Obama ads arrive in Burnout Paradise

Of all the advertisements we've ever thought would show up in our ad-enabled video games, we have to admit we never even considered the possibility of political ads. And yet, there they are. The next time you fire up Burnout Paradise, you may notice some new billboard ads advocating Barack Obama's bid for the US presidency. The ads mention that early voting has begun and list the address of an Obama campaign website.

Holly Rockwood, director of corporate communications at Electronic Arts, told GigaOM, "I can confirm that the Obama campaign has paid for in-game advertising in Burnout," adding that the company accepts advertisements from "credible political candidates" and that, just like ads on TV and radio, they don't necessarily reflect the opinions of EA or its employees. Our suggestion for the next candidate to buy some in-game ads: Ed Hermes.

[Via Joystiq]