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Official COD 4 beta details are here

We've already talked about it today, but now we have some official news about the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare multiplayer beta via the official website. CharlieOscarDelta.com has just been updated with a truckload of information about the beta, confirming the idea that the beta will start in the US and roll out to other countries soon after as well as other game specifics including gametypes, weapons, classes, controls, perk and other FAQ goodness. The update also confirms that the COD4:MW MP BETA (yes, that is how they abbreviate it) will feature the three maps Overgrown, Vacant, and Crash. So, as you can tell, there's a bunch of information to take in and still no firm release date.

But we're sure you're wondering how exactly you can enter the COD4:MW MP BETA fun and to be honest it's quite easy and quite random. The download codes will be available on a first come first serve basis to those who answer three trivia questions correctly. But you'll have to keep an eye on the beta page, because the questions and entry into the beta are set at a "coming soon!" status and could open up at any moment in the near future. Head on over to CharlieOscarDelta.com fanboys, soak it all in and prepare for some beta fun!

[Thanks, SadistiK Roth]

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Reader Comments

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21. Regenerating health was in halo 1 and halo 2, that doesn't make it innovative for halo 3, and it also doesn't make it innovative for cod4.

Like you said, I have not played cod4, but am simply speculating with the information they have provided. As for innovation, halo 3 like I said just seems to be more of the same (again, I base my info on the beta). We got new maps, new modes, new vehicles, new weapons, new gadgets this is something that every sequal has come with since the beginning of time. Maybe I am missing something here, but I played the halo 3 beta for a couple of days and went back to gears of war not because the beta was bad but because it was halo 2 all over again, but now we have a man cannon! A little innovation goes a long way. Gears of war featured a cover system like no game has done before, thats all it took to make that game innovative and fun, the game is still fun for me, but like any game including halo 3 it gets old.

COD4 has create a class with practically endless possibilities, changing one perk can change your gameplay completely. You can set up different classes with different perks and different weapons for each mode in the game. You can customize your character with these perks, customize your weapons etc. Rewarding the player for skill by unlocking these abilities as your rank increases. Not to mention the rewards you get in-game for doing well, being able to call in air strikes and choppers within a multiplayer match for some support. This all sounds very innovative to me. It's not innovative to the cod franchise, but it is innovative to video games in general, ALL THIS IS DONE AT 60 FPS. They are comparing this games graphics to Crysis and it RUNS AT 60 FPS, no halo, gears of war etc can lay claim to that.

I really don't know what more to say. I guess we will just have to wait until sometime during this month to actually judge the two games. However, I am basing my information on what I have read about each game and the comments made by various people who have seen BOTH games in action. You hear no one talking about halo 3 after E3, but COD4 instead. I quote:

Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2007 - an independent group of journalists from 36 leading North American media outlets that cover the videogame industry. Furthermore, as one of the most celebrated games of the show, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was recognized with more than 40 honors and awards including “Best Game of E3 2007” by G4 Television and TeamXbox; and “Best First Person Shooter” by IGN, Gamespot, TeamXbox, and Gametrailers.

If this pre-beta that they saw and gave 40 awards/honors, I can't wait to see what the final product comes to be.

I bought an xbox 360 for next (this) generation games with this generation gameplay and graphics in both single and multiplayer.

PLEASE understand as I have said over and over again, this is bases ONLY on what I have seen, heard and played of each of these games. This has gotten WAY too off topic. I was just comparing the only two games that have/will have an xbox live beta. You can go on playing halo 3 multiplayer and be fine and happy. I will play halo 3 single player and be happy, but if the multiplayer is comparable to the beta it just will not be fun to me. If COD4 lives up to what they have said about it, and what they are showing in videos every week then that is what I will be playing this fall/winter.

For all I know, both of these games will tank and we will all rather play that new BEE MOVIE GAME!!! I am done wasting my time on this topic and am tired of typing. Please respond with your halo 3 innovations just in case I am missing something that will make me want to play some more halo 3 multiplayer because I would like to like the mplayer portion of this game, but I was bored with it after 2 days after spending $60 to play it like thousands of other people.

