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Sing along to the Ring of Fire song parody

The Sarcastic Gamer Jeromy "Doc" Adams knows the pain some have had to go through with their 360's red ring of death experiences and, like any creative genius, decided to use the pain as inspiration for his latest song parody. Jeromy recorded "The Ring of Fire" which is quite an entertaining version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" with lyrics inspired by such 360 failures. We don't have much more to say other than to head over to his site and give the song a download. Seriously, it's very funny and very good.

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6-17-2007 @ 4:07PM

Grunt420 said...

my 360 has never had a problem and its from the launch day...videos like these make the 360 look so bad in front of the ps3....

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Michael May2

6-17-2007 @ 4:17PM

Michael May said...

Look's like someone's AV cable isn't plugged in. No need to call MS support for a full 'ring of fire'.

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6-17-2007 @ 4:31PM

SeNiLe911 said...

After downloading the song, head over to the petition regarding the download content and sign it:

I am no my third Xbox 360 and I decided to upgrade to the Elite and now M$ won't do anything about the download content I purchased that now does not work offline or under another gamer tag. Everyone should sign it since one day you will be affected, if you ever upgrade or have it replaced for one reason to another. Please sign it.

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6-17-2007 @ 5:28PM

miguel said...

I had 2 rings of death and they told me 130 bucks to fix it. It was an overheating issue.. I was so pissed that I ripped it apart to find that the heatsink was totally packed with dust. The thing is a dust magnet.. I couldnt play any games for more than 2 minutes because it would die.. I cleaned it in about 10 minutes and its been working perfectly for weeks.. I got it at launch btw.

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6-17-2007 @ 5:43PM

drn said...

I'm on my 4th. There was an interesting article the other day where San Jose Mercury grilled the QA guy at Microsoft to try to get them to admit there is a problem... guy stuck to the party line like a pro and store up and down that "the majority of customers are very happy with their experience".

Microsoft really needs to admit this problem exists - I quite like my Xbox 360 but the idea that it's going to die again any day now has made me lose a lot of confidence.

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Who Flang Poo6

6-17-2007 @ 6:51PM

Who Flang Poo said...

I have had my 360 since launch and have not had one problem with it. About 20 of my friends could say the same thing, accept most of them are not launch consles. I honestly think this whole Ring of Death thing is over exagerated. This is because all my friends, all my aquaitnences, and I have never had a ring of death or any other problems with our 360s or know of anyone who has.

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Edgar N,7

6-17-2007 @ 8:00PM

Edgar N, said...

@ #1 and #2..

you guys are so sensitive, get a sense of humor! The song was hilarious.

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Edgar N,8

6-17-2007 @ 8:01PM

Edgar N, said...

ok forget 1 and 2, all you fanboys need to get a sense of humor.

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Doc Adams9

6-17-2007 @ 8:30PM

Doc Adams said...

hose of you calling me a ps3 fanboy didn't listen very well. 360 is my favorite console... The song is dedicated to the people that have to wait for repairs to keep playing what I believe is the best console on the market.

THANK YOU XBOX360FANBOY for the story and the hits.

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6-18-2007 @ 7:44AM

Josh said...

@8 - It's not that that the song isn't funny it's that the song is adding fuel to the "xbox 360 quality sucks" fire. If the Xbox 360 didn't have these over exaggerated failure rate problems Microsoft would be selling a helluva lot more consoles and songs like this aren't helping consumer confidence.

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6-18-2007 @ 8:32AM

bill said...

lol @ #11

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6-18-2007 @ 9:43AM

DjChad said...

@11: When your console dies and then your replacement console dies after only a month I guarantee you wont be keeping your mouth shut so stop trying to silence others.

I love the 360...The games are awesome! But its by far the most poorly designed and even more poorly manufactured console I've ever seen. You probably have never seen the inside of a 360 or you would agree.

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6-18-2007 @ 11:13AM

Josh said...

@13 - My 360 died back in February (crappy power outlet, also fried my stereo) so people voicing their 360 failures is fine. Over exaggerating the experience is what's stupid. I see posts like "OMFG I've sent this POS 360 in for repair like a 1000 times and Microsoft told me to jump off a bridge with my 360 to stop it from overheating!!!"...well not exactly like that but close. Also, it's very possible that a lot of complaints are not overheating issues but some other hardware failure. People think that just because it's a little hot that the console overheated.

Yes, I have seen the inside of a 360 and I do agree they should have thought about the cooling system a bit more. I would really like to see the official failure rate % straight from Microsoft but I doubt that will ever happen. Oh well...if Microsoft doesn't address this issue head on and start taking steps to correct the problems immediately they can kiss the lead they currently have goodbye.

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6-18-2007 @ 1:25PM

machou said...

Well, I don't think people having these issues are over reacting. I've lost already 2 consoles..and I'm still waiting for my replacement..and yeah it's been 22 working days since I've sent it.

I had many consoles in the past..and I've only seen this with the 360. 2 other friends have also replaced their xbox360 once already.

If there was no problem with the xbox360, then why isn't Microsoft releasing some accurate numbers about the rate failures ? Probably because the numbers are bad..

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6-19-2007 @ 5:09PM

Twistedme said...

Song sounds funny.
I Purchased a 360 3rd week of 12/06. it gets 2-3hrs (at most)usage a week. I have it on a surge protector. I keep my house AC running set at 75F-78F.System is laid flat in a well ventalated area.I do not have any aftermarket attachments on it. This syetm does not get used in any extreme conditions. 3 wks ago I suffered a general hardware failur error.the unit has been sitting at MS for 7 Buz days so far no change in status.

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6-23-2007 @ 1:37PM

Broken_Speed said...

I never got the ring of 360 just crashed like a computer and never turned back biggie I'm only on my 2nd, and I'm covered till 2009 b/c they gave me a xtra year of coverage for free. I probably won't get the elite...I'll just wait for the next system

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