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Right back compat ya!

The list of backward compatible titles may be growing (ooh...Spongebob) but that doesn't mean that every title is worth a trip down memory lane. Reader PJ writes:

There are many of us who purchased Half-Life 2 in hopes of playing it on our 360.  How ever this proved to be impossible with the physics engine wacking out on many gamers.  I cannot even pretend to play because on Highway 17 my character fall directly through the floor.  If you want a video i will post it for you without hesitation.  We are all being crapped on by steam and xbox. 

IGN touched on various emulation issues back in January and assured everyone that Microsoft was issuing the necessary patches, so it's a shame to hear that Half-Life 2 is still half-assed. I don't think most people buy a 360 to play old games, but I understand why people are pissed. I'm sure MS will remind us that Spongebob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom works fine.

How much do you care about backwards compatibility and what kind of bugs have you run into?

[Thanks PJ & DJphatjive]

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1. Why the F is Star Wars Battlefront 2 not on the list? It is only like the best selling Star Wars title of all time. Stupid!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 1:13AM on Mar 29th 2006 by Andrew

2. Forza is nearly unplayable. Frame rates drop under 22 often. So if you had a hard time on Xbox, you'll have much more time to set up for the turns.

I bought Forza to use with my 360 since I used to be a ps2 fanboy.

Posted at 2:50AM on Mar 29th 2006 by sev4 pri1

3. I honestly think we should all write microsoft and news stations and make a big fuss about it. I think its crap. Come on microsoft. I never owned a xbox and would love to buy some older games to play on it. But then again you wouldn't get back your cost on the 360 if we all did that would ya, or buy games on your arcade. Freaking MS. I love the xbox. But there starting to lie as much as Sony!

Let me quess. Every game will play on it when the ps3 comes out. They will come up with a patch I bet right before the ps3 comes out!

Posted at 2:52AM on Mar 29th 2006 by djphatjive

4. Backwards compatibility on the 360 isn't even worth bothering with. Of the, what, 5 games in my collection that supposed to work, only 2 work without any major hitches. Have you tried to play Forza on the 360? They might as well have just removed it from the list.

Mind you, I'm not too fussed. I wasn't stupid enough to sell my Xbox, and you can't transfer saves anyway. Besides, I don't remember packing a sad when I couldn't play my NES games on the SNES . . .

Posted at 3:51AM on Mar 29th 2006 by Donutta

5. It is dissapointing that a premium title such at HL2 does not work well with the 360. I played Halo 2 from start to finish having never owned one before and I suspect I am not the only person playing Xbox originals for the first time. Although I did enjoy Halo2 I did get graphic issues at certain points during the game which were a tad annoying.

Posted at 4:09AM on Mar 29th 2006 by Welshbloke

6. Im so tierd of these back compat whiners.

You wanna play Xbox games? Heres an idea! Play them on your friggin Xbox! (Holy sh*t what a concept)

Me? I sold my xbox long ago. I love my 360, and I love the new generation of games. I have no interest in going back and playing old games with crappy, non HD graphics.

I would much rather see Microsoft spending their resources on making improvements to the 360 and Xbox live, then wasting their time and money, catering to these whiney b*tches that are to lazy to plug in their Xbox if they want to play old games.

Im already pissed that a third of my 360 harddrive is a bunch of back compat garbage that I will never use. I wish i could just delete all that crap.

Posted at 4:31AM on Mar 29th 2006 by altdelete

7. i couldn't care less about the original xbox games anymore and i have quite a few. i tried one game just to see how it'd work, and it seemed ok. i have more than enough decent 360 games to keep me busy.

all i can say is have patience kids. MS is aware of the complaints and are still working on the BC. they never claimed it was going to be perfect or work for any specific set or number of games, and that they'd adding until people weren't interested in it anymore. that's exactly what they're doing.

Posted at 4:52AM on Mar 29th 2006 by soco

8. Backwards compatibility is GOOD

As an xbox convert with the 360, its nice to catch up on some oldies. Currently playing Knights of the Old Republic, Crimson Skies, Halo 1/2, and Jade Empire on my xbox 360. These games work great. Most others dont however.

Microsoft needs to add some major resources for backwards compatibility. It would be especially cool if they could convince the game developers to get their new upcoming current gen games to run on Xbox 360 (scarface & bully) with 720p and full screen antialiasing similar to halo2. Would definately increase their potential marketshare.

Posted at 6:21AM on Mar 29th 2006 by jc

9. Give me a patch that allow me to play the The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay in 720p aswell as the PAL version of Puyo Pop Fever and you can stop working on the backwards compatible list. But untill then. GET TO WORK MINIONS!

Posted at 7:30AM on Mar 29th 2006 by Majjan

10. I have been playing Half Life 2 also. It runs perfect for me but, i still thinks it sucks that it doesn't use the 360's graphics and cpu's better...

