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Warner drops HD DVD, goes Blu-Ray only

The question we find ourselves asking is "what does Michael Bay think?" Warner Bros. Entertainment today announced that the company will discontinue releasing its movies on HD DVD beginning in May of this year in favor of Blu-Ray exclusivity. The decision comes as Warner Bros. CEO Bary Meyer airs concerns that "The window of opportunity for high-definition DVD could be missed if format confusion continues to linger." In other words, if one format doesn't win out soon, a newer format could dominate them both. Digital downloads, perhaps? Maybe Michael Bay was right after all. Whatever your position in the format war (we're happy with our DVDs, thanks), this represents a big blow to HD DVD, and rumor has it that Warner Bros. received a hefty chunk of change in exchange for Blu-Ray exclusivity.

So, starting this summer, your 360 HD DVD player might be feeling a bit lonely (except for the fine films from Paramount and Dreamworks, of course). We're guessing you'll still be able to pick up Warner Bros. movies off of Video Marketplace though.

[Via EngadgetHD]

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1-04-2008 @ 8:33PM

tobin92 said...

I am SO happy I didn't get an HD-DVD player for Christmas.

But heres the deal everyone..... IF HD-DVD gets $100 players out before Blu-RAY, Warner maybe switching back.... If Xbox 360 gets a built in HD-DVD drive, They will also switch back.

Warner is simply hoping that there will be a snowball effect...but because of the small amount of players sold and the potential of a cheap player on either side dominating the market....This may not be the case....
I have a feeling Toshiba will reach into MS pockets and grab its self an exclusive studio.

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1-04-2008 @ 9:22PM

Don said...

Give it up already, you're starting to sound real pathetic. HD-DVD is over and it wasn't even a valiant effort, it was actually quite sad. Just be thankful that you didn't purchase a HD-DVD player and move on, do yourself a favor and get a PS3.

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1-04-2008 @ 9:47PM

Carl said...

If XBOX 360 came out with an HD-DVD Drive before then yeah...maybe....
But they didnt (but there are rumors that are being announced).
Ever since Black Friday, there were $100.00 HD-DVD Players Standalone being sold. And Toshiba even claimed that there are more HD-DVD than Blu-ray Standalone players. That didnt work either..
Bottom line is Toshiba and Microsoft are too late. Watch, when Paramount's contract expire in 2009, they might even go back to Blu-ray. Heck Christmas might even come early when Universal suddenly decides to quit on Toshiba and move to Blu-ray too.

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1-04-2008 @ 9:34PM

carl said...

Guys you know its just about the money. No matter how many Cheap Stand Alone HD-DVD Players out there. Blu-ray has a better studio support. Which means bigger library, which means more money being made. It's always about what consumers want. And as of right now, Consumers want Blu-ray. They also want pornography and Blu-ray also has that.

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1-04-2008 @ 9:39PM

mezzanine said...

That means no Dark Knight playing on your 360!

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1-04-2008 @ 10:12PM

Killer said...

Either way I'm set, I got my HD DVD add for my 360, my HD-A35, and my panny BD30K Blu-ray player, Which blows that Non-playing DTS-HD player out of the water (cough ps3 cough) and I got it almost 100 dollars cheaper.

$314 ;)

Personally I see no reason for there to be a dying format, They're almost Identical in Features, (space isnt an issue). Dual Players baby and what is the $hit about confusing consumers from Warner Brothers?

Most people don't care, because DVD are fine with them, not because there is a war. Also we're they the one's that were all, "We will never choose sides"?

TrueHD Cough*

Confusion is around only because both formats are based around the same god damn design. They look like DVD player, and the disc do too to normal consumers. What do you expect? At least when VHS, was kicked by DVD, the DVD was completely different.