Posted at 2:38PM on Aug 4th 2007 by LumpStatus

22. how come everyone who owns a 360 is automatically considered to brown-nose halo
personally it was one of my favorite games last gen
but i dont think it's gonna blow anything away this gen
with loads of other games coming out on the horizon, like bioshock, mass effect, and assasins creed offering new things people have never played before.. halo 3 gets way too much hype
i know halo 3 is probably going to be the best selling game of our time
but does it really deserve it?
and i'm seriously more excited about COD4 than Halo

Posted at 4:20PM on Aug 4th 2007 by olithebumm

23. @21

Of course you are going to get "bored" of a BETA. There were 3 maps, limited game types, no custom games, limited vehicles, limited equipment, much lower graphics then the final game, and just general limitations one should EPXECT with a multiplayer BETA. There are countless things, most of which bungie won't even reveal yet, that you either have overlooked or decided to not mention. We know for a fact there are like 4 or 5 more vehicles AT LEAST that we didn't get to play with, way more equipment items that change gameplay, many more gametypes (and the ability to make your own in custom games as well as change even INDIVIDUAL player's abilities and things like gravity/speed), probably another 9 or 10 maps, much better graphics than what we were allowed to see, and a much fuller and richer physics engine.

I don't know that we will ever see eye to eye on any of these things, so I will just say that I hope for your sake that you can see how incredibly much innovation Bungie has still found to provide even in this third installment. If anything, I feel this will be the most innovative of the three, and that is saying a lot! Honestly, COD4 if anything looks more of the same gameplay with the same animations that I really don't enjoy, but I am sure I will find time to play the game and like it. It just won't be anything like Halo 3 to me.

Hope you enjoy both, and maybe see you online.

Posted at 4:24PM on Aug 4th 2007 by erivera3

24. @23

Lol! There is nothing innovative about Halo 3 at all.
How about U tell me what is innovative about the Halo MP and I'll tell U why it isnt. Just try and bring something my way that is actually innovative about the gameplay in that franchise and I'll actually buy the game and give it away for free.

Ur dead on about the props COD4 got @ E3.


Once You start to ask urself that is when U see how sick the Halo fans are. Blindly following the series with arms wide open to anything Bungie says or tells them.
Some people actually think Master Chief is the Deepest character ever concieved and that the Halo story line is mind blowingly amazing. Please, its no better than anyother storyline.
In 1 topic here I said only 3 words about the Spartan in my post and it merited a 5 paragraph response from one of its biggest fanboys about how I can fuck off and a plea to boycot me from the X3F site. Then when I put him in his place several of his little friends came at me as well. LMAO! This is how uptight these guys are about thier special little game. It is sad the success Halo has seen. thank god this is the last 1. And the sales records that it breaks and makes will be short lived once Gears of War 2 releases and they know it. Not saying Im all crazy about GOW either but It has the same power Halo has over gamers. Considering it's last outing was its first, the reception it got was very impressive.
I like Halo but not nearly as much as others aparently.

Posted at 7:46PM on Aug 4th 2007 by ccc

25. olithebumm you are right. That is my point. The game is good, but its not great, no innovation. Nothing that makes me want to play anything but the single player.

erivera, you are basically backing up exactly what I said before:

We know for a fact there are like 4 or 5 more vehicles AT LEAST that we didn't get to play with, way more equipment items that change gameplay, many more gametypes (and the ability to make your own in custom games as well as change even INDIVIDUAL player's abilities and things like gravity/speed), probably another 9 or 10 maps, much better graphics than what we were allowed to see, and a much fuller and richer physics engine.

I said:
We got new maps, new modes, new vehicles, new weapons, new gadgets this is something that every sequal has come with since the beginning of time, this is NOT innovation. We can get new maps, modes, vehicles, gadgets in halo 2. This is EXACTLY what I am saying. The ability to create custom games is definatley nice, but just like with other games that have this, you are just changing variables in games. Graw 1 and 2 are good examples of this, over 1000 different gametypes can be created. Change gravity/speed, this would be fun playing around with friends maybe, but its all been done before. Again, I like halo and I will buy it for the great story it tells in single player, but this generation I think that more should be done in multiplayer. I see more and more games these days downgrading visuals for multiplayer, graw and halo are perfect examples. This should not be an issue this generation.

As for COD4 looking much the same. The gameplay mechanics are kind of the same, just like with halo. But it is other elements that will differenciate this game from all the rest. The only comment you made that you should admit you are completely wrong about is "same animations". ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THE SAME GAME!? I think I must point you to the Microsoft press conference demonstration. The snipers in the grassy level, DID YOU SEE THAT ANIMATION? I have NEVER seen animation so smooth and realistic. Ask anyone who has seen it (especially the people who saw it AT E3), they were nearly convinced he was a real person. You tell me ONE GAME ever that has had animation that realistic, I would like to see it. I won't say the game is perfect, I would like to see some kind of cover system or maybe a "leaning" system in place, but its probably too fast paced for that.

