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Retail sucks, customer demands Mario on the 360

Over at AndrewDB posted an account of his experience working for EB Games and dealing with a crazed mother. The quick and dirty version of the story is an overly aggressive mother stormed into their store and demanded a Mario game for the Xbox 360. We know what you're thinking, but don't worry, her eleven year old son told her that the Mario game was available for his Xbox. In the end she throws a fit when they calmly tell her Mario is only available for Nintendo systems, extrudes a bunch of curse words, calls up corporate, throws her Razr, and acts like a nine year old child. Retail, the one job where you have to put on a friendly smile when dealing with unruly customers. We know there are a lot of fanboy readers who work at video game stores or other retailers that sells games, do you have a crazy customer story to tell?

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1. yeah, my friend use to work at Circuit City, ever heard of an iPod360. haha

Posted at 5:27PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Alex

2. That's funny, but doesn't surprise me. I worked in a games store for a few years, and would have to deal with an unreasonable and/or psychotic customer almost every day. A few such examples:

A guy that asked me about the newly released Burnout 2 on the PS2. I told him it was a great game, fast, exciting, great looking, 10 times better than the original. He seemed keen as he listened, giving the box screenshots the once over- until he asked if the cars got damaged - I told him they get totally smashed up, but reset after each crash. This seemed to enrage him. He started yelling at me, incensed at the news, veins in his temples bulging, threw the box down at the floor with all his might and stormed out of the shop, slamming the door.

Another guy kept bringing back copies of Need for Speed (I forget which one), saying the cars didn't handle right, and could he try another disk! Sick of arguing the matter with him, we let him do this - 3 or 4 times I think, before he worked out for himself it was just a crap game.

Finally, (maybe not games related though) the man that I almost came to blows with when he wanted an extension lead for his RJ11 - BT modem lead. We had one of suitable length, for the BT end. He was adamant he wanted to extend THE OTHER END, and why oh why wouldn't I understand him?? He got increasingly more angry as we tried to explain to him that it made no difference, but he eventually stormed out, purple faced, and screamed obscenities at us from the street.

There are loads more, but I won't bore you...

Posted at 5:36PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Ozzpot

3. yeh nearly as funny as the guy who was interviewed at the Official Sony launch event in the USA on gamespot. He was asked what games he would be buying he said 'gears of war', the interview said its not on PS3 he looked on in confusion :-)

Posted at 5:46PM on Jan 21st 2007 by mike

4. I had a friend who worked at Walmart and he told me that a woman demanded....a DVD REWINDER! She was convinced something like this existed....after arguing with this woman for a half an hour, he handed her a Skip Doctor *laughs*

Posted at 5:49PM on Jan 21st 2007 by VeHeMeNcE

5. Thats pretty much the funniest thing ever. "DVD rewinder"...hahaha...they ought to invent that for people like that.

Posted at 6:05PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Chris

6. back when I worked at wal-mart before the 360 came out, I had this woman come in asking for a Xbox PS2 adapter...puzzled I asked what she ment, she said that she was looking for an adapter that would let her kids play Xbox games on their PS2...of course I told her no such thing existed, and she got soo mad at me...

I've also had everything from old ladies asking for the Playboy Advanced, (thats always a great one) to the Sony Toybox and Microsoft X-Station

But I think the lady that I was talkin to the other day at my new job takes the cake on all of them...she claimed that her daughter had a Xbox 360 emulator for her PC and that she had bought her a bunch of 360 games for the PC this past christmas...(she was asking me what had come out recently that was good) I told her that was impossible, and there was no way to run a 360 game on the PC, and she swore up and down that her daughter ran them on her PC and got all insulted and acted like I was calling her daughter a lier...I just told her that there isnt a working PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, 360 or PS3 emulator out there for the PC that will play a single retail boxed game at a playable framerate, laughed and walked away before things got any crazier... where do these people come up with this crap?

the Nintendo Playboy Advanced! The first AO Rated Handheld (or not so handheld) machine!

Posted at 6:08PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Seiggy

7. oh yeah, and for the DVD rewinder comments...check this out..

Posted at 6:09PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Seiggy

8. A guy brought back a Wii he got at our EB and wanted to sell it back to us.

Apparently he was disappointed at the lack of games. When we asked him what games he had, he said he only had what came with the system. We tried to explain to him that you have to buy the games separate from the system but he was firmly set on getting his $150 for a three day old Wii.

Posted at 6:39PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Jason

9. Tech support stories are far better than retail, although these are pretty good. ;) When you're not face to face people lose all inhibition.

Posted at 6:51PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Intangible 360

10. @ Seiggy:

My computer runs Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube emulators at really high resolutions (1600x1200) just fine... Xbox 360 or PS3? No. Of course not, but perhaps she meant an Xbox emulator? You've just got to have a beefy machine.

