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New gamerscore policy just makes sense

BIGVIP over at the Gamerscore Blog wrote up an article discussing what they've done for the gamerscore system on the 360. Microsoft has talked with developers and set clear rules pertaining to a game's gamerscore. All games here on out will be required to offer 1,000 gamerscore and all arcade games need 200. No part of the gamerscore can come from purchased XBLM content, but free downloadable content is fine. Also, any new expansion packs or new downloadable content can offer an additional 250 gamerscore for normal games and an additional 50 for arcade games.

Most Xbox 360 games have stuck to the 1,000 gamerscore rule, but some have ventured away from it like Microsoft's yet to be released Crackdown. It only offers a 900 gamerscore ... come on Microsoft, can't you follow your own rules? But you'll be happy to know that they will offer an extra 100 gamerscore for Crackdown via a separate download or additional free content. And now to you, what do you think about this new standardization of the gamerscore?

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The Phil1

2-02-2007 @ 2:42AM

The Phil said...

Gamerscore means completely nothing to me. Oh big deal, you've played many games and got to aspects of those games that some have not. Does this make you a better person. I don't play to highten my score, I play for the entertainment and enjoyment of the game. I don't think anything of those with higher or lower scores than I. I deal with people on a person to person basis. Put me in a room with a guy who had 1000 times the gamerscore than I do, he's still just some guy to me until I get to know him on a personal level and at that point, gamerscore doesn't apply either.

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2-02-2007 @ 2:46AM

Tom said...

What happens if there's a game that doesn't have quite the scope to justify that many points or that many achievements? You're gonna end up with a game with 4 achievements of 250 points each... and they'll likely be easier than Gears's "Broken Fingers" achievement, which only yields 30 points.

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2-02-2007 @ 3:11AM

druidvideo said...

Theres no feeling greater than when you see "Achievement Unlocked" flash on your screen. Well maybe there are a few, but thats another matter!

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Silver R. Wolfe4

2-02-2007 @ 3:42AM

Silver R. Wolfe said...

I'm with The Phil on this one. Gamerscore means absolutely zilch to me. I'd rather if they had just kept achievements and left this point tracking system out of it.

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E8 Foe5

2-02-2007 @ 4:05AM

E8 Foe said...

I think gamerscore/achievements have kept me playing games I would've quit a lot earlier, a lot longer. Yeah, sure, it means "nothing". But still, it's kinda fun to see that little notice on your screen. A cool and harmless addition to gaming, in my opinion. People who complain about it are the ones who take it too seriously.

And my gamerscore is only like 5000, so it's not like I'm one of the hardcores.

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2-02-2007 @ 4:06AM

Eric said...

Thank God. About damn time. This should have been in place from the start. It's also awesome news because it now means that Shiving Isles can offer additional achievements. YEAH!

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2-02-2007 @ 4:35AM

Phazzer said...

That T-Shirt so fits me. I want one. And yes I am an acheivment whore. I can't get enough of 'em.

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2-02-2007 @ 5:02AM

LuckyChowmeinDude said...

Crackdown is not a Microsoft game , is a Real Time World game published by Microsoft , same way Gears Of War is.

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2-02-2007 @ 6:37AM

Mike said...

Hasn't this always been the policy, aside from a few few rare exceptions? It's not like this is a "new standardization," just a blog entry explaning the system to the few people that haven't figured out yet.

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2-02-2007 @ 6:41AM

8dot3 said...

The only thing worse than an achievement whore, is the anti-achievement whore. Achievements are fun, and they are here to stay! My only request for achievements is that they allow for them in non-ranked games. They are taken too seriously in multi player.

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2-02-2007 @ 7:39AM

jsn said...

gamerscore and achievement points are great. It's the one thing that I find myself missing on the Wii. It's nice to be able to look up a friend and know whether or not they've played a game and get a general idea of how long they've played.

The Phil = nard sack

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2-02-2007 @ 7:48AM

Josh said...

