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PDZ Map Pack One perfectly available

Following a premature announcement that temporarily left Joanna fans in the dark, PDZ  Map Pack One is now perfectly available on XBLM for 500 MS Points. The new content includes four multiplayer maps: Plaza, Rooftops, Trench, and GasPlant.

Fanboys, you've had a day to download. Please zero in with your impressions of the new real estate. Was it worth the price?

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6-08-2006 @ 7:00AM

Kingler said...

These maps are easily worth $5, they are, basically, 8 maps really. 'Cause when you change the sizes of them they look different and have different places. My faves the rooftops one, it owns


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6-08-2006 @ 7:13AM

Deezul said...

Seems a little too late to me. I could never get into multiplayer PDZ games. I'd go at someone guns blazing, yet I would I always die. Gimme some Ghost Recon maps or multiplayer levels...


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6-08-2006 @ 8:20AM

Donutta said...

Kinda pissed off that people hyped up Gas Plant to be a remake of Facility, because it isn't. That said, the maps are easily worth the $5. Mind you, I'm one of the few that prefer Perfect Dark Zero to Halo 2, so, um, yeah.


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6-08-2006 @ 8:33AM

jaemz said...

This makes me an 'unhappy gamer'. I am really disapointed that they scrapped 'promised' features in order to rush this game out for launch... and then charge us 7 months later for somthing that should have been included from the start.

But thats just me...


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Mr BoomStick XL5

6-08-2006 @ 10:22AM

Mr BoomStick XL said...

It amazes me how people still COMPLAIN about paying for AWSOME content like this!!! It's 4 maps for cryin out loud!! HOW CHEAP ARE THESE PEOPLE??? Stop complaining and start play'in already!!!!


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6-08-2006 @ 11:25AM

Joe said...

which is why this game is a failure.

Once anything better comes along it will be dead and done.


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Jouten Za7

6-08-2006 @ 11:56AM

Jouten Za said...

As far as something better coming along, there's COD2. I have like 8 other 360 games (GRAW, PGR3, etc) and it seems like the only game I can get a room, lobby or multi-player action is with COD2. It's seems like despite all the games, that COD2 is all that anybody plays anymore.

My 2 cents.


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6-08-2006 @ 12:09PM

Kwangalang said...

PDZ is awesome, mainly because of the weapons, they pwn, but, I just want to know if each, or just some of these maps are good.


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6-08-2006 @ 12:47PM

Joe said...

yea try playing the outfit, sometime i have to wait 15 mins to get a 2v2.

COD2 is ok but its 4v4 i mean WTF the PC verison of the SAME game is 64.

you telling me my 2+ year old PC can do 64 but my 360 can't.

LAZY LAZY COD2 developers...


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6-08-2006 @ 12:52PM

Chad said...

I dont mind so much paying ( Very small amounts ) for additional content. Provided it is a quality item. The problem I have is with the direction the industry is going. What would normally be free "mods" in the PC/computer domain suddenly becomes nickel & diming expensives. I do not want to have to buy a 60 dollar game.. then pay another 20 dollars in minor addons that could have been added in the beginning. Unfortunately, this looks like the standard procedure.. and will remain so until xbox has some competition.


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6-08-2006 @ 3:18PM

DeddyL�ger said...

this game pisses me off. it was the worst game i bought. i hate all the people that gave it good reviews. they said it was the best launch game. f that. i dont ever play this game and i was tricked into buying it.


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6-08-2006 @ 3:34PM

Tim said...

Jouten Za, your two cents arent worth... two cents. Tons of people play GRAW at what seems like all hours. I work nights, and I have no problem finding a game at 6am, or a game that afternoon with room for my friends, or (insert random situation and time here.)


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6-08-2006 @ 3:41PM

m said...

Mr BoomStick XL: Complaining about paying extra for the maps when we were initially told they would be included in the original game is not being cheap.

Bad analogy ahead. Consider if building a new house and the building co. says, "To finish the house on time we are not going to build that last bedroom. However, we will still charge you the same amount. Oh, and in seven months we will add on that bedroom for you for 1/10th the price you paid for the house in the first place." Anyway, regardless of the amount of money involved, point is that it's the principle of not screwing your customers that is being violated....

