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GRAW backlash: "1200 MS Points? Kiss my ass"

That low, droning whine you hear is the predictable response to the price of the Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter's Chapter 2 Expansion pack, now available for download on Marketplace. Here's what you get for 1200 MS Points:
  • Continuation of the multiplayer Co-op campaign with 4 all-new missions in Chapter 2
  • 8 revisited, relit multiplayer Adversarial maps
  • 2 all-new game types with 1 new game mode – Team Battle
  • 2 new camouflage patterns
  • 4 new character customization faces
  • 5 new weapons
Holy crap! 1200 MS Points! That's  171.75 Pesos, 576.453 Thai Baht or $15 American Dollars, the most expensive downloadable content we've seen so far.  I think your level of acceptance/disgust with Ubisoft's Ghost gouging depends on whether you convince yourself this content is a true expansion pack ( the kind you used to pay $20 or $30 on an old-fashioned disc) or glorified horse armour. Team Xbox's hands-on will help you make up your mind. Of course, some people over at Major Nelson's complaint repository already have. Sample quote:

"1200 MS Points? Kiss my ass."

How many people will be shelling out for this relatively expensive expansion? Also, can somebody tell me what the PC people are getting for free?

[Thanks Andy]

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21. I bought it, just for the co-op missions. The price is way out of line given previous Ubi costs for things like this. I've also been downloading it for about 13 hours with no luck on a 6MB down/768KB up connection.

Ubi is really gonna have to work hard to get me to buy Rainbow six vegas. With games like forza2 and GOW coming out at the same time and my recent disappointment in everything they do. Lockdown was one of the absolute worst games I ever played.

Posted at 9:47AM on Jun 23rd 2006 by Puh_Fifer 1 star

22. come on, didn't you all see this coming? $10 would have been a little easier to swallow, but i'm not surprised.

this is why i'm glad i only paid for $40 for GRAW. so i'm still up $5.

and yes, the download is all %@#%ed-up. hopefully we'll all get refunds and the content for free.

Posted at 9:47AM on Jun 23rd 2006 by murph 0 stars

23. Yes Mr. Grant me is angry at MS, although it completed downloading exactly 12 hour from start ti finish

Un cool Un cool

Posted at 9:47AM on Jun 23rd 2006 by MrHorse 0 stars

24. How much do xbox360 games cost in the USA then, I live in Thailand and get Japanese Imports for $35-$50 a pop (strangely all EA games are $35).

Posted at 10:09AM on Jun 23rd 2006 by Ben Hobbs 0 stars

25. It's all very simple, really. Don't purchase it. Really. Besides, in a few months they're probably going to offer it for free, just like the Halo 2 Mappacks.

1. If you want armor for your horse to match your armor, then you damn well deserve to get money taken from your wallet. Horse armor? Really?

2. If you want to customize your player picture with your favorite movie/video game star, you better be well prepared to fork over a few bucks. Although pictures of Jack Black as a Mexican cook/wrestler are gratis.

3. If you complain about having to pay to change your gamertag, you should have picked a better one in the first place.

4. The only reason why micropayments exist in the first place is to just piss you off. It works, and they'll continue to do it.

Posted at 10:14AM on Jun 23rd 2006 by (required) 0 stars

26. Ok, I'm probably considered rich compared to most of you. Yes, I bought Chapter 2. Yes, it took 2 days and 4 retries to download. No, it probably isn't worth 1200 points. Yes, it is in fact very easy to "re-light" a map, its just a relatively slow process. How much do I personally think its worth? I think 800 points would be fair considering the ammount of effort needed to produce such content.

Microsoft has said time and again, though, that publishers are still in the experimental stage of pricing downloadable content. And to be fair to the publisher, nobody is forcing anyone to download the content. GRAW, of its own merits, earned AAA status with game critics the world over. As such, Chaper 2 should be in no way be consrued as "content that they left out just so they could charge more".

As Major Nelson once said (regarding the Horse Armor): "Vote with your wallets, people!" Actions speak louder than words you know. If you don't like the price, don't buy it. No need to flame Ubisoft or Microsoft.

Posted at 10:14AM on Jun 23rd 2006 by killr0y 0 stars

27. It's actually 480 Pesos

Posted at 10:42AM on Jun 23rd 2006 by Bill 0 stars

28. No way I'm paying that.

Posted at 10:46AM on Jun 23rd 2006 by BklynKid 0 stars

29. Holy crap! Somebody call a waaaaaambulance, stat!

Posted at 11:06AM on Jun 23rd 2006 by Abe 0 stars

30. The Co-op missions are fun and pretty good, more new maps would have been nice instead of the re-lit bullshit...that said, I'm a sucker and bought it, maybe I shouldn't have...All in all, I'll be able to sleep tonight.

Posted at 11:11AM on Jun 23rd 2006 by Ficklecriminal 0 stars

31. "Besides, in a few months they're probably going to offer it for free, just like the Halo 2 Mappacks."

Not likely. Keep in mind that Bungie is Microsoft-owned, and Ubisoft is not. It is up to Ubisoft to agree to such.

I don't like Ghost Recon whatsoever, but I'm sure what is partly making this hard to swallow is that we got new Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory maps/co-op levels for free. Then they turn around and do this.

