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GRAW 2 is gold, new feature revealed

Tom Clancy fans eager to get their hands on GRAW 2 will be happy to learn that the game has officially gone gold. TeamXbox reports that Ubisoft made the announcement today, stating that the game should be available on store shelves by Thursday, March 8th (just in time for our heads to asplode from covering GDC). In celebration of this momentous occasion, Ubisoft also revealed the entire list of achievements for the game. Achievements are more or less evenly spread among campaign, co-op, and adversarial modes. The adversarial achievements all require that at least 5 gamertags be in the session, presumably to prevent boosting. So, the game has gone gold and the achievements have been uncovered, but that's not the best part. No, Ubisoft had one more surprise for us. GRAW 2 will feature an in game achievement tracker. The achievement tracker, surprisingly, keeps track of your achievement progress. In other words, if you're wondering how many more sniper kills you have to make to acquire the "100 sniper kills" achievement, all you have to do is pull up the tracker and check. We're going to go on record and say that this feature should be in every game. You listening Microsoft?

Now that we've all had a chance to try both campaign and multiplayer demos, what do you think? Is a GRAW 2 purchase inevitable?

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2-28-2007 @ 5:26PM

yokken said...

Crackdown has an achievement tracker. It tells you sub-achievements so you know which things you have to do to get the main achievements, e.g. Rampage, Over Our Heads, and the "Complete all the Races" achievement. It's really nice.


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2-28-2007 @ 5:27PM

emosewami said...

I've wanted an achievement tracker for such a long time for games that have those kinds of achievements. It's about time! I hope more games follow suit.


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2-28-2007 @ 5:34PM

DjDATZ said...

FINALLY! someone comes out with a decent achievement tracker!!

crackdown has a nice point out sub-achievements...and that was probably the first one. but we needed this in gears of war...


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2-28-2007 @ 6:20PM

Daryl said...

Great idea!


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2-28-2007 @ 6:37PM

smak said...

too bad the game pretty much blows...


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2-28-2007 @ 6:37PM

Tarl said...

$60 worth. No. It's still not much different from GR:AW. Very fun game, but for this being the second installment for the 360, I would have expected much more. Just look at Rainbow 6 Vegas. Same studio, better in-game extras.


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2-28-2007 @ 6:38PM

Bennyishere said...

I think I'm gonna pick it up!

And the tracker should be a new standard :D


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Captain Obvious8

2-28-2007 @ 6:48PM

Captain Obvious said...

Yeah, an achievement tracker was the one thing missing from Oblivion.


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2-28-2007 @ 6:50PM

Tim said...

8. lol.


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2-28-2007 @ 6:53PM

ShadowedAsh said...

Test Drive Unlimited had a nice achievement tracker, too. Better than Crackdown's in my opinion.


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2-28-2007 @ 7:20PM

GhostDoggy said...

With the introduction of GR:AW and XBL Marketplace, the concept of rewarding loyal consumers went to the gutter and gameplayers were treated like whores.

So, GRAW 2 is upon us and doesn't look much like an evolution, but rather a standalone expansion title being pimped off like a sequal game. Yet, an expansion for another $60.

Why doesn't Ubi simply sell GRAW 2 features for Marketplace points instead of passing it off for what it is, which is refired beans. Mmm, sloppy seconds.


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2-28-2007 @ 7:29PM

Yardarm51 said...

I wish this had been included from the start of the achievement system. I have no idea how many Skrulls I still need to throw off of ledges in Marvel Ultimate Alliance...


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2-28-2007 @ 7:31PM

blueGrassTubb said...

This game was a for-sure purchase long before it was even announced.


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jigsaw hc14

2-28-2007 @ 7:35PM

jigsaw hc said...

I was not impressed with the demos that much. I reviewed them on my blog, but the sshort version is they should have named it GRAW 1.5...maybe GRAW 1.7 if the co-op is good.

Longer Review:


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2-28-2007 @ 8:53PM

uhit235 said...

this game is a definite buy
its the best ive seen in a while


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2-28-2007 @ 8:57PM

razer said...

When I look at the screenshot I can't tell if I'm looking at GRAW or GRAW 2 and when I played the demo I thought I downloaded GRAW 1. Total money grab by Ubi and the game is garbage. I base my garbage comment on the fact it's still that same desert yellow washout with a couple new features. Screw you Ubi! The next Rainbow Six better not take place just a couple blocks over in Vegas.


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Dapper Dan17

2-28-2007 @ 9:50PM

Dapper Dan said...

i love all the bitching everyone does. here's an idea...i wonder if anyone has ever thought of it before? DON'T BUY IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!!!!


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Gemini Ace18

2-28-2007 @ 10:54PM

Gemini Ace said...

I've been wanting a tracker from day 1. It's about GD time.


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2-28-2007 @ 11:19PM

Steve said...

Crackdown is the shit, but the tracker blows really. I mean lets have a stat breakdown for kills by weapon, car, trown objects, ect. When I was still playing BF2 on the PC, I used to love going into the stats to see the breakdown.
Glad to see them starting to show up on the console, they just need filled out a little. Graw2's seems like a good next step.


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2-28-2007 @ 11:52PM

chukc said...

saints row had a decent one
also now has info
on the spiker


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