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HD DVD peripheral outselling standalone boxes

Apparently, the HD DVD drive add-on for the Xbox 360 has been selling like hot cakes. The HD DVD Group announced back in April that it sold over 100,000 standalone players in the U.S. in its first year of being on the market. These numbers did not include HD DVD PC drives or the Xbox 360's peripheral. More recently, however an MS representative stated that the HD DVD add-on has sold over 155,000 units in the U.S., over 50% more sales than the standalone sets. Perhaps the $200 price tag, or less, has really helped push units. Do you have an HD DVD drive for your 360?

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1. Yes I do and I'm glad that I got it for Christmas this year!!I own a PS3 as well so having a Blu-Ray player and the HD player is GREAT!! The only problem that I have is I'M STILL WAITING FOR THE EVIL DEAD TRILOGY ON Blu-Ray or HD!! Come on guy's!!!!!

Posted at 11:39AM on Jun 25th 2007 by Mr BoomStck XL

2. Not getting one since Blockbuster pulled support..Movie companies are scared now. Looks like the evil Sony blue Ray will finally win a format battle.

Posted at 11:39AM on Jun 25th 2007 by stephentur

3. Blockbuster didn't pull its support, it still rents them. They just choose to put Blu Ray in ALL of their locations. HD DVD are still in their top stores and online I believe to rent.

I have an HD DVD drive. Love watching movies on it!

Posted at 11:45AM on Jun 25th 2007 by Benjamin09

4. I do. Goes great with my Netflix account. :)

Posted at 11:54AM on Jun 25th 2007 by Arno

5. i acutally picked up my hd drive last weekend. i had to admit that i did suffer from slight buyers regret after i heard the blockbuster news, but i'm not too worried. the way i see it, if hd-dvd does lose this war, retailers will be blowing out their hd-dvd collection so i'll just stock up and purchase an LG blu-ray/hd-dvd player.

another point i would like to bring up is that i don't think MS is promoting this drive enough. instead they're shooting themselves in the foot by releasing HD movies for download on XLA. i know i know, you can't fight technological progress, but there are alot of 360 gamers out there that need reassurance after purchasing a potentially soon-to-be-dead HD drive.

Posted at 11:58AM on Jun 25th 2007 by Vik

6. I've had the HD DVD for a few months now for my 360. A few months ago I cancelled my Blockbuster because they weren't getting the latest HD DVDs on time in store, and there went whatever advantage Blockbuster had over Netflix for me. (I liked the ability of turning in online rentals in-store for a free rental).

Posted at 12:00PM on Jun 25th 2007 by ahsan

7. I have the HD drive, and even though I do believe that the general market still isn't ready for a new format, I've gotta say that Serenity, King Kong, Miami Vice, and some of the others that I've seen in HD, are very very impressive.

Posted at 12:00PM on Jun 25th 2007 by baby sea tuna

8. Hahaha

Sorry...I own a PS3 and have to laugh at all the people who bought a dead format. Although my favourite movie is not supporting blu-ray yet. (Gladiator)

As a games system 360 has an edge but nobody should ever buy the HD DVD add-on.

This year at E3 Microsoft will announce the Xbox 720 with Blu-Ray. I just really want this to be over.

Posted at 12:02PM on Jun 25th 2007 by Andy

9. Also, I don't really understand why people are insisting that losing support from Blockbuster is signalling the death knell of HD-DVD. Blockbuster, much like the porno industry, no longer holds the weight it did for VHS and (to a lesser extent) DVD. I mean I honestly can't name one single person I know that has rented anything from Blockbuster in the past 2 or 3 years.

Posted at 12:04PM on Jun 25th 2007 by baby sea tuna

10. i should add...if you're on the fence about purchasing an HD drive, take a look at 'planet earth'in HD. that series alone will make your decision for you.

Posted at 12:05PM on Jun 25th 2007 by Vik

11. #3 - Blu-Ray isn't in all of BB's retail locations. Only in a ~1/4 of the stores (1400 out of ~5800 stores).

