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PDZ gets new maps, world still turns

It's been a long time since Perfect Dark: Zero received any downloadable content. It should come as a joyful surprise to loyal fans then, that there is a new map pack available for download on Marketplace. It should come as an even better surprise that the content is free. The pack contains two new maps, Facility and Ruin. Both maps are based on classic maps from previous games.

Just curious, but who's still playing PDZ? Any die-hard fans out there? Tell us what has made the game appealing for so long. Will these new maps convince lapsed fans to go back?

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1. I thought the game sucked. Haven't played it since launch.

Posted at 1:36PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Josh

2. Facility, like... the Goldeneye level?

And I too played the game and didn't enjoy it.

Posted at 1:43PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Pyronite

3. Facility like the Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64 I bet.

I might play this game a few times with the new maps... but then I am right back to GRAW and some Rainbow6 Vegas demo.

Posted at 1:49PM on Nov 1st 2006 by jc

4. It's a good game that people expected to get immediately blown away by. It took some time to dig through, but if people were to pick it back up, play with the enhanced bots, and play on harder difficulties, it would become a sleeper hit. Wait, not a sleeper. A hibernator.

If you have this game and haven't played it for ages, download the updates and play a few matches with bots in Dark Ops. You might get a taste for this game. It's no masterpiece, but it is definately fun.

You really had to peel this onion...and sautee it...before you got hooked.

Posted at 1:55PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Edge of Blade

5. Games I've owned since launch:
Madden 06
Dead Rising
Full Auto
Fight Night

Of all those, I only currently own GRAW and PD0 as those are the only only ones I still have interest in playing. I enjoyed most if not all of the list above, but I can't see completely parting with 2 titles and PD0 is one of them. Though I will be picking up GoW and R6:Vegas, no doubt.

Posted at 2:13PM on Nov 1st 2006 by crym fytr

6. jc:

Technically speaking, "Facility" is the map from goldeneye, and "Felicity" is the map from Perfect Dark.

Damn. This makes me wish I didn't trade in my copy. I want to at least check these maps out.

Posted at 2:16PM on Nov 1st 2006 by KilgoreTrout XL

7. PDZ was a solid FPS – unfortunately most people wanted it (the first 360 FPS and the sequel to a fan favourite) to be a lot better then it was. The single player is solid, but fairly uninspired (undoubtedly the reason for most of the ill-will) - but the co-op was fun and the multiplayer is excellent.
The multiplayer has a wide range of game-types, from capture the flag, to deathmatch, to ‘counter-strike’ style matches.
The only real problem is that it seems to suffer from the “kiddie” problem that Halo has. It is overrun with ass-hat 12-year olds. But if you can stand Halo2, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Posted at 2:23PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Tel

8. I havent played it in a long time, but the multiplayer is great if you can get over the fact that you can't jump.

It offeres a LOT of gameplay options and customizeable bots that can be really easy or insanely hard.

If you have a group of people to play with, its really really fun and totally worth the $20-$30 you'd spend on it.

Posted at 2:41PM on Nov 1st 2006 by peeweejd

9. I got my 360 and PD0 at launch and still really dig this game, but I haven't played it in a while b/c I haven't been able to find a time that would work w/my friends who I ususally play with. I really thought the four new maps (which I think are free now, no?) were terrific. For multiplayer matches, the Dark Ops games are pretty fun, though I've yet to play sabotage.

But there are a lot of different gameplay types, and the ability to add bots of varying skill/personality is something that all FPS games should have in multiplayer at this point, although I'd wish the bots in some of the scenarios were a little smarter and didn't just run over your mines after you throw them down. I think people really bag on this game too much b/c of mediocre single player, lack of auto aim and cartoony, rather than realistic graphics. I personally don't need every single shooter game to have characters look as realistic as possible.

Posted at 3:07PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Dirk Dorkelson

10. I just got into this game. I was led to beleive it would be crap but when I got my hands on multiplayer I havent been able to let it down. I just returned the game to my friend sadly but I ordered the collectors edition on amazon new for $20. What a great deal. Couldnt of been a better time to release new material for this. GJ Rare!

Posted at 3:11PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Richard DeV

11. I really enjoy this game. I was a major fan of the first one, and although this one is no where near as good, I still like it a lot. Playing on these classic maps is amazing, i guess due soley to nostalgia. But if you have the game you should download them for sure. It makes the game so much better if you ever played goldeneye or perfect dark.

