. For those unfamiliar with the concept, Shogi is a harder, deeper, and more complex version of chess. Thankfully Rubicon professes to have spent an inordinate amount of time on a tutorial mode, meaning that anyone who'd like to deepen their strategic thinking a bit should be able to find some enjoyment here.

[Via Gamerbytes]

Free Bungie Day '08 downloads are now available!

Just so you know, the FREE Bungie Day 2008 theme and gamer picture pack are now available for download off the Xbox Live Marketplace. W00tacular! And no, your calendar is not misinforming you. The downloads are available a day early (tomorrow, July 7th is officially Bungie Day), but that just allows us to celebrate 48 hours of Bungie Day(s). You'll have to wait for Cold Storage though, it'll be made available for FREE sometime tomorrow.

Also, when you download today's free goodies, be sure to note the gamer picture pack. Not only is there a soffish, a Pimps at Sea logo and bleached white Bungie logo, but there's one other featuring none other than the mysterious Superintendent himself! He also makes an appearance on the theme's Games blade. What a damn cute lil' plumber.

A few new Prince of Persia shots slip out

To go with the pixelated video from earlier, we've got a few much better looking screen shots from the new Prince of Persia game. While the shots don't exactly reveal anything new (and their origination on a message board smells a tad like viral marketing) they do reaffirm the amazing use of cel shading that the Assassin's Creed team has been able to pull off.

The three new screens are also accompanied by a few artworks of some monsters that remind us vaguely of Ico, as well some more traditional art of the new Prince and his companion.

Deals: $10 gift cards and Assassins for the cheap

This week at Circuit City, you can grab a few gift cards with your new video game purchases. Purchase either Unreal Tournament III or Beijing Olympics 2008 and get a free $10 gift card. If you're looking for new Xbox 360 Arcade hardware and are willing to purchase LEGO Indiana Jones as well, you'll be treated to a free $20 gift card. Their other deals include a free art poster with Civilization: Revolution and Assassin's Creed for the super low price of $30. Outside of Circuit City the deals are slim, but Best Buy is giving away a free eighteen month calendar with a SoulCalibur IV pre-order and Toys R Us is giving away a free $10 gift card with the purchase of a Guitar Hero: Aerosmith bundle or just the game (in store only). Now go fanboys, go and get your shop on.

Video: Leaked Prince of Persia footage, sorta ...

As you you are well aware thanks to this blog's helpfully descriptive title, there's a new Prince of Persia video making the internet rounds, showcasing the game's first in-game footage. Allegedly. Though, before you get too excited, be well aware that the video is both off-screen and is nothing more than the camera circling around the prince. To be honest, it's quite a bad video showing us absolutely nothing new or exciting. But it is a Prince of Persia video (allegedly), so we figured we'd share. And for those who, just like us, aren't impressed by the low quality video leakage, we have achievement news for you. Remember Ubisoft's achievement vote? Well, voting is now complete and "Combat King" won. Yippy yippy!

[Via NeoGAF]

Airplanes in Burnout Paradise?

As Criterion Games wraps up development on the soon-to-be-released Cagney update for Burnout Paradise, the team is already experimenting with what future updates could bring to the title. Previously announced bikes, night-time driving and a new island have been revealed as key additions coming to the game but now Criterion has revealed the team is experimenting with airplanes. Continuing the developer's admiration for high speed, planes could be an interesting addition to the series but it doesn't appear that anything is set in stone just yet.

Until then we'll make do with the 3 new online modes, 70 online timed challenges, ranked racing improvements and live updates page all releasing for free with the Cagney update, which has been pushed to July 14.

[via Big Download]

Burnout's Cagney update delayed a few days

Criterion recently announced some "bummer" news regarding Burnout Paradise's upcoming Cagney update, saying that it will not release on July 10th as originally planned. Tear. Due to the Microsoft certification process taking longer than expected, Criterion confirmed that the Paradise's Cagney title update will roll out a few days later, on Monday, July 14th. The PS3 Cagney release will not be affected. So, you can look forward to some hot Cagney update action on the 14th, bringing with it three new freeburn modes, 70 freeburn challenges, new vehicles and a laundry list of gameplay tweaks.

MK VS DC new screens, plus "Brutalities"

When the game was first announced, fanboys on both sides were worried that Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe wouldn't be able to do justice to either property. While the main of that question is still up in the air, one small part of it has now been answered (for those few who really care). See, the very first episode of the MKast went up recently and promised again to its followers that the game would in fact feature the series' signature Fatalities.