Posted at 12:14PM on Jun 25th 2007 by Scott

12. I own the add-on. The difference between DVDs and HD DVDs was so impressive I had to get one.

Posted at 12:19PM on Jun 25th 2007 by Brian

13. I bought one. It's fun. HD movies look nice. It's also really nice to have a secondary drive for the 360. That way I can always keep my current game in the 360 and just use the expansion drive for movies.

The Blockbuster news miffed me a bit, but I'm not too concerned. I really don't think either format is going to "win" -- while Blu-Ray is outselling HD DVD, neither is selling enough to really look like a smash success and Blu-Ray isn't outselling HD DVD enough render HD DVD dead. I feel that neither will really replace DVD and both will live on as an enthusiast's format for at least the next couple years. If Blu-Ray wins the battle in two or three years, that's fine -- I'll buy a cheap Blu-Ray player then (if I don't have a PS3). At the moment, HD DVD is a perfectly decent format with some nice exclusive movies.

Both formats have certain advantages, and I think dual-format players are going to become the standard, honestly.

Posted at 12:23PM on Jun 25th 2007 by typoink

14. i got the HD-DVD add on recently. it looks amazing and all but i'm still on the fence. for now i just own three movies and will netflix the others i want to watch.
My favorite movie is going to be blu-ray only so that might force me to do something crazy.

p.s. my psychic prediction is that unfortunately blu-ray will "win".

Posted at 12:26PM on Jun 25th 2007 by hans

15. @6

Netflix will rent out HD-DVDs soon. Since the advent of these companies like Netflix, Blockbuster has become irrelevent.


Typical Sony Fanboy dream.


I agree...Blockbuster hasnt been relavent for years. I stopped going to Blockbuster 10 years ago. As for the porn industry, I think they still have weight. Not many people own a computer or are comfortable looking at porno on their PCs (privacy issues). So DVD/HD-DVD is the next best thing.

I personally think HD-DVD will win. They have the interactive content that Blu-Ray doesnt. Plus the size issue of the discs doesnt matter anymore. Blu-Ray 50GIG and HD-DVD 52GIG. So that arguement goes out the window. Plus in the coming months you will see Wal-mart and Target selling HD-DVD players for the masses at $199.99 price point. Sony's cheapest player is at 599.99. The fact that the PS3 is sitting on the shelves collecting dust doesnt bode well for Blu-Ray either.

Posted at 12:28PM on Jun 25th 2007 by Ed Canale

16. Microsoft understand that digital downloads are the future, and that physical formats will be dead in a few years anyway. Whichever format dies first doesn't really matter!

As you can probably tell, I don't have the HD DVD drive, but I don't have a HDTV (I play all my games on my 19" monitor), so I'll wait until I've got one of those first!

Posted at 12:30PM on Jun 25th 2007 by Rees Clissold

17. It's interesting that nobody's mentioned how all the blu-ray players out so far are now obsolete due to changes in the way the interactive content will work on future titles.

That's going to be a pretty big kick in the balls for Blu-Ray when the general public hear about it.

Posted at 12:32PM on Jun 25th 2007 by Rees Clissold

18. How it sells doesn't really matter to MS in the long run, honestly. I mean, if it doesn't work they can stop making the things and it won't affect the actual console in the slightest. Considering that, perhaps it's actually kind of smart that they just went with plain DVDs for games this time around.

It's not doing so badly anyway. Blu-ray player sales count PS3s sold, but you have no idea how many of these will be used for movie play. The HD-DVD drive does nothing but play films, so at least you know that it will be fulfilling that purpose.

Personally, I don't honestly care about either of them right now and am fine paying $15 or $20 for new films on DVD instead of $30 or $40 lol.

Posted at 12:33PM on Jun 25th 2007 by Tony

19. "Netflix will rent out HD-DVDs soon. Since the advent of these companies like Netflix, Blockbuster has become irrelevent."

"Soon?" They already do! They have rented them since around the time of HD-DVD's launch.

Posted at 12:34PM on Jun 25th 2007 by Josh

20. @17

Ouch. If thats true.

Posted at 12:34PM on Jun 25th 2007 by Ed Canale

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