Posted at 3:27PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Nate Therman

12. The single player was OK. What kept me playing was Dark Ops. Now, excuse me, I've got a date with nostalgia.

Posted at 4:02PM on Nov 1st 2006 by fcodc :: Exploding Barrels

13. I still play it when I want a game where I can play multiplayer online, but I don't want to have to think to strategically.

Posted at 4:32PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Jigsaw hc

14. I was hoping some of the original PerfectDark maps would make it to PD0...

Posted at 4:33PM on Nov 1st 2006 by jc

15. Multiplayer is decently fun, especially when playing with buddies that either aren't very into FPS, or aren't very good at them; it's simple/easy enough that everyone can enjoy themselves (I've found) so I'll defiantly check out the new maps, though I'll admit my copy of PD0 is a bit dusty.

I'm tripping on the fact that people actually found the single-player playable, let alone enjoyable though; did we play the same game?! The perfect dark zero I played had no jump, but levels built in such a way that at almost every turn jumping/climbing over some chest-high wall/crate/railing/whatever would have been the most logical course of action. It had brain-dead AI that would never flip the script, "gadgets" that felt like nothing more than bad gimmicks, and level design that was so terrible they had to supply you with arrows to point the way! I tried really hard to get into this game, especially after i'd exhausted all of the single-player goodness CoD2 and Condemend could provide... I boggles my mind that people found the same game actually enjoyable...

Out of curiosity, to everyone that enjoyed the single-player campaign... are you fans of rare's previous fps (I've never played them myself)? And do you normally play fps, or was PD0 kind of a deviation from your normal genres of choice? And if you're actually a big fps fan, what other fps delivered a single-player campaign you found enjoyable (Halo aside, I'll just assume we all agree on that series)?

Posted at 4:48PM on Nov 1st 2006 by AoE

16. I downloaded it just to see the look on my brothers face when he thought i was playing goldeneye on my 360. I swear it was like telling a 7 year old santa came early!

Posted at 5:59PM on Nov 1st 2006 by KineticOnline

17. #15 I'm interested in answering your questions.

First, the first FPS from Rare are excellent, near perfection. They leaved a legacy on gaming, on the FPS side. Obviously, the creators from such great FPS on Rare, have already their own company aside, that is the one that made the game TimeSplitters (I actually enjoyed the TimeSplitters 2 (which it would be a perfect game if it had any online capabilities back on the time)).

Second, PD0 I found it a little different of what would be a good FPS, actually I found it so different that I started to guess if this was a mediocre title (aside from the graphics that are excellent, although I don't like much of the characters model). Why mediocre? Because, it wasn't as fun as Goldeneye or Perfect Dark (original). Remember, the creators don't work anymore at Rare, this can be a reason of why PD0 lacked of gameplay and a good story too.

This doesn't exclude the fact, that a lot can be done to this rare form of FPS.

Third, WOW... Good FPS, thats difficult. I always like the Call of Duty games. The Valve collection of FPS are good quality, for example: Half-Life, Counter Strike, etc. I'm not a big fan of Battlefield, because I had bad experiences with the game, but dont take my word for it, because millions of people play that serie. There a really good FPS that is called Black Hawk Down and Joint Operations, those are hours of fun online with 150 people playing on a single server. Well those are the ones that come to my mind, most of them are for playing on PC. On console I must say that TimeSplitters 2 is pretty good, and Halo.

Posted at 7:09PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Pabjvar

18. True when most people played this game they said it sucked, but it takes a little getting use to. You have to give them credit for trying to do something different for a launch title. True I would prefer jumping over rolling but it puts a different aspect on the game. We all have to remember that every game is not Halo.

Posted at 7:35PM on Nov 1st 2006 by MadKmkze

19. The game just needs to grow up the first one got a M rating on the N64 and tried to push realism as far as the human characters were concerned, but PD0 did not. I still like the game but I hope the series grows up after this and doesn't look like a shiny cartoon next time.

Posted at 7:36PM on Nov 1st 2006 by NEO1X

20. Adding to my last post:

On the online aspect of the game, its a very fun to play it. The bots thing, add totally new experiences to the game, due to the fact that all the maps are clearly huge.

Don't get me wrong with the term "mediocre" to categorize the game. It has its own charm, but I most confess that the gameplay its totally different for what I was expecting (I was expecting something like Goldeneye 007 and Perfect Dark (the original), but we must remember that those were other times developers want to try new ways on how to captize the audience, and they didn't failed with this one).

I came to play the game, with a prejudice perspective.

I hope that my answer serves you well.

Posted at 7:48PM on Nov 1st 2006 by Pabjvar

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