My friends and I are always competing over something so the Gamerscore is a great feature for us. My 360 bit the dust last night (1st time) so they'll have some time to catch up. All I gotta say is I better have it back before Crackdown releases.

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Kid Pyrrhic13

2-02-2007 @ 8:18AM

Kid Pyrrhic said...

I believe Microsoft is using Crackdown as an example to how these new policies will work. Hence why it only has 900 points. Its not Microsoft not following their new rules.

As I mentioned on gamerscoreblog, this is a dangerous move. They're basically saying they are aware there's the hardcore achievement fanbase and they're willing to exploit them.

BIGVIP can claim that the additional 250 gamerscore points could come from free downloads, but how many are actually going to do so? What about games that require multiple content downloads to achieve that extra 250 points? Any bets Halo 3 will have an extra-cheivement of "Play all multiplayer game types on all maps"? But what they won't say is you're going to have to buy three different map packs.

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2-02-2007 @ 9:23AM

decompiler said...

hmm... well, i understand that achievements and their associated gamerscore are irrelevant to some 360 gamers, but not to most of us. and no, Mike, this hasn't always been the policy. there was a 1000/200 point *guideline* for disk/xbla games, but this is the first *policy* to be put in place.

one part of this new policy that was definitely needed was the extra 250 for downloadable expansions. i'm not only a gamerscore whore, but also an elder scrolls whore. when i heard that there was going to be an full on expansion to oblivion i was stoked, but the "no new achievements" part of the announcement kind of dampened it a bit for me. i hope bethesda can put this in place for shivering isles.

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2-02-2007 @ 9:26AM

eLiNeS said...

I don't care to have the highest gamerscore or the highest of ones on my friends list but I find myself wanting to get as much of the achievements out of a game I can for the accomplishment. I normally play a game once but have played through a lot of the 360 games more then once in different ways as needed to get the achievements. Plus, some of the achievements test your skills in other ways like survive so long with out firing or getting a certain amount of kills without dying and on and on. It has made it so we can get more out of the game then we normally would have so I am for it. I am definitely for games able to offer even more achievements on top of the 200 or 1000 if they have more content you can download and have to pay for. Like Oblivion, they have added a few side quests that I have never bought and downloaded because they didn’t offer any achievements with them. I never did all the small side quest on the original game either, I only did what got me the achievements and maybe a little more but there is so much more to the game I will never see because there is no achievement awarded if done any of the smaller side quest and frankly got burnt out after 300 hours or more playing it. Now Oblivion has a huge expansion pack coming out soon, “Shivering Isles” and I probably won't get that unless they have achievements for it as well just because I want that achievement for accomplishing it now, where before with the original Xbox I would never have worried about it and might not have ever bought it unless it was a whole new game to buy like an Oblivion 2 or something like that.

Some of the achievements give you a satisfaction as well like on defender, I have a friend trying to get all the achievements I have gotten but can’t so you feel good you’re better at something then others (and he has just over 30,000 gamerscore where I only have 10,000) and what’s funny, he is jealous of me over two small achievement I have on Defender.

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2-02-2007 @ 9:36AM

teknomusik said...

All I have to say is the Shivering Isles expansion better have achievements.

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2-02-2007 @ 9:41AM

Jon said...

What the policy should REALLY include is that your gamerscore shouldn't count the game you downloaded a TRIAL version of on XBLA as a game played and a 0 achievement score for that.

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2-02-2007 @ 9:43AM

Daryl said...

I also love the sound and feeling you get when "Achievement unlocked" pops up on your screen!

Nice to see it standardized. Condemned only gave 970 gamerpoints. Kind of random?

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J Korn19

2-02-2007 @ 9:44AM

J Korn said...

Hey Kid Pyrrhic

What part of "No part of the gamerscore can come from purchased XBLM content" do you not understand? They CANNOT have achievements come from xblm content that you purchase. If you can get gamerscore from it, it's free.

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2-02-2007 @ 9:45AM

pkilla said...

I don't care too much about the gamerscore but I do remember trying for a week to get that Geometry wars 1 mil. achievement so i think is a good system.

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