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Scratch support: Suck disc

There's anarchy in the UK. Well, at least when it comes scratched PDZ discs:

I just got off the phone from the UK XB360 support team - as you know when the 360 launched and it was scratching discs, microsoft was replacing copies , at least of perfect dark zero - my 360 managed to scratch my copy of pd0, and its now unplayable, without my interfering with the console - having called up the UK 360 support team, they told me that they've done "research" into it, and the only way this happens is by someone "moving" the console during gameplay, so they refused to replace it- firstly thats not exact kosher seeing as its all too easy to move the 360, and secondly, its patently not true because mine seems to have managed to destroy a disc without the slightest interference.

Somebody ought to figure out just how much movement it takes to ruin a $60 DVD. You know who that someone should be? Microsoft Support.

How many other people have run into this problem and what was your experience with MS? Does not moving the console during gameplay  mean we'll never see a 360 on Pimp My Ride?

[Thanks Theo]

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1. Sue 'em. Where does it say that one should not move it even slightly during gameplay. They should assume that game consoles go through some wear and tear considering there are wired controllers and companies such as Apple have created things like MagSafe to prevent the problem of movement causing damage.

Posted at 1:16AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Ryan J

2. it says it right on the bezel

Posted at 1:57AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Unrestricted

3. Now I got my 360 inside my entertainment unit, so it never moves, however, when I first got It I had it out on the floor for people to see.

I put tony hawk in and as I was still fiddling around with the system, I remembered the system could be played while vertical. I never owned a ps2 so a vertical system intrigued me and I wanted to see how it looked. I turned the 360 while playing tony hawk to see if the controller light would change positions. To my horror, I heard a terrible grinding noise and quickly put the system back down. I kept playing tony hawk tho as if nothing had happened. once I got to the 3rd level in Tony hawk tho, the level would not load. I was wondering how to advance in the game for some time when I finally realised the wall in front of me was suppose to lift had the level loaded.

I went back to futureshop and told them the game disc was scratched and I only owned the game for 1 week. The guy looked at the disc to make sure It really was scratched, and opened up a brand new copy for me.

I never touch the 360 now with a game disc in. I think its bad of microsoft to have such a problem with their system. Some people may say im stupid to tilt the system hile playing a game, but I myself happen to be a laptop user. When I watch a DVD on my laptop, I move the thing all around, turn it upside down and vertical and the disc just keeps on playing without any problems or a scrath. After using my laptop for a year and doing this, I just assumed moving my 360 would be like moving my laptop and the disc would not be affected.

anyway, that my story.

Posted at 2:03AM on Mar 28th 2006 by mike

4. Oh look, more anti-Microsoft comments from Joystiq.


Seriously, how stupid are some people?

Posted at 2:12AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Pete

5. Yes, I do in fact have this problem. I just verified it after buying Oblivion. I thought it was a problem after seeing my PD0 have scratches and same with DOA4. But I closely checked my Oblivion disk before putting it in. And now it has scratches. In fact the game sometimes halts saying the disk is dirty.

When you look at the disk at first it SEEMS very scratched, but in fact it appears to be some form of residue which I can NORMALLY take off using an eye glass cloth. But I'm not so lucky with some scratches, although it hasn't prevented the games from executing, I am going to look to get the game replaced.

As a note, this has happened when I have had the 360 horizontal or vertical. There appears to be no pattern except some form of certain spin-up of the DVD drive.

And I have a unit built in January.

Posted at 2:16AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Talvish

6. Not all 360s have this problem. I've damn near shaken my 360 when it had a disk in it and nothing happened. I tested it out by putting a blank CD-R in it and turning it from horizontal to vertical several times while the disk was spinning. The disk came out completely untouched. I also accidently switched it from horizontal to vertical once with GRAW in it, and nothing happened. It didn't even make a sound. Mine was manufactured later (Dec 9, 05), however, so maybe MS has addressed the issue.

Posted at 2:17AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Oozer

7. And let me be VERY CLEAR. I have NEVER moved the 360 while it is running.

Posted at 2:18AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Talvish

8. "Where does it say that one should not move it even slightly during gameplay."

The manual.

"Some people may say im stupid to tilt the system hile playing a game, but I myself happen to be a laptop user. When I watch a DVD on my laptop, I move the thing all around, turn it upside down and vertical and the disc just keeps on playing without any problems or a scrath. After using my laptop for a year and doing this, I just assumed moving my 360 would be like moving my laptop and the disc would not be affected."

