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Unreal Tournament 3 to be timed PS3 exclusive

See the awesomeness that is the game trailer above? It's Unreal Tournament 3 and fellow Xbox 360 fanboys we'll have to wait a little longer than our PS3 brothers to play. Sony and Epic Games just announced that UT3 will be a timed exclusive for the PS3 platform which will launch this November. But the wait will be short lived, because the game will be available on the Xbox 360 platform early 2008. Epic is obviously feeling love from everyone this generation and it looks like Sony played the right hand this time. Sorry fanboys, this is one game the PS3 will get before us ... consider it a fluke.

[Thanks, DjDATZ]

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21. I predict that development will run long (as every other PS3 game has) and it'll end up being a timed exclusive for 2 weeks.

Posted at 4:58PM on Jul 11th 2007 by BadMammaJamma

22. according to (UK) Mass Effect isn't out till November now has it been delayed again because last time I checked it said September

Posted at 5:11PM on Jul 11th 2007 by clnthl

23. Cool!

So I get GTA4 on my 360 & UT3 on my PS3 - win/win!

Posted at 5:17PM on Jul 11th 2007 by LordPaul

24. HOLY S**T! this look amazing! There's no reason not to buy a PS3, guys >> MGS4, Killzone 2, and user-created mods for UT3 make it a no brainer. Start saving that allowance, kiddies!

Admittedly, the online portion of PS3 sucks, but the hardware itself is the sexiest looking hardware I own. Hopefully these games will make it worth my $$.

Posted at 5:21PM on Jul 11th 2007 by snsr

25. @13, I totally agree. This was simply a way for Epic to "get in good" with Sony by offering them this exclusive, when in reality, it's simply because of Halo 3. Epic knows they'd be crazy coming out the holiday of Halo 3. I'm excited about Unreal 3, but with Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 I'll have my FPS fix.

Posted at 5:23PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Matt

26. Halo3 online multiplayer should keep us busy.It's sad all sony can do is get timed exclusives. Well its officials mgs4 is for only the ps3 who gives a crap halo3 and mass effect nuff said.

Posted at 5:25PM on Jul 11th 2007 by king spartan of seattle

27. the 360 version will probably be just the same as the PS3 version, calm down everyone. I'm getting the PS3 version myself. A big reason that UT3 is going to sit on the sideline this holiday for 360 is thanks to good ole Master Chief. Don't want to steal any of his thunder. Plus, Epic would have to compete with Halo3 and would probably lose alot of money like when Unreal Championship 2 only sold 200,000 copies thanks to Halo 2.

Posted at 5:29PM on Jul 11th 2007 by cheese

28. Yeah I agree with many of you:

1- PS3 isn't selling well, (only sold like 1.5 mil consoles so far), so Epic release a timed exclusive for them.

2-Microsoft gamers will be spending every other Holiday nickel and dime on like ten games in only 3 months' timeframe, not to mention the all-consuming cloud that is Halo 3.

3- Epic releases Unreal Tournament 2007 to the big market (X360 gamers) after the rest of the storm has passed and the novelty of the rest of the Holiday gameplay is over. Epic wins on both sides.

PS3 gamers get a game they want and are hungry for ASAP(because not much else is going to satiate them this Holiday, unfortunately), and 360 gamers get to play it as well, as sort of an 'after dinner dessert'.

Posted at 5:36PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Toph

29. I really don't see what is so special about this game, looks like the same ol' run around shooting frantically unreal tournament I have always disliked. Graphics aren't even that special.

Posted at 5:38PM on Jul 11th 2007 by erivera3

30. First Epic kicks the teeth in of 360 fanboys by releasing Gears of War on the PC with a ton more content than the 360.. Now they go and do this with UT3.. 2 words EPIC F*CK YOU! Is it not the 360 fanbase that made your Gears GOTY and bought Cliffy a shiny new Lambo?? Way to treat your core fans..

(Note to self.. Skip all future Epic titles and their rip-off DLC)

Posted at 5:43PM on Jul 11th 2007 by sharpblade

31. I bet Micro and Epic talked about this ,and Mirco said, "We won't match Sony's buyout, let them build some hype while Halo wins the money, and then just give us some exclusive content in Q1."

