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How the HD-DVD drive works with the 360 UI

The folks over at Gamerscore Blog have posted a few pics explaining how the upcoming 360 HD-DVD drive will interact with UI we've all come to know and love. Pretty simple really. The "Open Tray" button at the bottom of the screen will do double duty for both drives. See, simple. Also, if you missed it, Major Nelson talks about the HD-DVD drive in his latest pod blogcast. For those of you wondering if the HD-DVD drive supports HDMI, it's looking like the answer is no. However, if the pod blogcast is to be believed, it doesn't matter.

All you videophiles out there, give it a listen and tell us what you think.

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1. And according to microsoft... the majority of xbox gamers have a HD-TV... What the hell are they smoking? Because honestly... I do not know a single person who has one.

Either way, I've gotta hand it to microsoft for not forcing every one with a 360 to also pay for the HD-DVD.

Posted at 1:35PM on Aug 8th 2006 by aragorn 0 stars

2. I've read somewhere that component/vga has less quality (as it's analog) than hdmi/dvi (digital).

I have my notebook hooked up to a HDTV LCD using DVI and my 360 using component. With the 360 I can notice that the image isn't as "clean" as the notebook.

Posted at 1:42PM on Aug 8th 2006 by Lobato 0 stars

"those of you wondering if the HD-DVD drive supports HDMI... the answer is no... it doesn't matter"

Translation from business speak:
We messed up and have no way to output the X360 to digital video. If the ICT does become implimented, you will not be able to watch HD content from your HD-DVD. Sorry about that...

aragorn, the majority of people I chat with playing GRAW online have HDTVs. I recently bought one, and wow... the difference is amazing.

Posted at 1:57PM on Aug 8th 2006 by jc 8 stars

4. LOL sorry to tell you this jc but thats not what he said... he said currently it doesn't matter so they aren't looking into it

HDMI vs component its a wash the quality is exactly the same and infact alot of audiophiles perfer component because its not one of those all in one cables that binds audio and video...

The fact is ICT has been delayed until 2012 well after the 360 will be changed out for a 720 or whatever...

They have said previously it isnt cost effective right now to release a hdmi cable because there is currently a real need for it... its more of a "we have it too" complex people have rather than a "we need it now" they never said they couldn't do a Digital output via the 360 av cables ... thats a speculation and one that has 0 facts behind it...

Posted at 2:09PM on Aug 8th 2006 by Chris Chance 0 stars

5. I also have an 37 inch 1080p HD-TV, specifically for playing XBox 360 Games

Posted at 2:22PM on Aug 8th 2006 by HHR 0 stars

6. Aragorn - u must associate with only the technologically deprived, most people I know are running HD now - myself - 60"HD, and yea GRAW....Mmmmm!

Posted at 2:29PM on Aug 8th 2006 by Razin 0 stars

7. I was a middle adopter of HDTV and have never looked back. Even when buying a small tv for the bedroom I found a sweet open-box deal on a 27" panasonic.

I can't wait for the HD-DVD add on to get priced.

And yes, the 360 being dvi/hdmi impotent sucks ass, and there's no way to fix it.

P.S.-Richard did you get my e-mail?

Posted at 2:32PM on Aug 8th 2006 by puh_fifer 1 star

8. Yes, I also have an hdtv and no HDMI is not good. I would also like to mention that the 360's VGA cable is much better than the component because it upconverts the signal. DVD's will look much better with vga. When it first came out, the vga sucked, but after the last major 360 update that has completly changed.

Posted at 2:40PM on Aug 8th 2006 by warchiefgrim 0 stars

9. Component VS HDMI... Component's max output is 1080i, HDMI is 1080p. This won't matter for games, but 1080p is the standard res for HDDVD, so there will have to be some sort of conversion for it to play over component.

Posted at 2:43PM on Aug 8th 2006 by teknomusik 0 stars

10. I don't get it... how does this work?

Posted at 2:52PM on Aug 8th 2006 by BklynKid 0 stars

11. Chris, I am just telling you what my 'business speak to regular english' dictionary says. ;)

What you said might be the case, but you have to admit it kind of goes against what they are doing right now...

