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PDZ demo, maps, updates hitting XBLM "soon"

Microsoft just sent out a press-release announcing some new content for their first-party launch title, Perfect Dark Zero. We knew Rare was working on some maps and some fixes for PDZ, but the demo is a nice freebie. So, here's what's included:
  • PDZ demo; Outpost campaign level in solo mode, split-screen co-op, XBL co-op
  • New multiplayer map, Plaza.
  • Auto-update featuring 8 new bot personalities (no word on bug fixes...flying rag doll guy, I'm looking at you)
  • XBL Marketplace downloadable content including four new multiplayer maps (no word on cost).
They don't announce a release date for anything, instead opting for the much more vague release date of "soon." Check out the relevant portions of the press-release on the flipside.

“Perfect Dark Zero” Playable Demo and New Downloadable Content Explode onto Xbox Live Marketplace

...The “Perfect Dark Zero” demo will soon be available for free via Xbox Live Marketplace and grants gamers access to an exclusive preview of one of the best-selling Xbox 360 launch titles. Leap into the world of Joanna Dark by playing through the Outpost in solo mode, with a friend via split screen co-op, or cooperatively over Xbox Live. Next, challenge friends, strangers and AI bot enemies alike on the brand new multiplayer map: Plaza. Additionally, several updates will soon be made available for current owners of the game that will automatically load upon signing on to Xbox Live.

Included in the free auto-updates are eight new bot personalities, making these artificially intelligent enemies even more treacherous. Some of the new bots even get personal: judge bots instinctively attack the player with the most kills, while bully bots attack the player with the least. Venge bots are constantly out for blood, targeting the last person that killed them. The infamous DarkOps Bots are being added, as well, and will be available in all multiplayer scenarios.

In addition to the demo and auto-updates, Xbox Live Marketplace will soon feature new premium downloadable content for “Perfect Dark Zero,” including four new multiplayer maps....

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Reader Comments (Page 1 of 2)

Edge of Blade1

4-24-2006 @ 1:55PM

Edge of Blade said...

DarkOps bots? You mean Bots that can run in DarkOps mode? Finally!


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4-24-2006 @ 2:52PM

pennywise969 said...

Will this make the game not suck?


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4-24-2006 @ 3:09PM

joe said...

yea too bad to sold this game and bought the outfit.

How about some more GRAW co-op campagins?

Why does microsoft try to boost and obivous failure. Instead of pushing a lack-luster 1st gen title, why dont you spend your funding on great more content out there.
IE Downloadable content for games that people actualy play, fixing BC list for more titles and increasing the crap thats on the marketplace, i've about had it with looking at the same 29 things on there over and over.

i'm looking at you nastaha benningfield 720p trailer that no one cares about. Stop trying to cram crap gamers dont care about, maybe they should take content and work out a deal, i'd rather look at game trailers then some fummpy teenie pop wannabe

the problem isnt the system itself its the lack of content.

i guess that's the price you pay to be the first out the gate, it wont matter though by the time the POS3 drops MS will have a reason to keep the content flowing, IMO this year free of compitension MS is gettings is making them lazy, is Sony was out right now, even though there excution will suck it would atleast drive MS to do something. Instead of just letting the weeks pass.


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4-24-2006 @ 3:23PM

Paranoised said...

I hope that they fixed the Co-op over live. Sometimes when I play Co-op and my teammate or myself die in the game it just stops responding. Hopefully that would get fixed.


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4-24-2006 @ 3:27PM

bigsteveouk said...

New kameo demo is on live. 1gb


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Reality Check6

4-24-2006 @ 3:32PM

Reality Check said...

This game was a failure. I wanted to like it. I really did. But it's just not captivating and fun to play. Quake 4 is 10 times better. GRAW is 10 times better.


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4-24-2006 @ 3:44PM

otz said...

I guess it depends on your tastes. I hated Quake. For me, PDZ multiplayer is better than Halo 2. It sounds crazy, but I've gotten too fond of secondary and terciary weapons, and I like the rolling evasive manuever. I always go for that button in any FPS now. *LOL* And no FPS will ever top rocket launchers with a camera so you can steer your rocket.

I never touched the PDZ single-player, though. I hear it blows, but what do I care. I still haven't touched Halo 2 single player. *L*


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4-24-2006 @ 4:05PM

Leemo said...

"Why does microsoft try to boost and obivous failure."

Erm, because they can? If you don't like the new material, then don't buy it! Sheesh why do people complain so much with this marketplace idea? It's not as if Microsoft develops the whole damn thing, Rare have decided to create new material for it - and at the end of the day PDZ multiplayer is extremely popular. What's wrong with them creating a demo for it? It's not detracting Microsoft from uploading all this 'amazing content' everyone seems to constantly be expecting - if anything it's fleshing out the marketplace to allow people to try different games.