Bu- bu- bu- but Batman doesn't kill! Indeed. To rectify this, the DC characters will have what are known as Brutalities instead. Just like a Fatality, except, y'know, not fatal. As you can tell, we're absolutely ecstatic about this news. Wee.

Video: A rain soaked Blitz: The League II

Heading into an unfamiliar gaming genre (sports game, oh my!), today we bring you the debut trailer for the Madden 09 "competitor", Blitz: The League II. There's a lot of attitude, a lot of rain, a lot of mud and face-masking (see, we do know some sports lingo), all giving it that signature Blitz feel. Good or bad. But our biggest gripe with this debut trailer is the fact that there's absolutely zero in-game footage. Nada none. Enjoy watching it though.

Ninja Gaiden 2 gets patched, sorta

When most games get patched or auto-updated, we at least have a few words from the developers about what changes the patch entails. Especially if the game in question has a myriad of technical problems that we know have not all been solved. So, to turn on a 360 and see Ninja Gaiden 2 auto-update without any news from Team Ninja, Tecmo or Microsoft feels a bit strange. Though we do know Team Ninja and Tecmo have a lot on their plates at the moment, if they had time to work on a patch, surely they had time to send out a few press releases? But we digress, any patch is better than no patch for a game that seems to run in bullet time for some bits (Chp 10's stairs) and the tubes have not let us down in their observations of some of the patches effects (though we'd've preferred official word).

The game-breaking glitch seems to be solved and any old "broken" saves can now be continued. The speed run leaderboards are now actually updated each subsequent time you beat your best time, instead of just sticking with your first score forever. And while the major technical problems such as slowdown haven't really been addressed, we're glad that the game is actually beginning to approach what it should have been upon release. Here's hoping we'll see more patches as time goes on ...

Design a GRiD livery for the game's upcoming DLC

While we're not exactly sure just how many people out there are still interested in such a thing, Codemasters, the GRiD developers, are holding a contest for its players to design a livery (skin) for the above pictured car. The rules are real simple and you don't need to be an art whiz or anything. Basically, download the picture package from here, and do your best to create an official "Codemasters Racing Team" livery incorporating the Codemasters logo into the design.

Going a step further, Codemasters artists will then turn that into game art for the car. And not only does the winner get his (or her) car in the game, but they also get " a load of GRID swag" and "a framed high-resolution render of your car as it will appear in the game." The contest ends July 25th, get designing!

Dungeon crawler goodness: New Sacred 2 footage

Okay, so maybe we're not getting a 360 version of Diablo 3 (or maybe we are), but that doesn't mean we can't get our dungeon crawling fix. Of course, there is Too Human coming in August. Too Human is sci-fi though. What about strict fantasy fans? For them, we have Sacred 2. In development for quite some time now -- we first saw it at GDC 07 -- Sacred 2 looks to give fans of dungeon crawling something to smile about. We were impressed with the game when we saw it at this year's GDC, and these videos are looking even better. While the amount of gameplay seen in these two videos is pretty small, what's there looks very pretty. Oh, and did we mention that Sacred 2 will have 4-player online co-op? Yeah, well it will.

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Video Marketplace Weekly: new fireworks edition

It's a holiday weekend where we're sure most of you will be out and about, enjoying the sunshine and warm Summer weather. But not all of you will. We know there's a select few (okay, about 76% of you) who will want to stay indoors and maybe rent a new movie release off the Video Marketplace. And really, that's not that bad of an idea. It's such a reasonable idea, that we've compiled a list of all the past week's new U.S. XBVM movie releases even though it isn't much of a list. There's actually only three releases this week which is sort of a bummer. But they're new new releases, so that kind of makes up for it. We'll keep you in suspense until you make it to the break, but we'll leave you with one final warning message. Do not, under any circumstances, rent this week's "Alternate Ending" movie. Stick with the original. Alternate endings only leave room for disappointment, sadness and anger.

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Pure awesome: PDC World Championship Darts

We swear that that is from the actual, official, box art from this incredibly, improbably, weird game. Apparently Oxygen games thought that this title did well enough on PS2 and Wii, and are looking to port this piece of weirdness to a real next-gen console. Leaving aside most of the obvious ripping we could give this thing (its lack of potential for profitability notwithstanding), we really do think that a title like this does have a place somewhere in the 360's library. It's just not on the shelves next to Halo and GTA. Considering Microsoft's penchant for throwing casual things on XBLA, this really feels much more appropriate to that space.

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