Joystiq tries out the NXE, the news is good

Joystiq -- otherwise known as the lucky bastards currently at the Tokyo Game Show -- have gotten a chance to try out the New Xbox Experience. There are some quibbles, namely that you still can't set your default online status and some elements -- like Netflix -- are oddly placed. Even with the quibbles though, the pros seems to outweigh the cons. The NXE is fast, Avatars are easy to create, and the new party system allows players to jump from game to game with ease. Best of all, according to Joystiq, is the new guide, which recreates the original Blades system. The guide allows all the same functions as the current dashboard, even allowing you to launch another game from within one already being played (and allowing you to take your party with you).

It all sounds pretty sweet to us. Oh, and it's fast. Head over to Joystiq for their full impressions.