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Warner drops HD DVD, goes Blu-Ray only

The question we find ourselves asking is "what does Michael Bay think?" Warner Bros. Entertainment today announced that the company will discontinue releasing its movies on HD DVD beginning in May of this year in favor of Blu-Ray exclusivity. The decision comes as Warner Bros. CEO Bary Meyer airs concerns that "The window of opportunity for high-definition DVD could be missed if format confusion continues to linger." In other words, if one format doesn't win out soon, a newer format could dominate them both. Digital downloads, perhaps? Maybe Michael Bay was right after all. Whatever your position in the format war (we're happy with our DVDs, thanks), this represents a big blow to HD DVD, and rumor has it that Warner Bros. received a hefty chunk of change in exchange for Blu-Ray exclusivity.

So, starting this summer, your 360 HD DVD player might be feeling a bit lonely (except for the fine films from Paramount and Dreamworks, of course). We're guessing you'll still be able to pick up Warner Bros. movies off of Video Marketplace though.

[Via EngadgetHD]

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1-05-2008 @ 1:12PM

Josh said...

hd-dvd, bluray... whatever. they're all going to lose to download and play services within the next few years, anyway!

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Knight Marquise82

1-05-2008 @ 1:38PM

Knight Marquise said...

Hey Titty Pink.

We all know that you suck Sony Sausage. We all know you feverishly bang your bologna while typing out crap about MS and/or the xBox 360.

We get it ok?

Now, get the fuck off and quit trolling this site. Hell, if a 360 fan wrote half the fucking shit you do, with twice the truth over at ps3 fanboy, they'd be banned in a nano second.

Now, wipe the sony jizz off your ass and your mouth and move back over to 3rd place land at PS3 fanboy.

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1-05-2008 @ 1:53PM

Don said...

Damn, somebody sounds bitter, lol. Knight Marquise, you're a fag.

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Knight Marquise84

1-05-2008 @ 2:20PM

Knight Marquise said...

Actually, Don, the same goes to you. We all know you recycle sony's jizz.

Bitter? Hardly, all my multimedia is digital on a media server. BR and HDDVD can forget it, I'm not rebuying physical libraries again. I started it out on Beta max, and got the Sony Rug Burn, then began again with VHS, and got to do it all over again with DVD. Not happening again.

However, what does get old is seeing turd stains, such as yourself and titty pink, who are fanbots, spew your shit over here when you have a perfectly good forum at PS3 fanboy for your mastebatory sessions. You know the ones...where you compare everything to the 360, tell each other lies, and drink the Sony Kool Aid.

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1-05-2008 @ 2:40PM

Don said...

I was just commenting on your perverted mind. You probably haven't had a piece of ass in awhile and that's why you relate everything to jacking off and groceries (feverishly bang, jizz, mastebatory sessions, sausage, balogna, and Kool-Aid). You shouldn't worry about this format war, from the sounds of it, you have much bigger problems. Do yourself a favor, and go get fucked.

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1-07-2008 @ 11:08AM

cwhitesox77 said...

dont hate i gess money cant buy every thing

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1-07-2008 @ 11:08AM

cwhitesox77 said...

dont hate i gess money cant buy every thing

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1-05-2008 @ 3:56PM

MrStorm said...

Lol at so direct downloads might be the future but thats gonna take major investment in internet infrastructure (Here in the UK anyway). I personally prefer being able to visit my local Tesco, HMV or Woolies pick a film, not worry about having to download and wait for something and also i like having something tangible for my money. Just a psychological thing i think?

Blu-Ray also has the ability to have added features also with the Java support. Along with the discs being potentially able to go upto 200gb each due to the finer precision of the blue laser and the layers on the disc being thinner.

A Single format now is actually better for the public than two because it’s a media playback and storage format. The increased sales will allow standardisation which in turn will drive costs down allowing a cheaper product. The initial development competition with HD-DVD would have helped make blu-ray what it is becoming now. A single format also allows consumers to have a greater deal of information about a single format and not be confused by the two competing and discovering after purchasing all the kit its going to be useless 6 months down the line! (Unlucky HD-DVD adopters, the risk you take when you’re an early adopter in a market!)

Microsoft should have also launched a more expensive console option that included an HD-DVD player initially on 360 launch. Yes more expensive but it also allows greater levels of that initial penetration to get people talking :)

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Sawyer 0889

1-05-2008 @ 3:59PM

Sawyer 08 said...


Xbox 360fanboy is a place where gamers have rational discussions about what they like or don't like about the 360. Yes, this is big news.. .but it's not going to effect gamers.. just movie buffs. If you are looking for a place to HATE on the 360... check out PS3fanboy. They are so hard pressed for news... that's all they do over there is HATE. SONY either has a grade school following or a "cult" following spewing out remarks like "DIE HD DVD. DIE!!!!

Some people need to get out of the house more.

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1-05-2008 @ 4:32PM

emaxximus said...

Rational discussion? You must have missed Knight Marquise's posts.

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1-05-2008 @ 4:58PM

UNSCleric said...

I'm sure your sponsor (Blu-Ray) loves this story being your headline story for more than a day now.

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1-05-2008 @ 5:10PM

eightbitghost said...

