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Xbox Live has had a rough holiday [update]

Update: Lies, all lies! As of Sunday evening Xbox Live is again dead. Come on Xbox Live engineers, get it together already!

If you've been gaming online for the past week you've probably experienced some craptacular Xbox Live service. Problems that run the gamut of absolutely no Xbox Live connection to spotty matchmaking and messaging. And Microsoft is the first to say that they apologize for the problems.

Major Nelson posted a little update confirming that Xbox Live has been having issues this past week, that their engineers have been working on a fix and says that "problems like this are not acceptable". We're nearly certain that an influx of new gamers going online post holiday put a lot of strain on Xbox Live, but one would think that Microsoft would have been ready. Though, it's good to hear that they're owning up to their mishap and were quick to get their tech team working on the problem. And you'll be happy to hear that, as of this posting, Xbox Live is up and running like normal. So, happy online gaming everybody.

[Thanks, to everyone who sent this in]

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12-30-2007 @ 2:23PM

Boff said...

It's been slowwwwww as fuck for the past few days, spent more time looking at the party screen than actually playing COD4.

It still wasn't right when I was on this afternoon.


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12-30-2007 @ 2:23PM

SadisticHam said...

@ refinedsugar

You're telling people to quit whining over a service they pay for not performing up to standards? Lol?

Are you the type to let the waiter spit in your soup or what?

We pay, we deserve higher standards. At the very least we deserve compensation for down time. If my digital service goes down at all, i can phone them up and get money off the bill.

A "sorry" isn't good enough, we pay and we deserve more than that.


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12-30-2007 @ 6:33PM

refinedsugar said...

Gesh ... stop all the trolling. Yes, I agree it'd be nice to see MS remedy the problem, but insulting me and MS isn't the way to do it.

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12-30-2007 @ 2:24PM

massive_98 said...

As a Gamecube owner I can't help but laugh at you. I'm sorry but its just hilarious that you are paying for a service, paying for a adapter(unless your wired), getting tricked into buying more because points are misleading and not being able to play online* over the holidays.

Meanwhile I'm playing Mario Kart with REAL friends.

My apologies, I didn't get a Wii for christmas so I'm taking my frustration on geeks.


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Big Ed45

12-30-2007 @ 3:55PM

Big Ed said...

Whatever you say troll...err, I mean massive_98. I have "real friends" as well, and we all like to get together offline and on live to play games. But, I'm sure you know everything. Continue to pity Xbox Live subscribers because we all know that we don't have "real" friends like you do.

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12-30-2007 @ 2:29PM

aaron said...

Yeah well did he talk about the problems with the rcovering of Gamertags through Xbox Live. Beacause there is still a problem with that. I have been without my xbox live account for 3 days now. i am really getting aggrevated.


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12-30-2007 @ 2:37PM

JJ said...

This especially sucks for those that ahve to log on to get their gamertags.

Granted iknow xbox live is more robust than PSN, but at the rate this is going... i have to wonder WHAT exactly we're paying for, ads, "holiday" downtime, P2P gaming...

It seems all that we're paying for is the right to access overpriced marketplace videos and a Friends list.

Now dont get me wrong I've loved live ever since the 360 launched (since it was vastly improved since the original xbox which i found... decent, not great but decent). But i would also like Ninty to get its act together and PSN to become more robust as well so there can at LEAST be a competition dynamic so we as consumers are offered more for less (or even better, free).


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12-30-2007 @ 2:39PM

Trashman said...

the hell its not back to normal. im still having issues loading the dashboard signing in


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12-30-2007 @ 2:52PM

mattclarkie said...

Is this issue really US related. I am in the UK, and so are most of my friends, even 1 in France, and there seems to be no issue logging in, and playing, the issue is when trying to play against US players, getting thrown off games, and unable to find matches.

I thought the US and Europe used the same servers, but as the issue seems less severe in Europe obviously I was wrong.

Also aren't some of the servers in Ireland?


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12-30-2007 @ 3:00PM

drew said...

XBL is down again.


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12-30-2007 @ 3:03PM

Beth said...

I paid $28.99 for my 12 + 1 subscription. You guys need to visit, it will save you a lot of money :)

I want to play CoD4 right now but Live is down again. Mine crapped out around 2:50 PM EST.


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12-30-2007 @ 7:07PM

Anticrawl said...

Just so you know Beth, those deals are taken directly from The slickdeals fellas troll those forums, get the deals and don't leave any credit. Not to say slickdeals isn't awesome for other things. I just refuse to go there for my gaming related stuff.

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12-30-2007 @ 3:05PM

Beth said...

Does anyone find it funny that the MajorNelson website reads an error that says, "Server too busy?"


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12-30-2007 @ 3:08PM

Rust said...

down again 3pm est.

at least for cod4


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12-30-2007 @ 3:10PM

Brave said...

Still doesn't explain why I can't download T Rated Videos and Demos even though I am 16.


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12-30-2007 @ 4:33PM

Grant said...

sounds like you still have a child account, which restricts pretty much everything good.

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12-31-2007 @ 12:51PM

Brave said...

I'm pretty sure I don't. I've look everywhere on the System bladed trying to fix the problem.

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12-30-2007 @ 3:11PM

Matthew said...

last night it would let me log in but then the option once i was signed in was only to connect to xbox live? endless loop.

this morning i decided to play offline and every other 5 minutes it would say disconnected from xbox live and then the game would start from the menu screen while i was in the middle of a mission


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12-30-2007 @ 3:51PM

PETE said...

It looks like the xbox live has been down for a couple of hours now.

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12-30-2007 @ 3:16PM

Beth said...

Live is back up for me.


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