I really hoped that the 360 would make it run as crisp as possible!

Ps. Sorry for my bad english... I'm From DK

Posted at 7:44AM on Mar 29th 2006 by AlSiAn

11. Still NO STAR WARS Battlefront I or II ? Come on MS - I NEED THESE TITLES NOW! BC is a great feature NOW - I�don�t need it, when BATTEFRONT III is out.

Posted at 8:22AM on Mar 29th 2006 by Eric

12. I actually bought GTA: San Andreas just so i could play it in 720p on my 360. I turns out that the version i bought (European Classic) doesnt work even though the game is on compatible list from M$. That sucks!!

Posted at 8:25AM on Mar 29th 2006 by Xoralundra

13. Where can i get more of that picture?

Posted at 8:26AM on Mar 29th 2006 by james

14. The physics engine in Half-Life 2 can indeed screw up in emulation, but honestly I think the problem is being exaggerated a bit.

I've played through the game twice and ran into the bug at three different points; dying is what seems to trigger it, as it never starts out wonky to begin with. Each time you just need to restart the level and it vanishes. It's annoying, sure, but it doesn't make the game impossible to play.

Posted at 9:02AM on Mar 29th 2006 by TwistedBishop

15. I never got rid of my Xbox. I have a surround sound system, so my receiver has multiple inputs and I can have them both connected at the same time and just switch my receiver's input.

Even if you don't have a receiver, I don't know why ppl would sell their Xbox and then complain they can't play Xbox games. Chances are they sold it to EBGames or somewhere for $40. How can you sell something for $40 that you bought for $150-$300 and then complain that you still need it?

Sounds pretty dumb to me. Enjoy your $40.

Posted at 9:18AM on Mar 29th 2006 by Otz

16. It's becoming clear to me that the sole purpose of BC was to be able to play Halo2 on the 360. If anything else can play, it is a bonus.

But as with many things on the 360 that Microsoft over-hyped, Backward Compatibility is one of them. I've never owned an XBox before so BC was a selling point for me. And I figured, even if 360-specific titles were slow to be released, at least I could pick up some of the cheaper XBox games to explore in the meantime.

Except for Halo2, none of the XBox games that I'm interested in, are on the BC list. Microsoft updated the online BC list this morning to re-include the Clancy games, but that just catches up to where they were back in Dec 05.

It has been 3 months since the last update with no signs of another one in sight. As time goes on, there is LESS incentive for Microsoft to expend effort on BC. I predict that this latest BC list will be "it". There isn't going to be another wave of titles added.

The only thing that could change XBox BC support is what level of BC Sony delivers on the PS3 (not what they PROMISE).

Posted at 9:28AM on Mar 29th 2006 by sracer

17. I just picked Manhunt up so I could play through it again, and found that the original xbox games don't like the VGA cable very much. Very poor.

Posted at 10:03AM on Mar 29th 2006 by Dan

18. I find it funny when people cry about other people "bitching" when this is something that MS was bragging about before the 360 was release (and some peopl sold their Xboxs to buy a 360....I didn't mine died 1 month before the 360 release).

It's like buying a car that is suppose to have air conditioning, but when you get it you find out it only works once in a while...but then it's too cold to use it.

The big mistake? MS should have not promised it.
I am pissed that SW battlefront 2 doesn't work.
PGR racing is funny...runs at half speed.
Even Halo has crashed a few times on me.

Posted at 10:48AM on Mar 29th 2006 by Robotron

19. I love how these people yelling at the backward compatable complainers are asuming we all have original xbox's. I don't and have never had a console. I have a 360 now and would like to go back and play the first titles of games they are coming out for with the 360. So back off you a$$holes.

Posted at 11:07AM on Mar 29th 2006 by djphatjive

20. All I have to say here is I have the Spongebob game and I love it (And so does my little cousin...). It is one of the best platformers on the system, so if your going to pick a game to knock, pick the Barbie one (although I am sure my cousin would love to play that game as well.). Second point, that picture thoroughly scares the hell out of me. Lastly, my biggest complaint about the emulation is not the game list (although it could be larger/better), but ultimately it has the halos, it has the max paynes, it has jade empire... really these are the only games I played very much. And all the alternatives I have for my 360 (Burnout, nhl 2k6, fight night and need for speed.). To be honest my biggest problem is that only Halo 2 is in wide screen. I have a 60inch HD tv and I want my freaking xbox games to fill the screen!! even on my orignal xbox they did that ( albiet slightly stretched.) this whole bars on the side is junk and when I first had my xbox 360 (orignal firmware) it allowed me to play halo 1 and 2 in HD widescreen, it was amazing! Since the new firmwares that has been eliminated. And to be honest I would rather have halo 1 fully running than halo 2... fix this little problem MS and I will love you forever.

Posted at 11:09AM on Mar 29th 2006 by arsamore

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