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It's official ... Halo 3 has gone gold

Boys and girls, Halo 3 fans of all ages, gather 'round and listen up. Microsoft has just revealed that the precious and highly anticipated Halo 3 has officially gone gold and is being sent off to be pressed to disc. And not only does this news nearly confirm that Frankie was indeed playing the final build the other day, but it also means that Bungie has completed as much bug fixing as possible, polished the game to a fine sheen and officially finished their three plus year development journey. Full press release posted after the break.

Also, we just wanted to say congrats to everyone who is a part of team Bungie and has poured years of their lives into Halo 3. We think we can speak for every fanboy in saying that our appetite for Halo 3 is more than our desire for snack cakes and fizzy soda both combined. Next stop fanboys ... launch day!

Halo 3 Goes Gold
Most Anticipated Title of 2007 Released to Manufacturing, Begins Final March to Xbox 360

The wait is almost over. "Halo 3," the final chapter in the groundbreaking "Halo" trilogy and the most anticipated game release of 2007, has been released to manufacturing.

Three years in the making by renowned developer Bungie Studios, "Halo 3" is now finished and will begin its journey to store shelves around the world in less than four weeks. "Halo 3," which has already set new records as the fastest preordered game in history, has exceeded one million presales in North America alone. The title is set to shatter day-one entertainment sales records when it is released worldwide beginning Tuesday, Sept. 25.

"This is a huge milestone for us and a big cause for celebration at Bungie and Microsoft Game Studios," said Harold Ryan, Studio Head at Bungie Studios. "This is the game we've always wanted to make and certainly the best game our studio has developed. We can't wait for gamers to get their hands on it on Sept. 25."

Created by legendary developer Bungie Studios and exclusive to the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system, "Halo 3" will set a new standard for interactive storytelling and social gaming by engaging consumers worldwide in Master Chief's epic battle to save humankind. In November 2004, the world's view of video games changed forever with the release of "Halo 2," which generated a record-setting $125 million (U.S.) in sales within the first 24 hours and changed the way people think about interactive entertainment. Three years later, it remains the most-played game on Microsoft's Xbox LIVE® online gaming and entertainment network, with nearly 1 billion hours of online gaming logged to date.

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Reader Comments (Page 1 of 3)


8-29-2007 @ 1:04PM

Coots said...



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8-29-2007 @ 1:08PM

Hockle said...

...seems like a rental.

j/k congratz, Bungie.


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8-29-2007 @ 1:09PM

DaveC said...

This isn't the only gold Bungie will be seeing today! The golden champagne they shall be sipping, both today and in a months time when they will also be rolling in piles of golden cash.


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8-29-2007 @ 1:09PM

nick said...

Well at least its coming out on time... Hopefully it wasn't rushed.

Yeah i know a hard thing to ask for these days...


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8-29-2007 @ 1:12PM

Platinum_Skeet said...

Is it me or has Halo 3 went gold a little earlier then other games... Like Bioshock went gold on the August 10th then came out the 21st...

I guess they had to do it to produce those 4 million+ pre-order first...


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Magic Whiskey6

8-29-2007 @ 1:12PM

Magic Whiskey said...

I'm sure execs at Mountain Dew are happy.

I ran into a guy last week at work and suggested he reserved his copy of Halo 3.
He sort of stunned me by saying "No, I really don't think it's coming out this year," and I sort of chuckled and tried to reassure him that the date of 9/25 was pretty much rock solid.
He left the aisle by saying "I dunno man..no tattoo, no reserve"..which I thought was pretty funny.

Mentally i've been in line for the midnight launch for months already.


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Magic Whiskey7

8-29-2007 @ 1:20PM

Magic Whiskey said...


Halo 3 HAD to go 'gold' a little earlier than other games, man.
Compared to most normal video games, there's more copies to print and stamp, more boxes to manufacture, more supplemental discs to produce, and more shipping schedules to plan out to make sure stores get copies on time, and more weight with this specific title than say, Two Worlds or even Bioshock, as big of a game that one was.

Ya can't ready any of those aspects without the disc inside the case! Plus, with the additional manpower behind Bungie and a ASSUMED clearer intent and focus than they had on Halo 2, I'm not surprised on this date, simply assured and even more anxious for the 25th!


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8-29-2007 @ 1:22PM

Maxi said...

Shows how many copies they are going to make. probably around 20 days of non-stop printing discs.


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Chester Cheetah9

8-29-2007 @ 1:23PM

Chester Cheetah said...



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8-29-2007 @ 1:26PM

Loban said...

TOO MANY GAMES!!! I just bought my 360, so i'm working diligently on completely Gears of Wars, then there's Bioshock which I have yet to buy, and now Halo 3. Plus I want to play Darkness and GRAW2 also. Too many games!!!!


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8-29-2007 @ 1:28PM

Sam said...


The sooner it comes out, the sooner the fanboys can start playing it and stop talking about it.

Seriously, Halo has always been one of the most overhyped and completely average shooters ever made.

Single player thats easily outdone by the likes of HL2, Bioshock, anything like that.

Multiplayer thats outdone by 90% of all PC shooters, old and new. Its amazing how this game has sold so many copies and yet been so average.

Oh well, this i just another ipod-esque success story. The right marketing at the right time, and you can capture the market forever...despite the fact that theres always been a bevy of better, and cheaper mp3's players available.


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8-29-2007 @ 1:33PM

rockeranimefreak said...

haha this game is what every American and European gamers have been dreaming about! =) (probably) I know I have! I haven't reserved yet but I really should! (I'm only getting the regular edition though! I dont need any extra's just the game is good enough!!!


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8-29-2007 @ 1:38PM

Digitalspirit said...

Bungie would not release something that wasn't finished. They just know how to get the job done. Can't wait now! :D


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8-29-2007 @ 1:47PM

Maxi said...

*Cough* Halo 2 *Cough*

But Halo 3 is their final chapter for the time being so they have probably done everything they want to. I can't wait for the first month of glitches, they are always the best :D Just getting out of maps and stuff no cheating. But hopefully bungie has already fixed Standbying :)


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8-29-2007 @ 1:53PM

Matt said...

Sam, we can see right through your jealous PS3 fanboyism. Sony can only dream to ever have a title with so much buzz and anticipation.


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8-29-2007 @ 1:57PM

LAboy said...

This is totally awesome, CAN'T WAIT!!!!


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8-29-2007 @ 2:01PM

Token said...

Maxi, I doubt it. From their podcast they said they had a ton of people testing day and night. Also, it's far from Halo 2.


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8-29-2007 @ 2:02PM

Martin said...

You said "After the break"....

I don't see a break...


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8-29-2007 @ 2:04PM

Grindstone said...

Sam, if you were educated, you would have presented a better argument. It should be known by now, that comparing PC shooters to console shooters is not a direct comparision because the two are radically different -- from costs to installment and comfort.

Now, tell us what other console shooter is better than Halo 2 and why. I mean, you can't honestly say anything about Halo 3 since you've never played it, nor do we have any reviews either. Oh, and try to bear in mind that Halo 2 is a 2004 game, yet still has logged nearly a billion hours of online play. Plus, don't forget the overall ratings for it. Over-hyped? I think not. Best shooter on a console for its time? You bet.

Spet. 25th can't get here soon enough.


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8-29-2007 @ 2:13PM

NukeAssault said...

Just a couple more weeks. :3


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