Blu-ray and HD DVD, different specs, same design. It's like trading in a Piece for a Rolls Royce. It's looks and sounds of the movies, and I'll tell you this much. Normal consumers don't buy 7.1 channel sound systems. They're expensive, trust me. So exactly why does everyone NEED a Blu-ray or HD DVD? JUst because its HD, isnt going to make every person, want to go out and buy the expensive players and buy movies they already bought, at a price of 30 dollars each. Prices will go down, but the companies will have to kill DVD, and alot of people that are perfectly content with DVD's are going to get pissed off.

This isn't the VHS to DVD Days of...

"Omg, you don't have to rewind it, that's amazing, I want one..."

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1-07-2008 @ 8:24PM

lildude56 said...

Yeah, you are right. It doesnt play DTS-HD, it plays uncompressed, which sounds way better than any compressed audio.

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1-04-2008 @ 10:30PM

Kizzle said...

People claiming this as the death knell for HD DVD may be right - in the long run.

For the forseeable future though, it's business as usual. Warner stuff will be out until the midway point of the year, and Universal (why weren't they mentioned in the story?) and Paramount/Dreamworks will continue to pump exclusive stuff out at a regular rate.

Relax. People are flipping out and there's no reason to. Yes, it's a big blow, but it's not like your movies suddenly stop working, and the HD DVD format isn't going to cease to exist tomorrow. All this does is further ensure you'll have to buy either a second player or a dual format player. I'm going to wait for the latter to get down to a reasonable price and then go for it.

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1-04-2008 @ 10:30PM

bugatti23007 said...

Why would anyone want Blu-Gay?Blue is girly and Red is manly so get yourself an HD DVD.But seriously though Microsoft shot themselves in the foot by not putting HD DVD in the 360.They made a crappy space hog thats ugly looking but decent HD DVD add on for the 360.If the 360 died then you have no way of watching HD DVD.Also Microsoft never maid commercials saying you can buy a HD DVD player add on for the 360.They never even showed a commercial saying buy the Matrix on HD DVD and listen in 7.1 surround sound.But I definitely remember Sony saying buy the movie Cars on Blu-ray and listen in 7.1 Surround Sound and they went off saying the Future is Blu.Microsoft had no slogan.They don't seem determined helping HD DVD win only to hurt Sony and make people download movies which helps Xbox Live Marketplace.On the bright side though it seems that another format will soon take over both blu-ray and HD DVD which should have by now but it hasn't and don't know why and that is Holographic Versatile Disk (HVD).Here is a link

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1-05-2008 @ 12:32AM

MattMN said...

Microsoft shot themselves in the foot by not putting HD DVD in the 360.

Well, they did and they didn't - one of the major reasons the PS3 was delayed a year from the 360's launch was because of the blu-ray drive. It still took Sony a year *after* launch to get the firmware up to HD-DVD's picture in picture standard for movies offering that special feature.

So it's a win for M$ in that they are winning the console war (well the Wii is winning but they are coming in a good second) and Sony will win the format war.

Six of one, half dozen of the other. I'm personally glad that I went Blu in Feb 2007. I heavily researched both formats and my work paid off today in spades.

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1-04-2008 @ 10:36PM

PerfectStrategy said...

Why is this posted on xbox360fanboy? You don't see PS3fanboy posting NPD sales data when the PS3 is the least selling console (even being outsold by its predecessor, the PS2), or posting about how the PS3 lost another exclusive to xbox 360.

This is supposed to be a BIASED news site darnit! Your lack of fanboyism is showing Richard.

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1-04-2008 @ 11:32PM

Cal said...

It would also help if HD-DVD had a stronger link to the 360 than an accessory and its daddy supporting it, but not enough to force it onto the 360.

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1-04-2008 @ 11:37PM

Chester said...

Ha ha! Agreed!!! None of this even matters. It's all about the games anyways. Let PS3 have their lil movies, they cant even compete with the 360 games!

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1-05-2008 @ 5:04PM

JakubK666 said...