Pop a DVD movie in your X360 and watch it through compnent, now watch the same scenes while the X360 is hooked up with the VGA cable. Do you see a difference?

If ICT wasn't an issue, why is the X360 not upscanning over component when it is over VGA?

I am sorry, I really like my X360 and all... but I will be damned if I don't have a decent supply of salt around when I listen to Microsoft talk about 'my interests'.

Posted at 2:55PM on Aug 8th 2006 by jc 8 stars

12. Razin; I in absolutely no place to deny that claim.

It's true. Deprived might be a harsh term, but it's more or less accurate.

so what of it?

Posted at 3:32PM on Aug 8th 2006 by aragorn 0 stars

13. @1 You dont know 1 person who has an hdtv for the 360? God everyone i know has one by now. I wouldnt have bought a 360 without a hdtv as that is first priority. Really the difference is huge and hdtvs arent that expensive anymore , so save up and see the difference.

Posted at 3:36PM on Aug 8th 2006 by georgel 0 stars

14. I'm sorry but playing a 360 on a non hi-def set is like taking the homecoming queen to prom in a volkswagen rabbit. Sure it's cheaper than the limo, but the experience isn't quite the same.

Posted at 3:56PM on Aug 8th 2006 by joe 0 stars

15. #8 - FYI, current retail HD-DVD players only output at 1080i even though the movies are encoded at 1080p.

Posted at 4:00PM on Aug 8th 2006 by Scott 0 stars

16. I guess that's a matter of perspective. From what exposure I've had to HD-Tvs (which all where in media labs) I could see the improvement... but it struck me as marginal, especially when you consider the price.

Of course I have a very hard time ever trying to justify a purchase that goes past the 1k mark. Hell, I had a hard time justifying getting a 360 in the first place... though thankfully that's been taken care of... probably bout the time that I logged in 100+ hours in oblivion, and god knows how much in geometry wars.

The only reason the subject came up in my mind recently is pretty much just because most xbox games have the 16 9 ratio in mind, and that's pretty much it. I think I may re-assess the whole HDtv thing soon, but unless I can get something less than $1k... seems unlikely.

Posted at 4:20PM on Aug 8th 2006 by aragorn 0 stars

17. In my town where I live is very hard to get any HDTV LCD. And I don't know anyone with HDTV. So don't be so aggressive

Posted at 5:11PM on Aug 8th 2006 by Office 0 stars

18. If you're in the US you can easily get an HDTV CRT for under $500. Smaller 27-30inch flat panels are just ducking under the 1K mark. Or if you have a basement or dark room you can go the route I did and get an HD projector. 140" screen for $900 is the shiznite.

Posted at 5:19PM on Aug 8th 2006 by puh_fifer 1 star

19. Not to mention, who cares about 1080p for people that already own HDTV's. I mean I am a 360 owner with a HDTV, and I have GRAW as well :D

Considering that 1080p HDTV's are being released this year, and stores most likely wont have them in until the end of the year cause of all the old HDTV stock that they need to sell. So all the owners of HDTV's will miss out on 1080p signal. Not to mention that the HDTV's that are 1080p cheat, they cut the image in half and have their own video processing to size it up to 1080p. Was reading about that 3 months ago when I researched HDTV's from the manufactures site. Samsung or Mitsubishi I believe, but it was something you really need to read the specs on all chips that the TV comes with and what they do. Especially when they have video enhancing features, thats where I found it. I will look it up if people really want me to.

Not to mention, HDMI is something has been going through a lot of changes since it had some technical issues with it. So personally I want to wait till they have the whole HDMI issue solved before I go spending $100-150 for a 3-6 ft cable. And don't feed me the BS that the cable is digital that you can get a $20 POS, cause cables are cables.

Posted at 5:34PM on Aug 8th 2006 by ExTester 0 stars

20. Heh. thanks Office. Truth be told, i've been "this-close" to breaking out the "compensating for something" jokes.

Posted at 5:38PM on Aug 8th 2006 by aragorn 0 stars

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