If I remeber correctly Microsoft has stated before that that didnt include the hddvd with their 360 becuase they were afraid that if hddvd would fai,l then it would cost to much to produce hddvds andt he 360 would also fail. Which I see a valid point, isnt that the same reason the dreamcast failed because gbcd never caught on and were to expensive to produce.

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1-05-2008 @ 5:25PM

Flash2000 said...

Game over man, game over.

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1-05-2008 @ 5:41PM

Trekster_Gamer said...

I am ready for one standard. If Blu-Ray wins then so be it, no matter what Sony Fanboys say the 360 is outselling and has always outsold the PS3. Just how many PS3's are out there? the 360 has outsold the Ps3 almost 4 to 5 to 1. Even if blue-ray becomes the dominant format I still wont buy a PS3 console to be my main Media player, I don't want the wear and tear. I will just buy a player. You PS3 fans can see this as a victory but face it. Xbox360 More games, more games that look better and play better and more games coming and thats the bottom line.

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1-05-2008 @ 6:21PM

MrStorm said...

you mean like MGS4 was coming.. o wait, not enough room on a dvd =[

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1-05-2008 @ 11:37PM

chris said...

Your... well dumb. To put it nicely. The fact is the ps3 has been out selling the 360 worldwide for the past two months and for the first week of the year. I have yet to see anything in the 360 line up of 08 that I want that I cant get on the ps3 thats why I sold the damn thing tonight. It sold just as well as the 360 did in it's first year, with out a major selection of game and a high price point. The xbox is out of steam. Maybe next time MS will think out the quality of the machine and it may have a better chance.

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1-05-2008 @ 6:12PM

TJ said...

MS should release a Blu-ray Drive for the PS3. Then it would be the only console on the market that could play ALL optical disc formats (CD, DVD, HD DVD, and Blu-ray).

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1-05-2008 @ 6:12PM

drunkenironrabbit said...

actually this FN pisses me off. warner were the ones dissin Sony because they COULDNT get the programing right to release matrix for blu ray due to the way that the format is to the point that they just were NOT going to release the matrix trilogy indefinately for the blu ray camp. it just goes to show that sony really is intent on buying everyone like they did with the psx, which is sad because the u control feature is really cool as is dual format dvd and hd dvd that are on alot of the HD dvd disks out there. it also shows sonys resolve of finally having a monopoly of a medium, they didnt make it with mini cd, beta or divx but it looks like they might have finally struck a blow to the other medium, although the one thing that made vhs win was the porn company adopting it.., which doesnt remain to be seen yet even though HD dvd has more porn companies movies anyhow good move sony, lol i hate you. hd dvd better pull somethin out of its butt.., hopefully the xbox ultimate will help at least, but i think that the numbers are finally going to be strong in BD now sadly after this.., oh btw anyone notice that sonys doing its first i got your money for the standard edition, now buy the collectors edition pirates on BD.., theyre evil incarnate and i know because i used to tell crying sony fanboys that theyre PS's werent under warranty and tell them that it would be better to buy a new system rather than send it in because it costs almost as much to fix the POS's. i shook my fist at them when i worked for them and i still shake it now. i love my ps3 but im the first to point out how shady they are~!

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1-05-2008 @ 6:24PM

MrStorm said...

yeah because Microsoft are often praised for there sporting business practices lols.

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1-11-2008 @ 10:45AM

Aurvant said... lied to Sony consumers by giving them false information regarding their warranty and deliberately pushed them towards spending more cash instead of actually using the perfectly good warranty they had in place?

My friend, you are a douchenozzle.

Also, the biggest backer in HD-DVD adult media, Digital Playground, has switched to backing Blu-Ray and has already opened up 7 titles which will be sold from their marketplace for the BR format. Why? Well, according to the CEO of DP it was due to consumer demand.

Oh, I would just like to point out that Warner Bros. did -not- take a sum of 400 million $$$ just to switch to Blu-Ray exclusivity. The President of WB has even confirmed that they did not take a payoff. Why would i take his word? Because the deal would have HAD to have been made public. A business transaction like that can't be made behind the scenes and it would technically be illegal to say "we didnt take money" if in fact they did.

The deal with Paramount was different because they never offered any response to the deal of taking 150 million from Toshiba to back them exclusively. Paramount never denied it and when the financial reports came out they finally admitted to it, but they never EVER denied it.

Also, the numbers in BD were already strong. The sales of BD players after Black Friday outsold the HD-DVD stand alone players every week and have continued to do so (this information does not include the PS3) not to mention BD movie sales trump the HD-DVD sales in every market worldwide. Hell, if it wasn't for the american market trying to go for the cheaper alternative HD-DVD would have died long ago. The Asian and European markets have strongly been held in BD's favor and not by small margins either.

Also, where is your proof or source of information regarding Sony buying off anything with the PSX? OR is that just some kind of inaccurate piece of fanboy drivel that you spout out on a daily basis.

Look , you support the HD-DVD format and that is just fine. Everyone is entitled to their preferences and their opinions BUT you are pretty close to just downright lying about everything. So, I felt that it was necessary to thouroghly educate you in the subject. Also, why would anyone who so adamantly speaks out against Sony and the Playstation, in fact, own a PS3? You, my friend, are a walking idiosyncracy.

2 starsvote downvote upReport

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