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Halo 3 beta reminder: check your Bungie box!

Alright, we take it back. During a little What Are You Playing diatribe this morning, we called all those with early "Friends and Family" access to the Halo 3 beta jerks. It turns out you can stick us in the jerk tank now (well, you can at least stick me in there), because we just found our invite tucked away in our message box. Let this be a reminder to dedicated Halo fans that have not yet done so: check your message box! You might just find a happy little surprise.

Now if you'll excuse us, it's time for some beta mayhem.

[Thanks, Stephen]

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1. thanks for the heads-up! i'm in. i guess because i got invited to the press event tonight in NYC. sweet!

WRUP? Halo 3!!!

Posted at 4:29PM on May 11th 2007 by murph


Posted at 4:42PM on May 11th 2007 by jason

3. "Did everyone remember to check their message inbox at may just find an invite there today...Sadly, I didn't." From the WRUP post

Can I get some credit here Richard, if not in print on the fancast (I know you guys are gonna talk about it), maybe?

GamerTag: VirgoBlu I'll see you on the battlefield next week. Sensai.

Posted at 4:49PM on May 11th 2007 by Stephen


Posted at 4:50PM on May 11th 2007 by jason

5. scerw u guys. i wish i was playin

Posted at 5:05PM on May 11th 2007 by yuppy

6. I got in!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD I don't know why or how but I got a message in my box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See the rest of you on wednesday. Gamertag FinalMacGyver AHHHH this is awesome!!

Posted at 5:06PM on May 11th 2007 by Jason Smith

7. im in the rule of 3 but no email yet

Posted at 5:16PM on May 11th 2007 by CANADA36O

8. Richard got an invite, but sadly ... no Halo 3 beta love for Dustin. Anyone want to drink with me tonight?

Posted at 5:25PM on May 11th 2007 by Dustin Burg

9. @Stephen
"Can I get some credit here Richard, if not in print on the fancast (I know you guys are gonna talk about it), maybe?"

Hells yes you can! That comment is what made me check mine. Good work!

Posted at 5:36PM on May 11th 2007 by Richard Mitchell

10. got in at 10:30 this morning! (but now I'm at work... -_-)

Posted at 5:36PM on May 11th 2007 by MisterSquared

11. go to now they are playing halo 3 beta live now

Posted at 5:56PM on May 11th 2007 by jason

12. downloading now, thanks for the heads up. YES!!!

Posted at 6:35PM on May 11th 2007 by masturafder

13. I feel so warm inside. Thanks for the cred.

Posted at 7:14PM on May 11th 2007 by Stephen

14. No beta love over here.

Posted at 7:48PM on May 11th 2007 by Derka

15. you can also buy a F&f INVITE on ebay, i found one. Last i checked it was going for 70$

Posted at 8:47PM on May 11th 2007 by alex

16. i'm also in the RULE OF THREE but I didn't get an invite! i dont know if it's my Xbox Live Gold expiring 3 months ago that's screwing me over! help.....please??

Posted at 9:21PM on May 11th 2007 by Jessie

17. I didn't get one. Then again, my 360 is currently performing the task of being a $400 paperweight. Gotta wait for the UPS man to bring me the coffin. I got into the beta through phase one too. Sigh...

Posted at 9:23PM on May 11th 2007 by Oozer

18. u are all fuc*in retards for u who say that i am in the rule of 3 or what not but havent received the message yet. The rule of three, inaddition to the crackdown game and the first way to get into the beta are all going to be able to play the beta on the 16th. those who get to play on the 11 are strictly friends of bungie or ppl who bungie felt should be able to play early, SO SHUT THE FUC* UP DAMN RETARDS-GET UR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE U BIT*H AND MOAN ABOUT IT

Posted at 9:43PM on May 11th 2007 by -

19. Jeez, "-". Calm the hell down, you don't have to be such an ass.

Posted at 10:49PM on May 11th 2007 by Reuben

20. Dude, Im in DLing now, at 27%. I'll venture a bet that I'm the ONLY person in Australia to have it :D

Posted at 1:33AM on May 12th 2007 by Tuan Set

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