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GRAW Chapter 2 expansion is now 1/2 off

When Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter's expansion pack came out on the XBLM there was a little uproar from the fans. Not due to the luscious content it held, oh no, but because the download cost a whopping 1200 Microsoft Points! But today Ubisoft announced that the Chapter 2 expansion pack has been discounted to a more reasonable 600 Microsoft Points. Go download the expansion pack for the new uber low price and if you already purchased it for 1200 ... that kind of sucks. Maybe Ubisoft will be nice next time and not gouge their loyal fans who ate up the content right away.

[Thanks, Derka]

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1. Having bought Chapter 2 when it came out, it was worth the 1200 points and I didn't feel gouged at all. Nice to see the lowering though as it was due for a reduction, and half off makes it a great deal.

Posted at 5:36PM on Dec 16th 2006 by goverland

2. Is purchasing Chapter 2 worth it? I have refused to pay for anything online that I should have gotten for free. If GOW content is not free, I will not get it. I payed $60 for a game and the game I should get. Also, microtransactions is a horrible idea. I will not be buying any game that even has microtransactions as a possibility. What do all of you think?

Posted at 5:44PM on Dec 16th 2006 by Gunner43

3. Nice, I spent the money for the Ch 2 addon. It was worth it. Just now I feel less incentive to buy anymore of their add-on packs thinking that they will drop the price later on down the road.

Posted at 6:00PM on Dec 16th 2006 by ExTester

4. I haven't played GRAW since the DLC was released.It's a pain to find online matches without the DLC.
I Don't plan on buying GRAW2 either. Ubi will likely repeat the scenario, crippling the game for all who don't pay their premium.
I'll stick with developers who support their fanbase.

Posted at 6:15PM on Dec 16th 2006 by slickhead

5. This has been 600 points for months! I bought the game with my xbox 360 3 months ago and when i checked it was 600 then, my friend was even pissed cause he paid 1200. I needed it cause it wouldnt let us play cause we didnt both have it.

Posted at 6:28PM on Dec 16th 2006 by mike

6. #5 Mike, you're right it is old, but only by a month, 11-17-06,

Posted at 6:40PM on Dec 16th 2006 by goverland

7. I've bought all of the Oblivion add-ons and I haven't felt ripped off at all...well, except of course for the horse armor. I think that microtransactions work and should be kept how they are. It's kind of like paying for an expansion for a MMORPG or any other pc game. Normal updates are free and automatic, but extra content costs extra dough. It DOES cost money to develop the things...people don't work for free.

Posted at 6:41PM on Dec 16th 2006 by CoopaClown

8. I like how everyone assumed extra content should just be free. You got the $60 worth in the extra game. Microtransactions for alot of things are great - extra content, for example. Knights of the Nine would classify as an expansion for many games, so it's 800 MS Points. I don't know how much the GRAW DLC adds, but it's not like you have to get it to enjoy the original game.

For a proper example of ripping customers off via microtransactions, look for just about anything EA related.

Posted at 6:51PM on Dec 16th 2006 by rcholbert

9. rcholbert, I feel ripped off when I buy a game to play online and can no longer join most games because I lack the $12 DLC.

"but it's not like you have to get it to enjoy the original game."
Yes, it is if you can not join most online matches in an online game. you can only play with people not using the content.
My only choice is to pony up the extra dough or play something else and pretend I didn't spend $60 on the game.
Ubi won't fool me again.

Posted at 8:01PM on Dec 16th 2006 by slickhead

10. The only problem is GRAW is vacant now. What good is cheap multiplayer content if you're the only guy playing it?

Posted at 8:14PM on Dec 16th 2006 by Kid Pyrrhic

11. Microtransactions costs for a reason. They're content which the developers spent resources on AFTER the game hit shelves. The expansions for PGR 3, for example, took weeks a piece, and they should get paid for it. So I support it, as long as it's not a ridiculous price as certain content so far...

Posted at 8:40PM on Dec 16th 2006 by Bennyishere

12. I agree with #10

Posted at 9:42PM on Dec 16th 2006 by vagrantradio

13. Yea I just bought GRAW today and it was only 29.99 used (not bad) I played a little single player and ther decided to play some multiplayer but whenever I wanted to join a party I needed to have those maps downloaded which was pretty gay because yesterday I bought 1600 Microsoft points and bought two arcade games now I only have 260 MCP left so now I need to spit out another $20 just so I can play some MP GRAW and that really sucks!

Thanks for listening (and does anyone else have this problem send me a friend request at Z3r0 D3adly and we can play some GRAW or GOW)

Posted at 2:13AM on Dec 17th 2006 by Z3r0 D3adly

14. This is good news, believe it or not but i still have not bought this game. i know sad isn't it hehehe. But in the UK it can be bought for 25 pounds and has chapter 2 included on the disc. so i think its time to get my hard earned out of my pocket

Posted at 7:34AM on Dec 17th 2006 by subsonicwave

15. Screw them! Screw their mothers for having children that produced the whoring or their loyal players. And screw everything associated with a four-map addition that they pawned off as an Expansion.

The previous poll showed perfectly well how Ghost Recon fans wouldn't, majorically, pay $15 for four maps. A-holes.

Posted at 9:20AM on Dec 17th 2006 by GhostDoggy

16. majorically? according to Merriam-Webster:
The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.

I dont have a problem with download content. For some games I buy it, for some I dont. If you dont like paying for DLC, dont. The reason that they continue to seel DLC is that people continue to buy it. I cant blame them. These game companies are businesses, they exist to make money.

Posted at 11:59AM on Dec 17th 2006 by pennywise969

17. Wow.... f*ck Ubisoft. Won't be buying DLC from them anytime soon.

Posted at 6:08PM on Dec 17th 2006 by Viridium

18. This is great precedent. It fantastic to see developers lowering prices on arcade purchases just like we see in store. After six months or a year, you're not paying full price for most games; you shouldn't have to pay full price for downloads either. Can we see a 200 MS Point Geometry Wars in the future??? Just kidding.

Posted at 12:05PM on Dec 18th 2006 by Captain Obvious

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