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Keep playing, CoD 4 beta ends Sept 30th

In a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare pre-order ad posted online over at Gamestop, it details the game's beta experience and states that the beta will end on September 30th at 11:59PM. And after running the digits through our official X3F calculator, that gives everyone exactly two more weeks of CoD 4 beta excitement, so be sure to play until your heart is content before the 30th rolls around. But then again, there is a certain game that releases on the 25th which may take up all of our online multiplayer time, so you may want to count the 25th as the unofficial end of the beta. No matter, viva la CoD 4 beta!

[Via talkxbox, Thanks Dipak]

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9-17-2007 @ 11:18AM

Crockett said...

I don't ever want the beta to end.... :(

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9-17-2007 @ 11:23AM

TORO said...

Nice try CoD4, nice try...

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9-17-2007 @ 11:24AM

Mike said...

Who cares... Ive played it and already gotten bored...

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9-17-2007 @ 11:25AM

Robert said...

Damn, a whole month of withdrawl before it releases... :(

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mike k.5

9-17-2007 @ 11:26AM

mike k. said...

this sort of conflicts with Major Nelson's interview with FourZeroTwo saying they were looking to raise the level cap to 25 at some point, as well as keeping the beta going pretty much till almost release... but oh well, he never said it was for sure that it wouldn't end earlier :(. Ho hum i guess i'll just play teh haloz!

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9-17-2007 @ 11:27AM

ridestowe said...

i want the full game, so i can level to my heart's content!

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9-17-2007 @ 11:46AM

Kryptinite said...

Beta ends September 24th, I'll be in line for teh hal0z

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9-17-2007 @ 11:47AM

Mauricio said...

I thought the Beta is pretty good. There is a lag issuse but it should be worked out before the game ships. There is also a good mix of maps. i'll keep playing til Sept 30 thats for sure.

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9-17-2007 @ 11:49AM

poprocker said...

yeah CoD4 got really repetitive really quickly. The Juggernaut that is Halo 3 will be upon us by then anyway!

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9-17-2007 @ 11:52AM

xenocidic said...

theres nothing to say that the beta wont necessarily go beyond that, but they probably put that in as a disclaimer just because they're technically "selling" the beta invite

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9-17-2007 @ 12:04PM

derek said...

On one hand I got really bored of it really quickly. Once I leveled up I didn't care about it so much and I thought the mechanics of the game were too deathmatch like. I prefer the game mechanics of Gears of War where you can slow down the pace, take cover and make smart kills. COD4 doesn't have a cover system and I don't like that it doesn't. I've been playing Gears for a year and haven't gotten tired of it yet.

On the other hand, COD4 only has 3 maps and that's a large part of me getting tired of the game as well. With so few maps in the beta I get tired of playing the same maps over and over.

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9-17-2007 @ 12:05PM

erivera3 said...

@ Kryptinite

Agreed bro, Halo 3 replaces this game almost too easily for me. Then again, EVERY other game will be overthrown on September 25th at 12:01AM for me.

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9-17-2007 @ 12:10PM

DemonG said...

Left my Controller at home... So I gotta pick up a new one this weekend. And by that time, it'll almost be Halo 3 time...

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9-17-2007 @ 12:10PM

TORO said...

Gamestop called me a couple days ago, they give you an additional 30% for trading in games until the 23rd...I'll use that to payoff my legendary.

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9-17-2007 @ 12:53PM

gorephuzz said...

this is definately far from confirmed, and has been a rumor for weeks.

my guess is the 30th is NOT the end of the beta, especially considering that fourzerotwo confirmed the level cap WILL be raised to 25.

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I Dex I16

9-17-2007 @ 1:02PM

I Dex I said...

Halo 3 will be the tops. I love the fast-paced nature of COD 4 though. They will both be in my library of games A.S.A.P.!

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9-17-2007 @ 1:11PM

DjDATZ said...

LOL...i got my code in the first wave of people, and i still have yet to play it. lol maybe i'll play it next week when i'm actually done with forza. (i only have 6 or so events which comes out to about 20-ish races?) and then i just have to get my buddy to send me his whole garage so i can get all 4 of the secret achievements and then boosting online for the 1 million credits achievement.

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9-17-2007 @ 1:32PM

mark.j.smith said...

It's weird that IW hasn't verified this as the offical end date.

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9-17-2007 @ 1:35PM

Esquire616 said...

Here's a question- who's got the best deal going as far as pre-ordering this game? Since I already have the beta, I have no incentive to go to GameStop.

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9-17-2007 @ 2:00PM

Grant said...

only 2 weeks left!?! they need to raise the beta cap again.

as much as i have enjoyed playing it, the levels come too fast and it took me about an hour and a half to reach the first cap, then about 45 min to reach it after the second raise.

i feel like that with the full game it will only take like 10 hours of play time to reach a level of 30 or 40, which i personally feel is a little fast.

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