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Rumor: Condemned sequel sentenced for fall?

UK retailer has a listing for Condemned 2 and is currently taking pre-orders on the title, stating the release date as November 30th 2007. The date could simply be just some random "Fall 2007" timeframe so they can rack up some money now with pre-orders. Their "review" of the title is the in depth and thorough "A superb sequel of brilliantly brutal bloody hand to hand brawling...". As far as we know, Monolith hasn't officially announced a sequel, although the ending definitely did leave a lot of questions unanswered. Did you play through the exquisitely scary launch title, and would you like to see that universe expanded upon in a sequel?


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3-13-2007 @ 2:06PM

qbix said...

Yes, played through it without firing a single shot. Add to that the fact that I looked in the darkest of corners to find all evidence, every bird, and every piece of metal making the game a lot scarier. This was a great title and I look forward to the sequel.

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3-13-2007 @ 2:12PM

harma41 said...

Battles were a little repetitive w/ killing insane homeless people constantly, but the game story was great. I would like to another sequel, and a better achievement system. Condemned 2 is a mandatory title, to further explain the main characters past.

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Jamie Guy3

3-13-2007 @ 2:19PM

Jamie Guy said...

Agreed. I played the first through to 100% completion despite slight repetition. The end though I have to say, might be one of those that’s best left unexplained, to maintain its creepiness. I'd rather the plot was entirely different (though similar) in order to keep things fresh. However from the sound of it I would bet that this UK retailer is simply speculating in order to get your reservation money.

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Jack the Ripper4

3-13-2007 @ 2:19PM

Jack the Ripper said...

Yeah, it was a pretty good game, but I wish they would have fleshed out the melee combat a bit more, maybe add in a stealth kill system. I also hope they get away from the "real is brown" thing, and brighten up parts of the game, or at least make the level design easier to follow. You don't have to not let a player see where he's going or know what he's doing to scare them. I was kind of hoping we got passed that gimmick after the PS1 horror games.

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3-13-2007 @ 2:31PM

agdtinman said...

That game really effected me. I was having dreams about it for a few nights after having finished it. The creepiest level was the empty house. I kept expecting things to jump at me, but for the most part, it was completely devoid of enemies.

Wikipedia has an interesting entry on Condemned and the movie that's going to come out soon:

"Hall, along with Nathan Henderickson, was responsible for the film's concept and state that he seeks to "come up with something specifically designed to use multiple mediums to tell stories that had some continuity and connective thread... We wanted to create a universe that, like a Star Wars, was big enough where different stories could exist." Variety indicated that the plan was to introduce audiences to the "universe" of Condemned with Criminal Origins, followed by a film adaptation which will tie-in with a sequel video game gradually expanding the story's universe. As of January 25, 2007, David S. Goyer and Basil Iwanyk are attached to produce."

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3-13-2007 @ 2:37PM

J.Goodwin said...

I definitely want a Condemned sequel.

Silicon Knights is working on an unannounced game for SEGA.


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3-13-2007 @ 2:38PM

Daryl said...

Loved the first and would definitely buy the next game.

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3-13-2007 @ 2:42PM

Mike said...

The locales in Condemned were great. I loved that apple orchard. We're given typical abandoned building, creepy school, etc. and they throw in the wildcard of an apple orchard.

The graphics were impressive too, from a realworld accuracy standpoint with all the building materials and whatnot.

The game was repetitive though, so I hope that gets fixed first in any sequels. And more actual crime scene investigating...without the freakin' handholding.

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3-13-2007 @ 2:47PM

LunarDuality said...

Count me in for a sequel. Definitely a creepy highlight around launch.

@ harma41
I'm not sure what you'd want to change about the achievements. I thought they were very well paced throughout the game and that as long as you are diligent you can get them all. I personally hate all those "about 20 people in the world will ever get this" achievements. I enjoy knowing that I will be rewarded for really playing the crap outta a game whether I'm amazing at a game or just okay.

@ Jamie Guy
I agree some things are best left unsaid...but I think the nature of this game's story is one that you could constantly learn tidbits here and there and still never *really* know the whole story. Let's hope so.

I agree that adding stealth to the repetoire might be cool. But I also wanna see a more in depth investigative toolset and more challenging investigating sequences.

@ agdtinman
I was the same way...dreaming about that crap. And yes, the tension in the empty house (even without enemies) was so damn palpable it was ridiculous.

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3-13-2007 @ 3:59PM

Pat said...

Great game, LOVED it. Looking forward to a sequel.

When that corpse came to life back in the locker, it scared the hell out of me and my roommates.

Anyone else remember that scene?

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3-13-2007 @ 4:35PM

J.Goodwin said...

Man, I knew it was coming and it still scared the crap out of me.

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Ciaran Gallagher12

3-13-2007 @ 5:47PM

Ciaran Gallagher said... all always making stupid mistakes....

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3-13-2007 @ 6:02PM

Almadi said...

Great! I originally bought the 360 for Condemned because I was tiered of all my PC (Personal Computer) friends being not so PC (Politically Correct) "Console games are fugly". Nothing like blowing your budget to rub it in someone's face.

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3-13-2007 @ 6:30PM

NuAngel said...

Actually, after creating XBL-Silver accounts in various countries, and downloading the Condemned demo from the France servers... I found myself addicted to this game. I had never had a chance to play it, up until last week.

So, this week, I went on ebay and snagged it for under $20 - it should be here next week - then I intend on playing it until I pass out!

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3-13-2007 @ 7:20PM

qbix said...

@NuAngel: Make sure you attempt some of the achievements as they will force you to explore levels more thoroughly. Likewise, I'd suggest wearing headphones... you'll hear the creepy background music in the mall and children voices in the locker rooms more clearly.

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3-13-2007 @ 9:21PM

refinedsugar said...

I'm with other people on this one ... They better juice up the gameplay. You can only beat on crazies with lead pipes for so long before it becomes repetitive and boring. The game wasn't wall to wall scary either. It had some good set pieces, but the atmosphere didn't sustain itself throughout the entire game.

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3-13-2007 @ 10:13PM

Boomhauer said...

Condemned + headphones = Pee in pants...lmao

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3-13-2007 @ 11:38PM

Mikeawesome said...

God I loved this game, the Surround Sound Audio track seriously scared the bejeezuz out of me.

I definitely can't wait for a second. I think I'll probably play through the game again soon.

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3-14-2007 @ 8:14AM

squid said...

"so they can rack up some money now with pre-orders."

Not true, Ive used that company and you don't get charged until the game ships. Probably just trying to seem ahead of its many rivals by making up release dates.

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3-14-2007 @ 8:50PM

m0nki said...

Of couse ill get it, the first one was my first 360 title. I had it before the console was out :P

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