The sooner people grow up and stop blaming Microsoft for there being no Street Fighter 2, or Gears of War demo or whatever the better.



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4-24-2006 @ 5:55PM

joe said...

"*LOL* And no FPS will ever top rocket launchers with a camera so you can steer your rocket.

I never touched the PDZ single-player, though. I hear it blows, but what do I care. I still haven't touched Halo 2 single player. *L*"

its called 007:GoldenEye for xbox it had a guide your rocket in, MechAssault has a much better implantation of this feature. This is not a new concept by any means. i can name a ton of games that did it better.

And BTW i think you just proved my argument, a good game doesn�t have to trade off of multi-player or not, Halo 2 has both excellent Single Player and Online. Splinter cell is another example. its call lazy developers looking to cash in on the launch game, please PDZ is a joke, to call anything more then that even remotely a good game is just blowing MS like gamespot did when it came out and they reviewed it. You think MS would let them review a launch game from a new console a say hey its looks nice but everything else sucks.
IMO we need to call a spade a spade, when a game sucks they need to know why it sucks,
I can write a entire blog about whats wrong with PDZ, not that the character concepts or anything else is bad, that why it was so successful for N64. the PDZ isn�t crap, just the developers that made it.

hey leemo
Rare didn�t decide anything, MS signs off on everything that goes into the XBLM, MS tells anyone that wants to get there stuff on there they have to go through them first. MS is deliberately holding out content until its gets more units out there and online, its not going to waste whatever content it could rip away from media-whores like sony. But releasing it when there are less then a million console online, in effect they are bottlenecking the content themselves.

There has been a playable demo of Gears of War around for quite awhile, if MS wanted to they could release it out onto XBLM, same thing with the build of GRAW but there not going to why? Because there no competition against them needing to. They are still riding the buzz wave they created from the launch Despite how much I hate Sony, having them in the market will make the 360 a even better product.

dont you think its odd, that a game that was delayed a bunch of times(in theory giving more time to the developers), now only comes out with new content/patches and fixes(the second set of patches mind you)? maybe its because they rushed it out so that there would be what they hoped would me a MS exclusive "halo'isk" FPS for there launch, but in turn shot themselves in the foot and created a void for two months while more games came out that didn�t suck(yes COD2 for the 360 sucked as well).

I can't buy the content because they don�t charge me another example of it sucking because they have to give it away for free.

The sooner younger gamers stop looking at porn and look at an economics� book they will understand what�s going on. And why we have the right to be pissed off. A stagnant market only leads to disappointments

Leemo I doubt you over 18. maybe you should grow up. And leave the adults to speak and we will leave you to your pokemon.


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4-24-2006 @ 6:23PM

Trauts said...

How about 4:3 ratio HD signals for the HD cable users? I think that's more important than a demo at this point... PDZ was a bloody launch title. Chances are, a demo is reduntant. Most of the people who would buy it already have, and those without a 360 aren't interested in a demo, anyway.


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Dirk Dorkelson11

4-24-2006 @ 7:06PM

Dirk Dorkelson said...

I, too, have a lot more fun playing PDZ than Halo. I'll be the first to admit that PDZ is a flawed game, what with its buggy physics and mediocre single-player campaign. But the variety of weapons, plus the secondary and tertiary functions are great, and the maps are really well designed for multiplayer gameplay. Also, the option to play multiplayer with bots is great. Now I can play online with my real-life friends and fill out our roster of gamers with bots instead of 14-year-olds who spout homophobic slurs every time they frag you and quit the game when they're losing.

Not everyone has to like PDZ, but please stop pretending it's this broken turd of a game. Yeah, it's not the greatest. Yeah, everyone was let down because it wasn't the next Halo. But there's plenty there to like.


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4-24-2006 @ 7:08PM

nizzy1115 said...

I like the game a lot. Its one of my favorites. Single player wasn't anyting special, but multiplayer has always been good :)


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Dirk Dorkelson13

4-24-2006 @ 7:13PM

Dirk Dorkelson said...


That's good reasoning to a point about there being a bottleneck of new content. But what's the point of releasing a Gears of War demo when the game probably isn't coming out for at least six months? Do you really think M/soft is holding back SF2: Hyper-fighting after promising it a month ago? I for one actually believe the story that the devloper is trying to eliminate lag, given that there are already games that have been released that have demonstrated lag issues. You're right to think that economics is behind some of these decisions, but you might also be wrong. And your condescending attitude toward fellow posters does no good.


