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Rumor: Video surfaces of XBLA GoldenEye 007

We'd like to direct your attention to the embedded YouTube video above. This video is somewhat special. Special, because it's rumored to have been uploaded by an employee from Rare showing off an in-house build of what GoldenEye 007 would look like as an Xbox Live Arcade game. You know, because there have been numerous rumors of an XBLA version being worked on. But the video is very controversial. Controversial, because nobody can be 100% sure that it's real or fake. The improved textures, framerate and gameplay lends itself to being real, but some say it could be a l33t programmer doing a ROM hack. You'll have to ponder this one and analyze the picture evidence. Real or fake? We dunno, but we thought this video was worth your attention. That is all. Good day.

[Via N4G, Thanks Karl]

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1-20-2008 @ 1:54PM

Platinum_Skeet said...

My big wonder is how much easier the game will be now that we have way better controls?

But hey if they can't bring this game back they need to push for Perfect Dark. If Goldeneye or Perfect Dark come to XBLA with online multiplayer. Millions of gamers will be satisfied...

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1-20-2008 @ 1:55PM

DemonGSides said...

Scientist minus a head.

I call N64 Rom.

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1-20-2008 @ 1:58PM

OmegaIXIUltima said...

Anyone notice how the sound was really off or is that just youtube or my computer being a piece of junk?

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1-20-2008 @ 1:58PM

Rae said...

wow no one mentioned the "saving content do not turn off your console" mesage at the end of the video

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1-20-2008 @ 2:01PM

Rae said...

also you can see the 'b' button to go the the previous page and 'start' to start the game

pretty sure this is real

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1-20-2008 @ 2:04PM

mattclarkie said...

Looks to me like the AI really needs some work. They looked like they just stood there and did nothing, but it is hard to tell.

But as that would change the game they probably wouldn't be able to do that even if there was an XBLA version.

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1-20-2008 @ 2:14PM

hydralisk456 said...

Ha! Only pussies play on "Agent" difficulty!

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1-20-2008 @ 2:16PM

mattclarkie said...

What the hell is happening when he gets into the lift. It just stays there for 1 min, and then "Saves".

Maybe the reason the scientist has no head is that the Soviets are experimenting with Invisibility, and there was an accident and the scientists head became invisible.

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1-20-2008 @ 2:55PM

JakubK666 said...

Or maybe that's an alpha version of an Live Arcade Port?

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1-20-2008 @ 2:21PM

dunnypop said...

if this is real, this would be an amazing addition to XBLA... I'm sure there are millions of fans of this game.

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1-20-2008 @ 2:25PM

aldim000 said...

I haven't played Goldeneye back in the day, but from the video it seems quite terrible compared to a lot of PC shooters from the same year (Quake II, Jedi Knight, etc), not to mention the ones that were released in 98. Especially the AI appears to be all but nonexistent and the game tries to compensate by throwing loads of complete retards at you. I don't think I really care anymore whether this gets released or not.

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1-20-2008 @ 2:31PM

Arno said...

Hacking the ROM is no easy task, for someone to go through all that (we're talking weeks worth of work) to present this video is highly unlikely.

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1-20-2008 @ 2:34PM

David said...

Yeah, G4 Adam Sessler, of X-Play confirmed on a recent episode that Goldeneye for XBLA was a no-go:

(He'll tell you about it right after some PS3 sequel.)

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1-20-2008 @ 2:37PM

Arno said...

The game wasn't meant to be ran through like that.

Anyone who didn't play Goldeneye back in the day won't realize how amazing this game was back in the day. Different body parts took damage differently, the weapon would slighlty auto-aim when shooting enemies making the animation very fluid and realistic. Kids today won't be able to appreciate it, but the game paved the way for many FPS games to come, much like Half-Life did many years later. This game was revolutionary when it first came out.

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1-20-2008 @ 2:40PM

lilbambit said...

funny to think that one of the most revered, revolutionary and respected games is a movie tie-in

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1-20-2008 @ 2:54PM

Trekster_Gamer said...

It was good for it's day as there was no other console FPS to compare it to. I am not impressed, nostalgia only goes so far.... Duke Nukem Atomic would have been more fun ; )

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1-20-2008 @ 3:32PM

aldim000 said...

Arno, Half-Life came out ONE year later. Knowing what Goldeneye introduced to the shooter scene, it doesn't look remotely as revolutionary and/or influential as the id titles that preceded it or Marathon, Descent, Duke 3D, Jedi Knight, System Shock, etc. Doesn't seem to have aged well either. It may be impressive for an early console FPS, but nothing more. And I don't think that the compromise of using auto-aim is not something a game should brag about.
Just like "kids today won't be able to appreciate it", back in the day console-only players had no idea how much more advanced PC shooters were. And it stayed that way until Halo evened the odds somewhat.

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Zach S38

1-20-2008 @ 3:56PM

Zach S said...

Actually it was very revolutionary and influential in both the single-player and multi-player modes.

It had a solid story, with cut scenes and missions in which you had certain objectives to complete (such as placing trackers, etc) and also others that could be considered "opportunity" objectives. It also featured the ability to drive a tank and I think maybe one other vehicle, can't remember. It had a ridiculous arsenal of weapons, most of which could be dual-wielded. Almost everything in the game could be shot and messed around with, and the AI was fairly intelligent (they would duck, roll, side-step, etc.), plus there were different damage points for the head, chest, arms, etc. It featured a very minimal HUD with only the bullets, with the health bar flashing when you got hit and otherwise it was in the menu (which was his freaking watch!) Also, the music was fucking amazing.

The multiplayer had a ridiculous amount of customization, from around 60 characters to different weapons modes, game modes, 15 or so levels, etc. The game featured like 6 different control styles and used the trigger on the N64 to great effect for up to 4 players. I think, overall, it really did have a profound impact, not only on the console FPS world, but also on following FPSes in general, plus on the fan base for the genre (practically everyone with a 64 had Goldeneye and/or Perfect Dark)

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1-20-2008 @ 5:16PM

Stranger said...

Wasn't there news like two weeks ago that a port of Goldeneye had been in the works for over a year, but was being scrapped because Microsoft and Nintendo couldn't come to agreeable licensing terms?

Cool vid and all, but thought this was sorta old news...

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1-20-2008 @ 6:49PM

Roto13 said...

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. O_o

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