Posted at 6:51PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Drew

11. No what is the best (or worst)? Watching an uniformed parent getting information from an uninformed store clerk. Check out this story:

I was in Best Buy this X-mas season and had the displeasure of watching a mother with her 8-10 year ols son pick out video games. First she was trying to decide between NHL 07 on the xbox vs the 360 version (due to the price). The clerk was trying to explain that there is a graphical diference. I interjected and tried to explain that they should verify that it was backwards compatible (mistake). I tried to explain the principle behind BC and that you have to hook up your 360 to the 'net (LIVE). So wise-guy clerk says "Yeah, you just plug it in to your phone line" this point I just gave up with these two, but it gets better.

Mom asks what are some other good games. Superclerk goes on to sugest such wholesome family titles as Gears of War, Saints Row, as well as any other hot M rated blood-bath game for the young child. Mom and son leave with Saints Row (ftw), while I witness the birth of the worlds next serial killer, but I shouldn't worry, jr. says he has played GTA before. Just waiting for the lawsuit to erupt.

Managment please educate your staff, at least on the basics. So I don't have to.

Posted at 7:07PM on Jan 21st 2007 by SUPERGHOST

12. Yeah this guy once came into my store with his 7 or 8 year old son. The kid pointed at GTA Vice City, and the dad promptly plucked it straight off the shelf and nonchalantly tossed it onto the counter in front of me. I said "Are you aware this is an 18 Certificate game? (equivalent to an M rating in the US)... it is basically a crime simulator with extreme violence, murder, prostitution and other very adult themes?"

He said "Yeah, save the speech mate, it's not for me anyway.... it's for my son."

Riiiiight.... I guess that's okay then. Idiot.

Posted at 7:21PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Ozzpot

13. I used to work for a music/video/games retailer in England and it was great fun apart from morons like this... It's like they say in Clerks... "This job would be great if it wasn't for the ****ing customers"!

Posted at 7:37PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Studley

14. Though it's not as funny, I have a SAD story.

A female Best Buy salesperson and an elderly granfather were looking at Xbox 360 controllers pondering which product to buy. The elderly man asked why there was a difference in price between the two Microsoft controllers. The woman picked up both packages and looks at the back of each. She proceeded to tell him that the Wireless controller was more expensive because you had to buy a wire for it so you could play it on your Playstation 3, Wii, or Xbox 360. She then told him that Microsoft owned Nintendo so the games would also work of the 360.

I tend to be a caring person so I HAD to step it. I told him that the more expensive controller was Wireless and worked only on your Xbox, while the less expensive controller only worked if CONNECTED to the system. She THEN told me that she knew her job and not to interject. I told him what to buy anyway, and he left the store Wireless in hand.

Minutes later, this same tard of a woman tried to sell a Wii owner Gears of War saying that it was award winning because of the Wiimote innovation. I again stepped in. She told me to shut up and leave. I talked to a supervisor about it, and she was released later that day for not knowing her job and telling a customer to shut up. You may say Wow you made a big deal, but I say NAY! I took her job.

Posted at 7:44PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Zac LaCombe

15. The real problem for me are the clerks who work at all my local gamestops and eb's. Theres 5 stores within a couple miles of each other and they are all full of dopey rude ass twenty year olds. I was refused the sale of an xbox controller last summer from one of the stores for no reason. i asked for the controller and they just looked at me behind the counter and looked at each other........nothing happend for a few minutes so i left. Biggest wtf moment for me at a gamestore ever. And the reason why I only buy games online through amazon now. F GAMESTOP!

Posted at 7:49PM on Jan 21st 2007 by pat o patty

16. A lot of funny stuff happens working at GameStop especially when me and my friend mess around with the customers who pronounce something wrong or ask about the PS3, or Wii2 or Why(some people think that's how it's pronounced.

Funniest thing I think would be when somebody had called the store and I answered with our little "buy and sell used games" talk and was rudely interrupted by a man saying wii so since he interrupted me I answered back "wii?" and he said it right back wii so I yelled WII!!!! and he said "alright your an a**hole do you have wii's or not?" I said well maybe next time ask if we have them don't just say wii so he hung up.

Posted at 8:03PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Benny

17. When i worked in EB , I had to call the cops on a guy who wanted to return 50 Cent:Bulletproof because it sucked. Why didn't I expect him to throw empty game cases at me? After all he bought a game because a rapper was on the cover. And to that guy who went to Best Buy and had someone "fired" , I call shenanigans. I completely think you're lying.

Posted at 8:32PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Miles

18. I've never worked at any games store or seen any of these things (though all of your stories have given me a good laugh).

However, I volunteer at a local elementary school, and one day a Social Studies class was having "Current Events," where all the kids bring in articles and talk about them,

Someone brought in an article about people getting excited for the Wii, and as they were discussing it, a kid said that the PS3 wasn't doing well, because it was just an expensive version of the PS2. And hey, who was I to argue!

Posted at 8:52PM on Jan 21st 2007 by James

19. I had an experience similar to the one in this article. I had a customer ask for "Mario for the XBox". It took me forever to explain it to him, but at least he didn't throw a fit.

Posted at 8:55PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Soup4Brains

20. I agree with Miles. Zac LaCombe totally made that story up as he was typing it. Lame.

Posted at 9:43PM on Jan 21st 2007 by Stop Lying

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