Ever notice that when you put a disc into your laptop you snap it onto the spindle? That's for a reason, champ. That's because it's expected that a laptop, which is a mobile device, might see some movement while in use, it's a little different with a gaming console. There's no spindle you snap it onto, the disc sits freely in the tray, there's nothing to hold it there, hence if you move the console while the disc is spinning it acts as a gyroscope and the disc attempts to stay on it's current plane due to the centrifugal force it's under.

It's one thing if your disc gets scratched all by itself, there seems to be a problem where the drives spin the disc too fast and they bounce around in the system causing damage. It's quite another case when you don't RTFM and cause the damage yourself. As the old adage goes, "curiosity killed the cat", well in this case curiosity seems to be killing games because people want to "see what the console looks like standing up". If you want to take the chance be prepared to deal with the consequences. The incidents where the console itself destroys discs seem to be extremely isolated and aside from those it seems MS built another pretty solid console. If you move it around it's your own damn fault. Try picking up your desktop and flipping it on it's side while you've got a DVD in the drive and see what happens. This isn't rocket science. Think of it as a $60 lesson in common sense.

Posted at 2:19AM on Mar 28th 2006 by [sinz]

9. One more spam message ... I plan on calling MS to get this 360 replaced. I had thought I had gotten my unit after the manufacturing start-up issues ... appears not.

I love the unit and games and scoffed at those saying they moved the unit while running ... I'm just not one of those people.

Posted at 2:22AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Talvish

10. It says it in the manual not to move the console while the disc is inside.I bet most people bought the system hooked it up and popped the disc in and siad hey i wonder what the system looks like standing up and moved the console while the disc was spinning.I have never had this problem with any console or CD,DVD player i have ever had because i NEVER moved it while the disc was spinning inside

Posted at 3:07AM on Mar 28th 2006 by vid33nyc1

11. The disk isn't acutally just floating around in a tray loading drive. When it slides back in, it pushes up against a pad that can spin with the disk.

Posted at 4:26AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Brian

12. Talvish i had exactly the same problem. I had just bought fight night, no scratches 20 minutes later residue like scratches i phone up support and they tell me that they wont replace it and that i have to go to the suppliers or find a place that buffs game discs.

Posted at 7:18AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Leckie

13. #2

They added that sticker on later models. I wonder why!

Posted at 8:39AM on Mar 28th 2006 by jamesthejust

14. There is an inherent problem here. If users don't own the content, but merely the right to play or use the content, then the publisher should have a replacement program for any defective disc (whether the defect is caused by the user or not).

You pay shipping and handling, and maybe a nominal amount for the disc and they send you a new one provided you send them the original.

What is the big deal with that?

Posted at 8:57AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Thomas Crymes

15. If I buy a new car and scratch the paint do to a defect with the car (mirror falls off, etc) i'd take it to the service department (ie, the retailer here) vs. the sales guy who sold it to me.
I always hate these chicken little the sky is falling stories.
Microsoft didn't spend billions to put out a game console only to not support it. Relax.

Posted at 9:04AM on Mar 28th 2006 by tourist

16. "They added that sticker on later models. I wonder why!"

Because people didn't READ THE F'ING manual where it says not to move the console with a disk in place. DUH!

Never had any problems with my Xbox 360 in ANY fashion. The people that have had problems are DENSE.

Posted at 9:06AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Brian

17. My buddies system caused scratches lying down, no movement. MS replaced the system. I think that support is just getting wary of all the retards damaging disks regardless of warnings. It still happens though. If you get pushback make sure to fight like a bulldog. Be patient, be polite, but above all be persistant.

Posted at 9:19AM on Mar 28th 2006 by A

18. You move it , you break it , read the manual next time , so far no problems with mine , all my discs are like brand new , no scratches or dust in them.

Posted at 9:53AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Larryflint

19. I have a few 360 DVD's that are not scratched but they started cracking from the center hole. my PGR3 disc was almost cracked a 1/4 of the way down the middle and was falling apart. KAMEO and Need for Speed had cracks as well

Posted at 10:31AM on Mar 28th 2006 by Aaron

20. Hmm, if I ever get a functioning 360 unit back from M$ support I'll have to look into this!

(note:sarcasm, console #3 is in transit and no, I'm not some adolesent douchebag whos chucking his 360 in his little backpack or leaving it buried under a weeks worth of dirty clothes....)

Posted at 10:37AM on Mar 28th 2006 by DaStuph

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