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BioShock goes gold, special surprise tonight

That's right kids, the highly anticipated underwater adventure that is BioShock has officially gone gold and is off to manufacturers to be pressed to disc. Elizabeth over at The Cult of Rapture announced BioShock's gold status with plenty of excitement and the occasional "WOO!". Also announced was that tonight, Sunday, August 12th at 9:00PM eastern, they'll be airing an exclusive 60 second BioShock trailer during Spike TV's "The Kill Point". And, from the sound of things, it'll be the debut of a never before seen, brand new BioShock trailer. But we can't be sure. Oh, Elizabeth also mentioned that Game Head's Geoff Keighley will be making a surprise announcement right after the trailer airs. What oh what could the news be? ...

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Jo Nike1

8-12-2007 @ 5:04PM

Jo Nike said...

My guess is the date the demo will be release...

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8-12-2007 @ 5:04PM

nonrandomhero said...

surprise announcement is this game come with a free Red Ring Of Death!

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8-12-2007 @ 5:05PM

scott said...

Hope it's a demo!

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8-12-2007 @ 5:15PM

Niyx said...


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mr popodom5

8-12-2007 @ 5:23PM

mr popodom said...

Rapture gazette says its about downloadable content, i dont think it will be the demo i heard elizabeth will be anouncing that in the near future. Still i would prefer some suprise info on the downloadable content than a demo date

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kenney jimenez6

8-12-2007 @ 5:25PM

kenney jimenez said...

i wish this had a good multiplayer i'll skip it for halo 3 any day. but thats just my opionon.

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Zeus the God7

8-12-2007 @ 5:28PM

Zeus the God said...

*Chants* Demo! Demo! Demo! Demo!

I sure hope a demo is released... I need to know whether or not I need to cancel my Halo 3 pre-order.

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8-12-2007 @ 5:32PM

Niyx said...

@6 and thats why bioshock is a game thats designed around an immersive single player experience, unlike halo which has a pathetically dull single player, and only a moderate multiplayer.

Halo fanboys.


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8-12-2007 @ 5:33PM

MDJ2010 said...

@8 - Are you reading my mind?????

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8-12-2007 @ 5:38PM

Wellsley said...

'the occasional "WOO!". Also announced'

I'm sick of people not knowing how to properly use Mr. Period and Mrs. Quotation. It should just be "the occasional 'WOO!' Also announced."

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8-12-2007 @ 6:01PM

Teabag said...

I want it to be a demo but i don't think so. But go demo, sir, thats the right way...sir.

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8-12-2007 @ 6:10PM

elmersglue said...

Halo Combat Evolved had a fantastic single player, and if it didn't, it wouldn't have gotten as popular as it has today. Things don't just get huge world wide for no reason. Although Halo 2's single player can be argued as slightly dull, but still...i'm the optimistic type and i'm assuming bungie is making sure it doesn't suck.

Bioshock fanboys..


Disclaimer: Nothing against Bioshock, i'm excited for it and hoping it'll be great, but no one has played it yet... so why compare it to halo?

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8-12-2007 @ 6:13PM

Mike-453 said...

"pathetically dull single player, and only a moderate multiplayer"

Agreed for Halo2, Halo1 will always be great to me however, and hopefully, Halo3 will be too (from the beta i already like it more than halo2).

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8-12-2007 @ 6:13PM

Mike-453 said...

Also, anyone know how we 'save' the little sisters in this game?

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8-12-2007 @ 6:16PM

Teabag said...

@14- It's simple, you will be given choices. How else do you think is possible? It's a video game!

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8-12-2007 @ 6:23PM

Mike-453 said...

Wow, thanks for that in-depth explanation of how the little sisters are somehow saved simply by not killing them.

Seriously though, I haven't heard much about how we can actually save the people rapture.

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8-12-2007 @ 6:35PM

parker said...

If you guys kept up with 360 fanboy you would realize that uk oxm gave bioshock a perfect score.

It will be an incredible game,and why must every xbox game be compared to halo right away? Come on people, just let games stand for themselves. You dont see people comparing movies like Anchorman to Casablanca, cant they both be good in their own way?

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8-12-2007 @ 6:44PM

MDJ2010 said...

Comparisons are always gonna be drawn to Halo when FPS are involved. But Halo fanboys are always the ones who draw the comparisons because they refuse to believe anything could be better. But I agree that comparisons shouldnt be drawn between the two, Bioshock is an immersive interactive FPS and so the single player matters so much more. Halo and alike are reactive FPS and basically demand multiiplayer to give you anything beyond a linear single player story. Either way Ill be buying Bioshock and Halo 3 and I know Ill have a great time playing both and enjoying the vastly different experiences the games will offer

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8-12-2007 @ 6:48PM

parker said...


Thank you, and I would like everyone to know that I have both Bioshock and Halo 3 reserved and paid off. I know that 8/21 will make the wait for 9/25 seem alot shorter.

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mr popodom20

8-12-2007 @ 6:51PM

mr popodom said...


if you go to gametrailers and watch the gamer tv review video it shows you a little sister being saved theres like an option to press x or y for save or harvest

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