You are one we would call a die hard halo fan. That no matter what, you think this is and always will be the best game ever created. I think there are a lot of people like you out there and these people are the ones bungie is counting on to bring in those multiplayer numbers. Unfortunatley you won't see me out there, it just is not as fun as it used to be. Halo multiplayer is the same as it ever was and I guess people like more of the same. But that's not why I purchased a next generation console, I purchased it for next generation experiences and in my opinion, halo 3 multiplayer will not deliver.

Posted at 8:05PM on Aug 4th 2007 by Lumpstatus

26. ccc has already been proven to be an idiot, so I didn't read anything he wrote.

I pity you guys that actually believe that Halo 3 isn't innovative, especially when the same people think that COD4 is innovative!!! It is sad, but I am also happy in a way that I won't have to play with/against you people in Halo 3. Please, don't buy the game, not only for yourselves (since you don't know what innovative means clearly) but for me and other Halo 3 fans as well; we will be glad to be rid of you!!

It would be a waste of my time to explain to you why Halo 3 is a million times better than COD4 since you don't have the brain capacity to understand the reasons, so I will leave you with a goodluck and have fun with COD4.....a completely "new" experience lol.

Posted at 2:49AM on Aug 5th 2007 by erivera3

27. erivera3: It is clear now that you are just a rambling 10 year old (maybe 12). You are obviously too immature to have a real conversation or debate over innovation, I was simply expressing an opinion and you take everything so personally. I am sorry that the halo universe is so precious and dear to your heart, I didn't mean to upset you. I just wanted you to prove me wrong, but facts are facts I guess. Nothing you said is fact but only opinion. It would be a waste of time to tell you why cod 4 is a tripple million cajillion billion times better than halo 3, this conversation has gotten rediculious. You may as well not have even posted to begin with. Good day to you sir.

Posted at 3:20AM on Aug 5th 2007 by Lumpstatus

28. @27

Its about time some1 else has realized this about kids like erivera here. Blind Faith is what I call it. Opinions only and can't back anything up or is incapable of debate but rather shows hostility. Can U believe they actually have a HALO BIBLE? Or at least thats what they are calling it. Like I said, soon they'er gonna get tax exemptions for loving Halo.heh.

Posted at 3:32AM on Aug 5th 2007 by ccc

29. You got one thing right Lumpstatus, facts are facts....very insightful.

By the way, the word is "ridiculous." Took a "10 year old" to correct you on that.

Tell me again ccc how I showed this "hostility" you speak of? My bad, forgot my personal rule where I don't respond to people who spell "you" with one letter.

P.S. - You still haven't explained how COD4 is innovative and Halo 3 isn't. Saying Halo 3 is "more of the same" shows how ignorant you are on the subject, so try reading some articles before commenting again.

Posted at 3:57AM on Aug 5th 2007 by erivera3

30. hmm

Posted at 4:53AM on Aug 5th 2007 by root

31. @29

U still fail to explain to us how Halo 3 is innovative. please tell us. I even offered to buy the game and give it to U if only U can come up with how it manages to spark innovation in anyway for the FPS genre.
As far as my spelling goes, I'll use whatever grammer I want so yes, it is ur "bad".
It dosnt matter what any1 says about Galo 3, it can do no wrong in ur eyes. Its like a big piece of shit that came out of ur ass and U decided to treat it like ur child isn't it?

Posted at 11:43AM on Aug 5th 2007 by ccc

32. Oops, hit the g by mistake instead of the H there. My "bad"

Posted at 11:44AM on Aug 5th 2007 by ccc

33. I very specifically told you how I thought COD4 was innovative. So I won't waste my time saying it again. You can correct my spelling all you want while you continue to use terms like "My bad" and you complain about ccc using "U" instead of "you" when you use terms like "lol" and "gayest". Forgive me for not caring about my spelling and running my text through spell check before I post. I try to waste the smallest amount of time I can talking to you about this pointless subject. You have expressed your opinion, we have expressed ours. I think we can stop now. See you on COD4 in october, it will be out right when halo 3 gets old (about a month).

Posted at 8:01PM on Aug 5th 2007 by Lumpstatus

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