It seems that you are getting more than you would for paying extra for a "special edition" or "collectors edition" (if such were available). Sounds like $10 would have been the reasonable price though.

The 1200 for Bankshot is a bit more understandable because it is a whole game. I don't think that game is worth $15, but some might.

As far as paying for themes and's just not going to happen for me. I purchased one theme, and it sucked. Never again.

Posted at 11:49AM on Jun 23rd 2006 by SuicideNinja 1 star

32. As with many other posters, I'm a bit disappointed in the 1200 price point for the download. Of course Ubisoft is entitled to charge whatever it wants for their product, but it would've been nice for Ubisoft to show some appreciation for the GRAW fans by perhaps pricing the download at a seemingly more reasonable (although of course this is debatable) 600 to 800 points. I became a big fan of Ubisoft based on their excellent Splinter Cell series, and felt that Ubisoft showed great appreciation to its fans by offering downloads for that game for free. Perhaps it may be more costly to create these downloads for the next generation of games, but it sure would've been nice for Ubisoft to give a little bit something back to the fans -- not necessarily for free, but not for $15. There's a better balance that could've been achieved here. Bungie did it right with the Halo 2 maps -- a couple maps for free, a few you pay a small amount for, with everything free after a few months. That balanced approach allowed Bungie/MS to be compensated for their efforts, but also maintained (and even created?) goodwill within the fan community. I don't recall too much controversy over the pricing of the Halo 2 maps, and I think there's a good reason for that (hopefully aside from poor memory).

Posted at 12:06PM on Jun 23rd 2006 by andy 0 stars

33. They should have offered this DLC in a different way.

Option 1: the full pack, 1200pts

Option 2: multiplayer (non co-op) maps plus the guns and camo, 600pts

Option 3: co-op maps plus the guns and camp 600pts.

Posted at 12:52PM on Jun 23rd 2006 by Stewart 0 stars

34. I already paid 60 bucks for the damn game. I'm not gonna pay $15 more for that.

Posted at 1:15PM on Jun 23rd 2006 by killer_twinkie 0 stars

35. While I agree with some of the logic placed in posts here, I also have to side with the people who have reasoned that this is an entertainment value. Quite frankly, it's a game I own, and it's a game that I intend on playing for the next year, at least. $15 isn't much, I make that in less than two hours, I bet I could have made that much before the content had finished downloading. Problem, Solved.

Posted at 2:01PM on Jun 23rd 2006 by Mikeawesome 0 stars

36. I have no problem paying for premium content (as long as it's really "premium"), but this sets a dangerous precedent.

My problem is this: digital distribution is supposed to LOWER costs to everyone involved. Instead of buying an expansion pack in a store for $15, when the store takes 20% and the distributor takes a cut and the publisher takes a cut and so on and so forth... the publisher pushes it out to us for between 20 cents and a buck a gigabyte (depending on a lot of variables) directly.

That saves them a bunch of money. The idea is that we're supposed to split the savings - the publisher gets more money, AND we gamers get a discount. Instead of them getting $5 after cost of goods and all the markups for that store-bought expansion pack, they're supposed to get like $8 directly from us. We save, and they make more dough.

What is happening all too often (see Steam games) is that we're paying the same cost for the cheaper-to-distribute digital downloads and the entire difference is going to the publisher.

No thanks.

Posted at 3:15PM on Jun 23rd 2006 by Jason 0 stars

37. i agree that it is stupid to complain about the price because you dont have to buy it if you don't want to. however, the way that online match making works, it will be nearly impossible for anyone who does not have the expansion to play matches. yes, they can host games but many people would rather join a room. if they had a similar match making system like halo then i wouldn't have a problem with this update because i would chose not to buy it. however, my $60 is now useless for online play (i don't play it offline very much) and the $15 expansion is necessary for me to play the game online ever again (without going through creating my own room which i would prefer that i didn't have to to play this game now).

Posted at 3:26PM on Jun 23rd 2006 by jeff 0 stars

38. oooh look we have a nice full game lets take out a bit of it and sell it later so we can make even more money... what a scam

Posted at 6:56PM on Jun 23rd 2006 by jimminy billybob 0 stars

39. $15 is alot but if your really into the game then whats $15? I sold my graw copy last month however as I beat it and now play battlefield 2. If ps3 ends up offering even close to what xbox live is offering I am sure ms will combat back with cheaper pricing. However I truly dont believe sony will be able to catch up to the xbox live experience anytime soon if ever. Then remember sony is getting our money on the price of the console too. (well they aint gettin my money actually).

Posted at 7:39PM on Jun 23rd 2006 by george 0 stars

40. I hate that some of you guys are too slow to see the big picture. Some of you say 14$ isn't that much, and like lemmings you go out an pay. Don't you realise that this will just keep getting worst and worst. They started by charging us for FREAKING Icons ?! Now they overcharging us for maps... Yet the console is just over 6 months old !! Think about it, if people keep buying these overpiced items, they will just keep raising the price and it will get completly out of hand.

The term for this was supposed to be MICROPaymnent, how in the hell is 15$ a micropayment ?! Stop supporting this, please.

Posted at 8:26PM on Jun 23rd 2006 by Francky 0 stars

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