/my 2 cents


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6-08-2006 @ 3:44PM

BrokenDesign said...

Um, Deddy... no one tricked you, they were giving their *opinions*. Your *opinion* is that it's no good. That happens. This is why *rentals* exist. So that you don't make uninformed purchasing decisions. Don't blame others for your own lack of patience.

That being said, only including 7 multiplayer maps and then charging $5 for 60% more content (that's right, a measly 4 maps is a 60% increase) is just bogus. These maps should've been free. Charge for map packs 2, 3, 4, however many for all I care, but these should be free. PDZ was half-assed in comparison with the original Perfect Dark, all but abandoned everything that made it a fantastic game. Recreate the Goldeneye maps and charge for those, I'll buy them and I know others will too. I'm going to wait and see if map pack 1 becomes free soon, a la Halo 2 map packs.


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Dirk Dorkelson15

6-08-2006 @ 3:52PM

Dirk Dorkelson said...


If you want to get picking about it, five more maps is 71.4% more content. Also, to earlier posters, 500 MS points is $6.25, not $5. Time for a refresher math class I guess.

Anyhow, I really dig the multiplayer on this game. I downloaded the maps online and will be playing today w/friends. I'll report back.


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6-08-2006 @ 4:07PM

BrokenDesign said...


Five maps are not included (if you want to get picking about it). I guess it's time for a refresher in READING. And no, I didn't do the math, I was going off of reports from other sites. They said 60% increase so that's what I went with (if you do the math for FOUR maps, as are included, that amounts to 57.142857142857%, according to my calculator). Other sites and people have said $5 so that's what I went with. The fact that it's $6.25 doesn't make me want to shell out the money any more, just makes it an extra $1.25 I shouldn't have to pay. I'm supposed to pay $66.75 (+tax) for a game and content that I should've only had to pay $60 (+tax) for? No. I won't do it. I hope you really enjoy the maps when you get them, I hope you find it to be well worth the money. That's your decision, I won't criticize you for it. I'm just saying that by purchasing this we are encouraging developers to make games that in comparison with previous games of the same genre have less content and then later put out additional content for more money. It's a scam. Microtransactions could very well be a bad thing if consumers just buy whatever gets put out regardless of whether or not it should've been included in the initial game.


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Dirk Dorkelson17

6-08-2006 @ 4:25PM

Dirk Dorkelson said...


Touche. Bad reading on my part. Chalk it up to having to work back-to-back 11-hour days at my job where I read all day b/c of Election Day and al-Zarqawi being killed. Apologies for snittiness.

Microtransactions like the horse armor are lame. I guess I look at the PDZ map pack as legitimate extra content. Presumably they didn't have these ready to go and leave them out of the game, only to charge for them later. It's almost seven months since the game was released. They must have spent at least some of the time getting these ready.

And they didn't charge for the update that included allowing you to play with DarkOps bots (something that should have been included in the original game, but I'm guessing was cut to make launch.) So they get props from me for that.

Yeah, the maps could have been in the game, but PDZ is the multiplayer title I play the most. And I'm willing to give M/soft my $6.25 for these.


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6-08-2006 @ 5:21PM

dancefreak said...

PDZ was $49.99, not $59.99.

So even with the cost of the extra maps it's still cheaper than every non first-party game.


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Dirk Dorkelson19

6-08-2006 @ 6:04PM

Dirk Dorkelson said...

Just played Infected on the Plaza level and the Trench level. Both maps were pretty fun. Trench seems to be a modified version of one of the levels in the game. Plaza looks very Sherlock Holmes-y. Probably the best looking map so far, although its myriad corridors, balconies and moats will require me to do a little bit of learning. I spent a bit of time wandering around lost. Trench was instant fun, though.


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6-08-2006 @ 7:33PM

Overburdened said...

I love Trench; it could end up being my favorite map in the game. The other three are decent and welcome additions.


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