I think Micro was smart; they'll let the devel build hype, while they just keep selling numbers to pubs. It's how Windows won.

Posted at 5:44PM on Jul 11th 2007 by drock1205

32. the 360 won't have KB/mouse support in any games. Microsoft has already stated this in the past. They say kb/mouse people have and advantage over controllers.
you'll need a ps3 for kb/mouse.
or upgrade your computer

Posted at 5:56PM on Jul 11th 2007 by BTex

33. This timed exclusive is actually a multiplayer beta test in disguise. Less people will be playing this online on the PS3 than played the Halo 3 multiplayer beta. Once all of the bugs and such are worked out of the game they will release it on the 360.

Posted at 6:05PM on Jul 11th 2007 by mirage

34. This to me is a good thing, this means that Epic will give some "extra love" to the 360 and PC versions. Secondly, I myself am stil, with UT3 out of the picture, overwhelmed by how many games are coming to the 360 this fall, too many for me to buy at least, Mass Effect, Bioshock, CoD 4, Assasin's Creed, and a little game we know as Halo 3. Anyways, MS has given us many exclusives and our PS3 brothers have had to wait for later releases on games such as RB6 and Oblivion, I dont mind waiting for once for a game for once. I still believe it will sell more copies on the 360 in the first few than how many sold on the PS3 up to this point.

Posted at 6:06PM on Jul 11th 2007 by CHINESE BABON

35. @16

i find it so funny that all you xbots are trying to spin this to positive news like:

"16. So, timed for two months? The same two months we'll be playing Bioshock, halo3, mass effect, GTA4 and Assassins Creed? Oh, wow... I feel soo pwned by Sony. On another note, I say give us mods dammit."

gta4 and assassins creed are goin to PS3 same time smart one. Oh and Haze was announced as PS3 ONLY for good, as in, cancelled for xbox.

im a big fan of katamari, but 360 can have katamari 3, id rather have something new. although haze doesnt look THAT great, killzone2 does, and lived up to the 2005 trailer.

and poor xbots wont get mod support for UT3.... awww.

Posted at 6:07PM on Jul 11th 2007 by sirpilf

36. I dunno. I felt really good about MS yesterday, but I think that Sony's press conference blew ours away.

The first problem with MS is that they should have made a price cut. I say this because Sony didn't really have a price cut at all. You still can't get a PS3 cheaper than at E306. They simply gave you more for your dollar. They sweetened the deal. This was MS's chance to go for the throat. Do away with the Core and go right to $299 for the premium. Drop the HHD to $49. MS needs to differentiate the price.

I am not claiming that Sony will win, but MS needs to be aggressive with pricing. I realize that MS isn't a bottomless pit of money, but consoles are like razors. You give the razor for free so the consumer needs to by your type of razor.

Posted at 6:18PM on Jul 11th 2007 by bneals

37. both will have good games soon(360) gta4, mass effect, halo 3, bioshock, ut3, and assasin's creed.(ps3) assasin's creed, gta4, killzone 2, lair, ut3, heavenly sword, and mgs4.all of them look good. i'm lookin forward to the ps3 games though, because its the only one i got (besides the wii). But the 360 has good games also.

Posted at 6:38PM on Jul 11th 2007 by qnsps3playa

38. Eh I'll be too busy with Halo 3, Half-Life 2 Orange Box and GTA IV through November... of 2009

Posted at 6:40PM on Jul 11th 2007 by :(

39. I can't imagine playing this game with the dual-shock controller. I can remember it being hard enough trying to play a slow moving game like Red Faction way back when it came out on PS2. Trying to use both analogs and all four shoulder buttons was impossible. We all know that the wait will pay off anyways because these days whoever gets the later release, always gets extra content in the game and fewer bugs.

Posted at 6:51PM on Jul 11th 2007 by FR3SH JIV3

40. Epic must now have a bit of spending money after that... Lol.

Posted at 6:52PM on Jul 11th 2007 by Zeus the God

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