Yeah , them guys (probably , PS3 fagboy is an alien universe for me) discuss the failure rate and RROD's all the time :)

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1-04-2008 @ 10:40PM

kp said...

easily the most disappointing thing is that i will not be able to watch The Dark Knight on my Xbox (in HD at least). thats what immediately came to mind.. sad day

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Ranus Studios56

1-04-2008 @ 10:49PM

Ranus Studios said...


Good thing I have both.

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1-04-2008 @ 10:49PM

Killer said...


"Which means bigger library, which means more money being made. It's always about what consumers want."

Are you looking at the same library I am on both sides? Warner Brother's added in it. It's Horrible. Honestly, I want to buy movies, but all they're doing is getting New released movies on the sides. Seriously, [email protected]% SuperBad on Blu-ray. It was funny, but that's the killer hit everyone wants to buy? Where are the damn movies, the only one's giving out the movies are Sony (Blu-ray) , Universal (HD DVD), and Warner Brothers (neutral till May 2008).

Everyone Else has been doing horrible. Fox, Lionsgate (SAW Movies in HD?) Yeah, a movie that I laugh at because it that bad. Fox hasn't done anything, Simpson's movie? Oh Joy a cartoon on a 30 dollar disc...Pass, ill just get it for 10 on dvd, because the picture isnt that much different.

If Fox, Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony, Universal, and Paramount want some format to take over for DVD, give the consumer choices! If this war ends, and they keep up this $hit up, nothing is going to kill DVD.

Consumers want movies! HD consumers want movies! We of the 3% of the video market want HD movies....damn this is going to a long transition, no matter what happens. :/

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Zeus the God58

1-04-2008 @ 11:16PM

Zeus the God said...

what a bunch of hypocrites if there was a n HD DVD drive in the 360 it would actually be more expensive than the PS3 on release(DOA). those $100 HD DVD players 1080i only if you really care about having the best one. If you dont then your a hypocrite for not buying blu ray because its "inferior". recentaly blu ray movies have almost every option as HD DVDs since the update. With all those crashes on LIVE you think downloading HD content would be better you guys are in denial but hey i thought it was all about the games not the movies so why do you care.

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1-04-2008 @ 11:59PM

refinedsugar said...

You know, at first, I couldn't have cared less about the format war and I'm sure that's how many others felt. With the first wave of HD/BD players costing upwards of $500 and beyond and movie studios choosing alliances spun of back room money deals, it was hard not to be scared off. Who wants a $300 paperweight? Not to say anything of how the beginning of HD as a technology from a consumer perspective was a shaky concept as opposed to say, DVD. Everybody accepted it's advance. It was an easy sell from the VHS days. You didn't have to upgrade your whole living room or know the in's and out's of the tech. It also helped in no small way that DVD had no splinter cell competitor. It was convenient, cool, the one alternative and it didn't confuse us.

Now look. Sure the cost of HD has come down and HD education and adoption levels are on the rise, but history has shown when it comes to money, beyond those early tech adopters with serious disposable means, the vast majority of consumers want stability. No one really likes the thought of having to buy their whole collection over again, but more so than that, no one wants to be caught on the 'losing team' ... possibly for a second time. It would be an oversight to think most people have forgotten about the VHS - Betamax mess. They haven't ...

... hence this format war, where instead of learning from the past, head strong companies choose to go down that road once more chopping to be the big dog on the block with their revolutionary, proprietary format(s). Now with Warner abandoning HD-DVD in what I'm guessing is some sort of money deal to help Sony and save the HD movie market, I think the pendulum has definitely swayed.

Fanboy-ish attitudes aside, it's too bad this whole bag of shenanigans couldn't have been avoided in the first place. Both formats brought a lot to the table and if they could have worked it out and co-mingled in a sole format, things really could have been stellar.

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1-05-2008 @ 12:10AM

Corleone said...

THAT SUCKS BIG HAIRY MOOSE [email protected]

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