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HD-DVD external drive the next big thing

This pic of the Xbox 360 HD-DVD external drive gives you a little (or should I say alot) more perspective on the size of the beast. El Jefe, aka the big black power converter, is pleased.

[Thanks Zack]

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1. ill buy it, but for now i have my toshiba hd dvd player. for those who are questioning about the blu ray and hd dvd...the HD DVD looks just about 50x times better than normal dvds. u pop in the dvd and u become instantly amazed...

Posted at 1:38PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by Final Light

2. Interesting. It looks like the wireless adapter attaches to the HD-DVD. I guess that makes sense since the HD-DVD will use the USB port on the back of the main 360 unit. I hadn't thought of that problem before.

Posted at 1:40PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by Yardarm51

3. All I want is a Release date.

Posted at 1:42PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by Jason

4. I'm pretty sure that the picture is misleading because the HD-DVD drive is a lot closer to the front of the platform than the 360.

There have been pics side by side and the HD-DVD add on is pretty much the size of a standard computer dvd drive but with a little extra bulk from the rounded side.

It's definitley not as big as it appears in this photo.

Posted at 1:44PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by David

5. @1 yeah they already announced that the clips for the wireless adapter would be on the back of the HD-DVD drive. There is also an additional usb port so you still have one available.

Posted at 1:46PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by David

6. Well, I'm pretty pleased to hear about that extra usb port. And yeah, I don't think it's going to be that big.

Posted at 1:57PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by Ryan

7. should be pretty close to that size. If you look at the drive drawer, it isn't much larger in appearance that the door on the 360 itself.

Posted at 2:07PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by Ray

8. I think it IS going to be that big (not that size matters -- in this instance). Compare the length of both silver trays -- almost identical.

Posted at 2:09PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by jamesthejust

9. I don't really care about the size. It is going to replace my current DVD upconverter, so as long as the cable are long enough, I don't care.

I really care about the release date and PRICE!!!

Posted at 2:17PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by ChicagoOne

10. the reason it looks so big is because 1. its tipped forward giving it a the appearence of being longer, and 2. its turned slightly to its left showing giving the front a longer look, and exposing the side

Posted at 2:20PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by greenrabbit369

11. I like the idea of any extra USB port too. The 360 should had at least 4 to begin with. Why just 3!? Probably to save a quarter per unit.

Posted at 2:22PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by Eradicator360

12. I own a 360 but I do have to say that Im mostly a PS3 fanboy. Looking at this objectively that thing is fracking ginormous! I mean the guy a couple posts up said the size wasn't accurately depicted well look here it really is that freaking huge. If Sony did something like that you guys would incessantly bit*h and moan about how big and clunky and how it was an abtrusive afterthought by them. I have to say that I will not be buying an HD-DVD drive for the 360. Oh and so you guys don't think that Im just some PS3 fanboy my gamertag is AmgKmpsR

Posted at 2:26PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by AmgKmpsR

13. Good news about the 2 USB ports, now please tell us the details on the HDMI port / video cable replacement... yeah, and a price would be appriciated.

By the looks of it, the HD-DVD player has it's own power supply.

Posted at 2:27PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by jc

14. @ ChicagoOne - It won't replace your DVD upconverter unless you're using the VGA cable for the 360. The 360 won't upconvert DVD's over anything except VGA.

@ jc - there will be no HDMI cable for the 360 as the 360 isn't pinned for DVI output. There may be a revised 360 motherboard with an onboard HDMI port, or there may be a dongle that digitizes the analog output into DVI (though this would be wildly expensive).

Posted at 2:36PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by Dylan Neild

15. I second jc.

-I really want to know how they are going to handle making this sucker HDCP compliant. Without an option for HDMI output this sucker will be useless once the ICT gets the greenlight.

- What's the price? MS has been dangling this in front of us for over a year now. Surely they can come up with some pricing numbers. Considering a 20g harddrive is $100 and a 64 MB memory card is $40, I can't foresee a price under $200. MS is being smart and waiting for manufacturing prices to drop and got a few "fencesitters" to jump on the next-gen bandwagon early based on the promise of this drive. Smart move.

-I'm sure it has its own power supply, my question is "how big is that one?". just kidding.

Posted at 2:40PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by apoc06

16. Looks okay to me. The key thing is that you are not having this format crammed on you to buy like Sony is doing. From all the talk about these next gen DVD players, some of the features are pretty cool but I do not see myself buying titles I already own all over again anytime soon. If the unit is cheap enough and enough titles that I want with compelling enough extra features come out THEN maybe I will get it. Otherwise, I will continue using my GAMING machine for playing games. Let me know when publishers really need more the 9 GB for actual good game content and not filler HD video.

Posted at 2:42PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by RangerPrimeX

17. I hate to say it but AmgKmpsR is right. This thing is huge! This is going to take up allot of my entertainment center. But I guess I should have expected this since all of the Blu-Ray and HD-DVD stand alone machinces are rather large. This thing is about the same size as the 360 itself by the looks of it.

I guess I was assuming that this was going to be a smaller, about the size of an external USB hard drive, and that it was basically a drive that was just linked to the 360.

Posted at 2:44PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by Jim N

18. Dylan, I suspect we will see a digital video out on the HD-DVD unit itself, or maybe the digital video can get routed back to the X360 and sent through the (currently analogue) video cable with a built in HDMI port... there are several options available.

I guess what it comes down to, for me, is that I will not buy the HD-DVD drive unless there is a digital output (preferable HDMI), or the ICT gets scrapped all together.

MS has the chance to 'sign' some of us up for HD-DVD. Personally, if they wait too long, I am likely to buy a stand-alone HD-DVD or even Blu-Ray.

Posted at 2:56PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by jc

19. Oh its too big, oh its too shiny, oh it won't fly me to the moon, All of you STFU, its the same size as any other standard external drive!!!!

Posted at 3:02PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by deter1ii

20. I did a write-up on the HD-DVD drive back durring E3 I've got some good pics too.

Posted at 3:02PM on Aug 3rd 2006 by Jayman

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