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Wing Commander Arena flies in next week

Even though we have yet to receive one of those fancy press releases, we've confirmed with publisher EA that this coming Wednesday's Xbox Live Arcade game is going to be none other than Wing Commander Arena. This 3D arena style remake of Wing Commander will be available July 25th at the 800 Microsoft point price point, so we advise brushing up on your reading materials over the weekend to get a jump on the competition. Screenshot gallery is viewable below and did we mention that we have a little WCA surprise to announce next week that could benefit our X3F readers? Well, we do, so keep your Wing Commander ears perked for incoming news.

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Project Ekim1

7-21-2007 @ 2:10PM

Project Ekim said...

well i dont think id buy this but i place my bet that marathon will come out the week after.

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7-21-2007 @ 2:16PM

RudyHuxtable said...

If that little surprise you guys have is a copy of Wing Commander Arena, and I don't win it, I'm seriously going to start thinking you are conspiring against me. Sheesh.

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Dustin Burg3

7-21-2007 @ 2:28PM

Dustin Burg said...

Nope, not giving away a copy of WCA. It's something else.

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7-21-2007 @ 3:09PM

refinedsugar said...

The secret better involve Mark Hamill or I'm going to be PO'ed.

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7-21-2007 @ 5:04PM

Eric said...

Wing Commander III on the 3DO is STILL on my top 10 all-time games list. I somehow don't think I'm going to be very happy with this game. Like SONIC THE HEDGEHOG not happy...

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7-21-2007 @ 5:55PM

BluesmanTLU said...

Someday I hope we'll get another legitimate Wing Commander sequel. Space combat sims were a huge part of PC gaming for a long time. It kind of sucks that there haven't been any great ones since Freespace 2 was released 8 years ago...

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7-21-2007 @ 8:57PM

Aero said...

Is the surprise a give away? :D

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7-21-2007 @ 11:52PM

Feedback said...

Def buying this. so much to buy on payday...Sonic, Golden Axe, Bomberman and this..2400 points :D

Plus I need to get gold again.

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7-22-2007 @ 12:05AM

konajinx said...


Save the money on Golden Axe. You'll be done with it in 15 minutes, tops. Sonic is meh. But Bomberman is the most fun I've had with a multiplayer XBLA game since...well, ever, really. Take that, Uno!

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l DeX l10

7-22-2007 @ 1:46AM

l DeX l said...

Bomberman Live is a lot of fun. WORMS is still is the best XBLA game for me so far, despite the lack of weapons.

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7-22-2007 @ 12:36PM

heroickurt said...

this is not a bad idea, I love it a flying game for xbox but i would have liked to see tie figher or x-wing to come on for arcade.

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7-22-2007 @ 2:06PM

Viridium said...

Dustin - I'm glad it's not a giveaway of WCA. I love these games - even though the first Wing Commander was released at the same time as Star Control II and drowned its sales out. I've played them all countless times (expansions and all with the first two). I've long mourned the loss of two genres (or aspects) of games:

1) Space combat. Others have tried, but unfortunately without commercial success.

2) FMV based games, such as the later WC games, or Access Software's much overlooked Tex Murphy games.

Can't get enough of either, but unfortunately there's just nothing out there anymore.

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7-22-2007 @ 3:06PM

ccc said...

Dose this game have a campaign mode or is it strictly a multi player vs game?

Having the name Arena in it to me, implys no campaign.

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7-23-2007 @ 10:51AM

Wizardly said...


Wouldn't Xwing vs Tie Fighter be great on the arcade?

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Joe Smith15

7-23-2007 @ 12:53PM

Joe Smith said...

Not sure on this one. I will check out the trial. It doesn't appear to have anything at all to do with Wing Commander.

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7-23-2007 @ 3:55PM

ccc said...


Niether did Quake 3 arena but it ended up being the best Quake eva, this may be a really good thing, only the trial will tell 4sure.

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