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Sony refuses to let OXM review Bravia HDTV

OXM started a new monthly feature in their magazine where they do reviews of various brands of HDTVs seeing that tons of gamers are in the market for new sets. And their monthly feature has been going fine until recently, when they contacted Sony to get a Bravia HDTV for a review in their next issue. Let's just say Sony didn't want any part of the review.

Upon giving the Sony Bravia folks a ring, OXM was taken aback to hear that they refused to send them a Bravia to review due to OXM's affiliation with the Xbox 360 platform. They're probably scared that a magazine with "Xbox" in their name would be biased towards a Sony brand TV. Funny thing is, OXM's Dan Amrich owns a Bravia set and loves it to death. Snap! So, OXM didn't get a Bravia HDTV and thus no review will get published. We guess Sony Bravia doesn't want Xbox 360 fanboys to purchase their televisions. Sucks for them.

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12-22-2007 @ 4:53PM

Noshino said...

"I'm going to hang out with my buddies Samsung, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Apple. Call me when you can play nice in the sandbox again."

Im sorry? since when Samsung, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Apple have played nice? so you can keep up with the bad press towards Sony yet not about all those other companies, which at times is even worse....


Stil, dumb move by Sony

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12-22-2007 @ 7:15PM

Brian said...

Right on! I used to be big into Sony, starting with the first MiniDisc players. They completely lost me in their pre-ps3 frenzy. Constantly, blatantly lying to their fans about release dates and product specs, just so they wouldn't buy a 360. The kicker was them showing prerendered videos in lieu of actual game footage.

Good bye Sony, hello Samsung. Besides, Sony often uses Samsung's LCD's in their TVs... the only thing missing is 25% of the markup and the glass frame around the screen.

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12-22-2007 @ 2:09PM

Johndude said...

Sony's TV department is doing just fine, so dont really think they care

Its their playstation department thats suffering lol


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12-22-2007 @ 2:48PM

dancingtosirens said...

Thats kind of dumb.
I have a Sony Bravia as well and I think it's really good


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12-22-2007 @ 3:03PM

energyvortex said...

just another blundering step by Sony. Seems more and more like their electronics division is being run by a collective group of grabastic retards.

Creating thier own DVD spec to try to take over the market, then shoe-horning in a crap player in thier game console, then bundling all kinds of give aways of blow-ray media, then trying to claim all these amazing attach rate numbers to 'prove' that they're winning the format war... typical sony.

I chuckle every time they do something this blately idiotic, because it simply continues to posion consumers to their products.


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12-22-2007 @ 3:05PM

CONFUSEDgam3r said...

Ummm...didn't you just say one of the editors owns one? Why can't they just use that one. Making a big deal out of nothing.


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12-22-2007 @ 11:24PM

Sparkstalker said...

I'd say it's for the same reason I don't use my home PC for work-related stuff. First off - it's a personal piece of equipment that the editor paid for. Considering it would be tested for a period of weeks, there's a number of issues...he wouldn't have his TV, the wear and tear through the testing, plus the liability of transporting it between home and office. Second, his is a used TV...the results may be lower due to that fact. Finally, and most important from a business perspective, if Sony doesn't want to play ball - f'em. Why give them the publicity of a review if they don't have the decency to provide a test unit for said review?

And on that note, I'm happy with my "non-true" HDTV from Sony. But when I get the LCD for my new game room, I doubt the Bravia will be on my list. With Sony's holier than thou attitude, I can't imagine the nightmare that their tech support would give you if there were a compatibility issue between the TV and the 360.

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12-22-2007 @ 3:06PM

Jayslacks said...

Bravia is an amazing television. Too bad 360 people can't read a good article about it.


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12-22-2007 @ 3:28PM

Pulse-Wave said...

It's OXM. Who gives a flip?

I'm pretty sure Xbox 360 owners can find more comprehensive reviews online from dozens and dozens of professional and user reviews.


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12-23-2007 @ 5:11PM

CONFUSEDgam3r said...

My thoughts exactly!

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12-22-2007 @ 3:31PM

Anticrawl said...

I have a 1080p Sony Bravia hooked up to my 360. I love it, but if I had the choice I would have gone with Sharp. I can get the same TV with equal or better quality for half the price. Not to save the Bravia line isn't fantastic but it is known to be overly expensive.


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12-22-2007 @ 3:41PM

Shape said...

I have a 60" Sony Bravia A3000. It is an awesome TV for the XBox. I have a ton of Halo 3 and COD4 pics on the TV in my flickr account.

Let me know what you think.


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12-22-2007 @ 4:27PM

Etchasketchist said...

I think my TV is bigger.

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David W.34

12-22-2007 @ 7:13PM

David W. said...

I'll stick with my gorgeous Sharp LCD thank you very much :)


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12-22-2007 @ 11:05PM

cornfed said...

You know, sony tv's were the LAST sony product that i actually... liked, i don't like sony products or the ps3 but i was still planning on getting a 52" xbr5 lcd tv to play my 360 on.

But after sony's blatant arrogance and utter stupidity to not send a tv for oxm to review, i WILL NOT be buying a sony lcd no more. Sorry sony you've just lost another customer and i will do my best to influence others who ask my opinion on which hdtv to buy and the answer will be definitely NOT sony!

I was going to spend the extra $ on an xbr but now i'm either going to get a 52" Toshiba or Sharp Aquos.

Thanks Sony, you guy are just freakin brilliant!

PS. Someone should send this story to Gizmodo and Engadget so others can make make better decisions on their new hdtv.


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12-23-2007 @ 1:23AM

cee1003 said...

grammer my friend. you post for a well respected website...i'd expect a little more. especially since you're criticizing another company.


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12-23-2007 @ 1:58AM

Endejas said...

Are you serious? So what, Sony doesn't lend a competitor's partner a $4000 TV to do with whatever they would like to print?

I think it was best that Sony avoided the situation altogether. Good on them.


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Brucie B38

12-23-2007 @ 7:40AM

Brucie B said...

Sony TV's SUCK! (My Luck)
I guess unless you've never had a problem. lol
Well I have a 60" HDTV LCD XBR it's now going on 3-4 yrs old. Well my problem started right after the warrenty ran out, I mean 1 week After, No Joke. I already had some pixels blown, but that was no problem, But then I get this Bluish blob on the screen. Well to cut to the chase I have half the screen with the bluish mess, & the other half with @ least 40 Pixels blown. So I wasted $6500 On a Piece of U know what. Well they wouldn't do anything about it! I would have to pay another Grand to get it fixed. (I've already spent over 15,000 on Sony products) To top it off they knew about the problem (same problem causes the 'Roadmap' it's the Optical Block) So yes I have a some problems with sonys TVs.

Be carefull with the Bravia sets they might have some Ghosting from the last time I checked @ AVS Forum.


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Uncle Rodeo39

12-23-2007 @ 8:37AM

Uncle Rodeo said...

It's posted on digg. Hopefully it will become popular and people can see just how ridiculous Sony is acting.


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12-23-2007 @ 2:35PM

ashmufc said...

Sony LCD are NOT the same as Samsung ones.

They just share the same screens, but the processing is different, with Sony clearly superior!

People just go crazy when they see TVs in stores with the colour set to max, and they think it looks great.


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