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Halo: Combat Evolved on XBLM?

The April issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly has yet another Halo rumor to report (p. 67):

In last issue's Rumor Mill, I mentioned that Xbox 360 owners will soon be able to buy full Xbox 1 games via Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace. And now I've got the juicy scoop on the first game that Bill Gates' crew will make available. Look for Bungie's epic first-person shooter Halo on the Marketplace sometime before this summer. I only hope the developer makes this version's multiplayer mode Xbox Live compatible."

Not a bad way to fill up a couple gigs worth of HD space and sort of believable given Sony and Nintendo's plans to release old games online. How many people think this will come to pass? If they can can make Halo available via XBLM, why not Halo 3?

[Thanks, Zilazapper]

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1. How about a new larger hard drive accessory that has Halo preloaded???? That sounds like it could be more likely! Really... games are like 2-5 gigs... if you load Halo no your 360 you will be eating up at least a quarter of the 11 gigs you have to start with... Besides, if the PS3 has a 60 GB hard drive I am sure that the 360 will have a much larger drive available by the time the PS3 launches!

Posted at 11:24PM on Mar 17th 2006 by Jason

2. Yeah, you would really need more HD space for that. But I don't believe this rumor because it doesn't make sense, most of the people with a 360 already have halo. Even if it's true it really isn't a big deal for me because I already own all the xbox games that i want to play.

Posted at 12:01AM on Mar 18th 2006 by Dwayne

3. *april*issue*cough*april*issue*

Seriously doubt it. Why would they waste their resources on that. Who doesn't own Halo or Halo 2.

Posted at 12:32AM on Mar 18th 2006 by Runciter

4. It wouldn't be a waste of resources if you could play it online! Oh, how I'd love to go back to the good old days of pistols on Hang 'Em High!

That being said, I don't think there's much chance of that happening. And as cool as it would be, I'd probably rather see them working full-time on bringing us the next chapter of the Halo story as soon as possible.

Posted at 1:24AM on Mar 18th 2006 by Kyle G

5. We can talk about the in's and out's and why it's great companies are diving into their back stock of classic games, but the issue at the forefront has to be precious time and bandwidth. At the end of the day, how many people are going to lock up their 360's resources for hours at a time to download classic games? We spend so much time doing everything but actually gaming - talking about games, reading about games, buying games - are we going to further slice the actual amount of time we play by spending awful chucks of it just in the act of getting a game?

The thought that in ten years we'll all stop buying actual products we can hold in our hand and instead adopt this digital lifestyle where we download everything by demand is silly unless broadband connections are about to get some unheard of kick in the pants. I can't be thrilled at the prospect of DL'ing a 4 gb game over my current 200 Kb/sec connection. How much time would that take? Do I even wanna know? Forget the math because what you really need to do is step back at look at how things are right now.

Servers are traffic jammed already. Look at how many people have complained about the DL speeds for demos over Xbox Live marketplace. Then add in the number of people disgusted at how downloading anything ties up your 360 completely and you can't do anything until it's done and that's just for three - four hundred meg files. Start talking four to seven gigs of gaming content and you better be bringing out the big guns. An all new infrastructure, regulated and decent DL speeds via steady servers and some sort of firmware patch that allows me to look or do something other than just stare at the static picture of an upload status bar.

Xbox Live has done a lot of things right and the 360 marketplace with their demos and continued support for Xbox Live arcade titles is great, but it's really hard for me to get enthusiast about downloading Halo 1 over my DSL connection. A larger hard drive? Heck what about my time.

Posted at 2:25AM on Mar 18th 2006 by refinedsugar

6. I seriously doubt you can trust this. When it comes to April issues, because of "April Fools Day", they have joke articles. I beleve this is just one of them.

Posted at 8:09AM on Mar 18th 2006 by DA360

7. Considering how poorly Microsoft supports their XBLA (arcade) titles, there is no way that I'm going to pay for electronic downloads of non-trivial titles like Halo.

When you buy games on disc, you at least have the option to trade, giveaway, or sell them when you are done with it (or don't care for it).

With an electronic download, you are stuck.

Thanks but no thanks.

Posted at 10:41AM on Mar 18th 2006 by sracer

8. The only thing I would like about this is that you would be able to communicate with other people while playing old games. That's what I hate about the 360. The next issue would be the amount of hard drive space. It's horrible. How manys gigs did the original Xbox have?

Posted at 12:42PM on Mar 18th 2006 by Evan

9. The original Xbox had 6+GB drives. Not much. I'm sure that factors into the used space on the 360 drives (caching space).

Um, Halo CE isn't that entertaining anymore; it's age shows when compared to Halo 2. I don't think anyone would rush to get it.

Posted at 3:21PM on Mar 20th 2006 by SuicideNinja

10. "If they can can make Halo available via XBLM, why not Halo 3?"

They can't even make Halo 2 bareable to play online on the 360 why don't they work on the lag, garbled voice chat, sputtering music, and dropping framerate of a game people still play first.

Posted at 1:06PM on Mar 21st 2006 by Necrophiliac

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