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4-24-2006 @ 7:23PM

schiftya2 said...

PDZ Single Player is absolute garbage. I will give you that, but the multiplayer is amazing. The only thing Halo 2 has on it is their matchmaking system for ranked games but other than that PDZ multiplayer online is just plain better. Most people that don't like PDZ don't like it because they can't get used to the aiming system and suck at it or they just try single player and don't even bother with multiplayer. PDZ takes more skill and has more depth to it than Halo 2. Oh, and I believe PDZ is in the top 10 games played list on Xbox Live so there are plenty of people who play and like the game.


2 starsvote downvote upReport

4-24-2006 @ 7:30PM

jaemz said...

Anyone else remember what Rare promised PDZ would include? Anyone else remember what they had to cut from the game in order to make it a launch title?

It will be interesting to see what they charge for the rest of the game they had to cut before shipping.


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4-25-2006 @ 5:45AM

Leemo said...

"MS is deliberately holding out content until its gets more units out there and online, its not going to waste whatever content it could rip away from media-whores like sony. But releasing it when there are less then a million console online, in effect they are bottlenecking the content themselves."

I'm not denying that they are potentially witholding content for the 'right time' that's not what I'm saying - what I find annoying is that people bitch about the updates and extras that do come out for existing titles, as if this is causing the delay of the release of such things - which I'm sure you'll agree is not the case.

Indeed why *shouldn't* Microsoft wait until a more appropriate time to release this supposed 'Gears of War' demo? Why not wait until we've seen real playable games on the PS3 then show something on the 360 that blows it out of the water.

You're telling me to go read an economics book when I clearly understand Microsoft's strategy and reasoning for what they're doing - what I can't believe is the gaming community's seemingly constant demand for new software, like Microsoft seemingly 'owe' them something. So what if they're releasing PDZ material, yes I appreciate it all has to be tested by Microsoft and approved by them (I'm not stupid) but ultimately it is Rare who has developed this, it's not halting anything else occuring at the Microsoft studios is it? Well that's what everyone seems to think!

"Leemo I doubt you over 18. maybe you should grow up. And leave the adults to speak and we will leave you to your pokemon."

I think you'll find I'm a 21 year old University student who has never played a Pokemon game in his life. Why end your post with such a retarded comment?



2 starsvote downvote upReport

4-25-2006 @ 9:18AM

Steve said...

Wow Joe, you are just a bitter, too cool for the room gamer, aren't ya? All you sons of bitches that complain about PDZ are just doing it so you look cool and "hardcore". PDZ's multiplayer rocks and is still the best multiplayer FPS the system has. And comparing the single player to anything isn't fair, because PDZ *AND* Halo 2 were both made for XBL. So grow up, move out of your parents basement, and recognize a kick ass game when you see one.

Or go shit in your hat, goober. Whichever.


2 starsvote downvote upReport

4-25-2006 @ 9:36AM

otz said...

IMO, PDZ multiplayer is the best FPS multiplayer out there. And of course there are going to be different opinions.

That guy who likes Quake, for example, Quake is a totally different style of FPS. I have never liked Quake, even the new one. I think that whole style of FPS (along with Unreal) is garbage. That doesn't mean other people aren't allowed to like it, and it doesn't mean I go online and trash people who do like it.

I can even understand someone who likes Quake wouldn't like PDZ. They're different styles. Just let people enjoy the style they like without being a total joe... I mean dooshbag about it.


2 starsvote downvote upReport

4-25-2006 @ 10:24AM

joe said...

yea sorry leemo its was kind of asshole comment at the end. it wasnt directed at you but the posters that say stupid comments without thinking about all the other factors.

its just that MS dropped the ball with this game and took something that could have been great and made it mundane.

hey i got PDZ on lanuch day i went to three different stores to buy it. granted the gameplay is great but if I can't play the game with all the lag and poor backend programming that makes it so slow. then whats the point?


2 starsvote downvote upReport

4-25-2006 @ 10:34AM

joe said...

they owe me becasue i pay a monthly fee for there service, on top of dropping $560 for the game and system and another $1000 for the HDtv to play it on. MS is asking alot from there base to play this, and IMO i am entitle to new content every few days, the Demos are a start in the right direction, but its been 6 months since lanuch and MS should have there act together.

its becasue there the only kid on the block right now and instead of trying to convert those PS3 fanboys with amazing unqiue XBOX exculsive content they are just wasting time. the only way there going to get out and do it is when Nintendo and Sony get out the gate and start breathing down there throat.

BTW sony will fail, but hopefully they will push MS along the way.


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