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Oblivion's Wizard's Tower up for 150 MS points

The internet had a collective tantrum following Bethesda's decision to release the horse armor pack and have the audacity to charge 200 Billybucks for it (about $2.50). Pricing the Orrery Map pack at only 150 MS Points seemed like not only a fair price, but a mea culpa on Bethesda's behalf for the horse armor snafu.

The Wizard's Tower download similarly commands 150 MS points (under 2 of your Earth dollars). You get access to the titular wizard's toward, Frostcrag Spire, from where you can teleport to every Mages Guild in Cyrodiil and hone your Alchemy skills in the shiny laboratory. Now we'd like to see the glorified horse blanket take a pricing nose-dive so that the value is more in line with subsequent add-ons.

[Thanks, Paranoised, Tah, and Sjohn]

Update: fixed totally lame error on my part. Thanks, puh_fifer!

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4-25-2006 @ 3:42PM

puh_fifer said...

I hate to be the correction guy, but it's Bethesda's mea culpa, not Blizzard's.

It's ok though, we still love you.


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Alex Keen2

4-25-2006 @ 3:54PM

Alex Keen said...

Yeah I noticed that too. It can happen, both games seem very similarly good.


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4-25-2006 @ 4:56PM

Mat1983 said...

Thanks for the heads up, downloading now


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4-25-2006 @ 5:53PM

Logan said...

Cool tower, but I can never get a good view from the top! It is ALWAYS raining and socked in with no visibility. Whats up with that? Is there something I have to do to change the weather? I want it to look like that screen shot.


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4-25-2006 @ 7:15PM

Drew said...

Logan, it just depends on what the weather feels like doing. If you're in Bruma and it's sunny, chances are it'll be at the tower, too.

The view is unbelievable. Hell, I would have paid 150 points JUST for IT.

And, for anyone that wants to know, the familiars that you can summon are leveled, and have matching stats to the normal atronachs.

Also, the botany garden has all of the Oblivion plants, except, they don't damage you. It even has Nirnroots!

What with the countless other things you get, this download is worth it.

Buy it. Now.


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4-25-2006 @ 7:25PM

BoxNut said...

Keep these downloads comin'! I love that new ideas and add-ons can be implemented in current games instead of waiting for the sequel. Good stuff.


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4-25-2006 @ 8:41PM

daniel said...

Well worth it ..very good for a mage...or any one at that


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4-26-2006 @ 4:52AM

YLA G said...


so stupid.. games are region free but the downloads not???


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4-26-2006 @ 11:49AM

The_Solidshadow said...

Am I the only one who thinks Bethesda overpriced the horse-armour ON PURPOSE ?
Then, they release the extra quests at 150 mspoints, and everyone will see it as really good value, compared to the horse armour, and buy and praise it!
If they didnt do the overpriced-horse armour thing, then they would have probably got loads of people saying "what the hell? I have to pay for an incomplete game!? GAY!!" and stuff.
Just my 2 cents


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Dirk Dorkelson10

4-26-2006 @ 6:43PM

Dirk Dorkelson said...

Now, I haven't played all the way through this quest, so this point may not be valid. But so far this new quest seems like a dollhouse for video gamers. I mean, you don't have to do anything to get the tower. You just get the letter telling you it's yours. You go in. Your key opens the door and presto, it's yours. It's empty and you have to furnish it. That's as far as I got. No puzzle, no challenge, no nothing. Just a free empty house. It looks cool and everything, but I'm not sure I want to spend all my time furnishing some virtual pad when I could be going out and completing the much cooler quests that came with the game.

But like I said, maybe there's more to the quest and I just haven't gotten there yet.


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4-28-2006 @ 4:49PM

Jared said...

Why is the Ice Atronarch Familiar so small...


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