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Did PS3 dev troubles cause GTA IV delay?

Yesterday's big news was that Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto IV was pushed back from its October release into sometime next year. But what if we told you the reason for such delay wasn't because of technical issues on the 360, but problems on the PS3 version of the game? Well, that's what analyst Michael Pachter is thinking saying that "the Rockstar team had difficulty in building an exceptionally complicated game for the PS3" and that the "delay of the PS3 version necessitated a delay of the Xbox 360 version" due to contractual obligations with Sony. So, if Mr. Pachter's theory has any weight, Rockstar may have had to delay GTA IV on the 360, because of issues with the PS3 version and them not being able to release the game before the PS3 version got out the door. Very intriguing indeed.

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21. R* cant give anymore information than that, after releasing that DVD and lack of HDD also hinders development what more is there to say you made the story shorter, shortened the content probably had to drop off a few textures in the buildings so it can show up on screen without glitching since you cant cache. That would go aginst MS policy all games will not require A HDD plus you end up getting exclusive content that should of been in the game that didnt fit on DVD. Now who got screwed over. With vip screening of GTAIV the game was ran on the 360 and said to look unpolished with a very slow frame rate with the same problems that plagued the GTA series with textures popping up and buildings disappearing off screen in the distance. But why dont you use your old excuse fanboys. i meen you used it when you heard unreal wasnt comming out this year. "O its just gonna be overshadowed by HALO3 and Mass Effect because thats all im gonna be playing".

this goes out to you!!


Posted at 3:26PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by MYPS3KilledMy360

22. clavian, I hope your right about the PS3 getting it's "time in the sun." It is needed. But of course I am speculating. Was a formal announcement made? NO. Do I work at R*? Hell no! Do I work for Sony? Oh please.

There are many factors involved in developing a game for any console. To point at 360 and list off the "problems" like the DVD structure/size (not an issue) overheating (again, not likely game related) and HDD 'caching' are asinine. I will however note that you link is for the Unreal Engine, which was brand new when used for Gears of War but has been used a lot since then, so of course production time is less. That's part of the reason to even make Gears of War. Sony has been working with Epic and the Unreal Engine since before the launch, so that's not really a fair statement. It's an unusual circumstance it seems so far for a 3rd party to launch a game of that caliber on time. 3rd party development for the console has been weak to date. Not for lack of trying, it's just a difficult programing environment. So a delay announcement SEEMS to be along the same lines, optimizing the code for the "labyrinth" (good one Ryan).

And I apologize for my remarks of punching Sony-fanboys. I don't hate people who own PS3s. I just don't have any respect for anyone who thinks it's "superior" just because it's a Sony product. So far its performance has been _yawn_ pretty boring. I too am sick of morons not looking at the facts and running their mouths off.

There is one more angle here. That perhaps R* and the bloated company, gorging itself off the success of the previous titles really did mess up and announce the release date much too early. The only reason I don't buy that is everything we've seen thus far is being rendered on the 360 with no problems. Don't you think with the 'relationship' and history with Sony they would be using both? Just something to consider.

Posted at 3:34PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by MrKniceGuy

23. Level Up has much more informed speculation if you'd like the other side of the story.

Basically, why would MS recently send a crack team of engineers to Rockstar if the 360 version was working perfectly?

Posted at 3:35PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by LunarDuality


Posted at 4:00PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by Nim

25. LunarDuality:

That is an excellent write up. Thanks for finding that! Really sheds some light on some obscure comments made by R*.

Posted at 4:18PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by MrKniceGuy

26. But the PS3 is God, how could such a superior machine be so depressing?(Note my sarcasm).

Posted at 7:25PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by CHINESE BABON

27. Fair enough MrKniceGuy. But consider this: If you are going to cry foul when Epic makes a comparison between the work-in-progress on Gears of War vs. UT3, I'm going to cry foul on people who sit around and say "SONY HAS NOOOOOO GAMES, LOL" less than 1 year into it's lifespan. It's a lame, shortsided, uneducated comment to make, and many people are making it.

And I haven't seen anyone on this particular thread say Sony's machine is better "just because it's SONY". On the flip side, I can't stand people who bash Sony, just because it's Sony.

And what the hell are you talking about when you say "everything we've seen thus far is being rendered on the 360 with no problem"? How can you come to that conclusion from 2 trailers? I hope, by now, you've read the link posted below your comment, because it's filled with some actual insight instead of the mindless ramblings that dominate these forums.

All I ask is that people show some respect and ability to think, critically, for themselves.

Posted at 7:41PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by clavian

28. And one more thing: I wasn't citing ""problems" like the DVD structure/size (not an issue) overheating (again, not likely game related) and HDD 'caching'", as legitimate reasons the game is being delayed. I was trying to make a point. Which is, we don't KNOW what caused the delay. So, speculation is, well, "asinine".

But, for the record (and these are the words of R* developers), the space constraints on DVD9 *ARE* an issue.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Posted at 7:47PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by clavian

29. LOL AT #12 :]]]

Posted at 8:20PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by jeffrey

30. @22 im no bashing please do not curse at me. Epic would actually do better with the 360 because by comparing both of the consoles the 360s Arc actually is very similar in some ways to a PCs but at the same time keeping the original xbox in mind there for making the transition a lot easier for epic to optimize an engine for the 360. Epic says that there at farther point in development than the 360 at this time optimizing the engine for the PS3 (thanks to Sony). So intern making it a fair statment by EPIC. When the games and content start rolling people will clearly see the the superiority in the PS3. Just look at it From the actual hardware if i wanted more space i can buy a new HDD, totally wireless keyboard, mouse, headset, internet browser, controllers(rumble sixaxis and USB charges) streaming videos and other content from my PC no matter what format, blu ray, DVR capabilities(deal with tivo), multiple tipes of memory card slots + usb, communicates with PSP, silent, variety in games(LBP, LAIR), HOME, almost compatible with every PS1 and PS2 game todate, 2% failure rate.

sorry for my constent sony evangelism i just find this system hard to dislike or even hate the first year is alway slow for a nextgen sytems(Wii is not next gen the 360 and PS3 can easily copy Guncon is basicaly the same technology). Yeah the 360 has great games, great content and great graphics but the hardware over all is shit 30% you know what, , it scratches disks, some consoles have faulty power supplys, the fan is not strong enough or it chips out, disc erros, terrible customer service(a whole month), 3 year warrenty only covers RRoD (what am i gonna do now "play my PS3", it has been proven that the 360 casing is too small causing it to over heat. the thing that pisses me off is that they deny it. then Fanboys proudly rejoice the games are just that good! NOT FOR ME! UNTIL THE PROBLEM IS FIXED HALO3 will be sitting in a glass case since i already pre ordered like a damn idiot.

Posted at 8:48PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by MYPS3KilledMy360

31. wow types*

Posted at 8:49PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by MYPS3KilledMy360

32. I hope those BluRay Motherfuckers are happy now. I think we all should have a 2-Minutes hate a la 1984 (the novel).... HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Sony!

Posted at 11:18PM on Aug 3rd 2007 by EMaster

33. PS3 is teh suck.

Posted at 1:21AM on Aug 4th 2007 by Steve

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