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Halo 3 pre-orders top 4 million?

According to Xbox Evolved, GameStop officials have confirmed that pre-orders for Halo 3 have already passed the 4 million mark. If true, this would make Halo 3 the most pre-ordered game of all time (unless GTAIV catches up). Assuming most of those pre-orders are actually purchased, it also puts Halo 3 in the running for first day sales records (which isn't exactly surprising). Keep in mind, these numbers are only for GameStop and its affiliated stores. Throw in other retailers and the number of pre-orders must be staggering.

Our big question: how many of those pre-orders are for the Legendary Edition?

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Michael Paul1

5-10-2007 @ 1:41PM

Michael Paul said...

My Legendary is coming from Amazon. Due in early June per their ship estimate. Kinda wish that was true...

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5-10-2007 @ 1:41PM

jason said...

I wonder what the madness will be at midnight on launch day. Also I knew this would already happen and there is still months to go for even more people to preorder it. I already got mine preorder 3 weeks ago.

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5-10-2007 @ 1:46PM

John said...

I got my legendary pre-ordered. I put $25 down on it at gamestop at the same time I pre-ordered crackdown in January... I'll be there at the midnight release... so yeah, I'm a Halo fanboy...

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5-10-2007 @ 1:52PM

erivera3 said...

Hell yeah, this game will own all and easily make history in the entertainment world for most sold in one day and most likely end up being the most sold in history.

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Pedro Monscooch5

5-10-2007 @ 2:02PM

Pedro Monscooch said...

... until halo 4

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5-10-2007 @ 2:06PM

Toph said...

I'm not insanely big into Halo, but when I worked at Gamestop over the holiday season I reserved the Legendary Edition. Why do that if I'm not a Halo fanboy?

1. I'm a 360 fanboy:)

2. This is part of gaming history in the making! I can't halfass it!

3. That helmet replica is a trophy of any self-respecting ubergamer geek!

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5-10-2007 @ 2:08PM

ANt said...

HALO = way over-rated

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5-10-2007 @ 2:09PM

Toph said...

..Oh, and let me add that standing in line for Halo 2 at Gamestop in the cold rain with gamers I didn't know, employees offering hot chocolate and talking about geeky crap with each other as we stood shivering was all part of the fun.. I can't wait to relive that soon!

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Knight Marquise9

5-10-2007 @ 2:13PM

Knight Marquise said...

I've pre-ordered and paid for:

1-Halo 3: Lengendary Edition (for myself)
1-Halo 3: Collectors Edition (for the wife)
2-Halo 3: Standard Editions (for the kids)

Last Gen, I still had 3 other kids at home, so I had preordered 7 copies of Halo 2, and yes, me and my oldest son were their at EB prior to midnight, and got home at 3:00AM with our Halo Goodness.

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Knight Marquise10

5-10-2007 @ 2:14PM

Knight Marquise said...


Egads my vocabulary is slipping. Should be "there" not "their".

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5-10-2007 @ 2:16PM

spartan029 said...

#1 amazon doesn't have legendary edition for pre-ordering? can you gimme the link if you can find it?

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5-10-2007 @ 2:29PM

me said...

Pre ordered mine in nov 06 for legendary. Cant Wait

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5-10-2007 @ 2:32PM

Kiggle said...

ok this is bullshit lets run through some numbers.

I worked at gamestop store 1577 when it JUST opened, it opened in 2003. assuming they number stores logically/chronologically, there were 1,577 gamestops at that time. with the aquisition/merger of EB, lets assume the number has AT LEAST doubled since then, giving us 3,154 stores. we'll double that number AGAIN, realistically giving us WAY WAY more theoretical stores than there are actual gamestops and EB's in north america.

so, with 6,308 theoretical stores taking reservations in that statistic, EACH STORE would have to have an average of _634_(!!!!) Halo 3 reservations. no. fucking. way. We got over 200 reservations for Halo 2, and thats with the MUCH larger installed base of the Xbox 1, AND it was the most reserved title in the companies history. I have no doubts that the reserves for Halo 3 will be insane, but not even CLOSE to 600 per store. and again, thats assuming a RIDICULOUS number of stores!

If we were to use the 3,154 number, which I would imagine is MUCH more realistic, each store would have to have closer to _1268_ reserves! EACH FUCKING STORE.

so yeah, this is COMPLETE bullshit lol

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5-10-2007 @ 2:42PM

Fred said...

Ruiner of fun. You're not invited to my party.

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LG Evil Pabsi15

5-10-2007 @ 2:52PM

LG Evil Pabsi said...

All I care about now is when the game is coming out, did anyone doubt that h3 would break records?

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5-10-2007 @ 2:54PM

Gronar said...

Kiggle, ever heard of pre ordering from

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5-10-2007 @ 3:02PM

hawk said...

Halo 3 has consistently been on the top sellers list on ever since it was announced.

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5-10-2007 @ 3:18PM

Kurifurisan said... need a tickle in your giggle, chill brah!

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5-10-2007 @ 3:19PM

Destroyer88 said...

4 million? damn and i still have yet to preorder my copy lol. i figured, you know, that like a day or two after the release i could just go pick up a copy, but 4 million. I guess I will have to go pre order now. :(

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Michael Paul20

5-10-2007 @ 3:33PM

Michael Paul said...


Apparently it was a limited preorder if they don't offer it anymore. Maybe they were guaranteed 1,000 and wisely cut it off there...

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