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Delayed 360 CoD2 patch screws PC gamers

An Infinite Waiting—excuse me— Infinity Ward Nation staff member calling himself Tally has posted an unofficial update on the anxiously awaited Call of Duty 2 multiplayer patch:

I am at pains to point out that this is NOT AN OFFICIAL ANNOUNCMENT

Im sure everyone is wondering why the patch is taking so long, so I thought Id share a little of what I know about the situation.

For those that dont know me, I also work at Infinity Ward Nation, as a staff member. I have spoken to some of the Developers at IW (makers of COD2), and have even spoken to Grant Collier, CEO for IW. So, as such, I am pretty close to whats going on.

As both Activision and IW have a HDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with MS, they cannot divulge too much about the causes of the hold up. This explains why IW remains tight-liped about the whole deal. But, with a little detective work, I have pieced things together, and this is my estimate of the situation:

Activison and IW have an agreement with MS to roll out any patches for COD2 together - for both the 360 and the PC. As the 360 was shipped without an adequate update system in place, this has held things up - until an adequate update system for the 360 was implimented.

As most 360 users will tell you, as of this week, there is finally an Update patch available to all 360 users with a Live account. This is mandatory, so every 360 user has to download it. It will fit on either a mem card or a hd.

As the 360 has now been readied for any updates, rumor has it that the COD2 patch will be released this week. Im not totally confident that this rumor is accurate, but I do know that the patch is now very close. the PC patch has been ready for some time now, and now that the 360 is ready for updates, I think it safe to say it will probable be sometime this month.

This thread would seem to confirm both Tally's authenticity and the fact that PC gamers are pissed their game has to suffer because of the Xbox version.

[Via Xboxic]

Reader Comments (Page 1 of 1)

Aaron McNair1

3-08-2006 @ 10:28AM

Aaron McNair said...

Its about time to get a patch I cant wait any longer.

.... 360 rushed and not fully functionable. really I am shocked...

to bad I still love the damn thing.. only 4 more years or updates to make it better


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3-08-2006 @ 10:32AM

SickNic said...

I've been waiting so long for that patch that I don't even play COD2 anymore. GRAW is came out today, so I won't play it for a while. I'll get back to it eventually, as its my favorite XBL game yet (when it runs smoothly).


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3-08-2006 @ 12:02PM

Curry said...

The story continues: Moderator Tally fired from IWNation forums after leaking patch info.


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Dylan Neild4

3-08-2006 @ 12:02PM

Dylan Neild said...

I'm in the same boat as SickNic - GRAW is coming out, so fck COD2. If Infinity Ward had been more forthcoming and managed the problems properly (at least making announcements specifying -when- or at least approximately when the patch would be available), then I could still respect them at least... but the way they handled this has been amateurish and unproffesional.

GRAW, here I come... and thanks to this 360 COD2 debable, when the new COD games come out Infinity Ward probably won't be seeing my credit card.


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3-08-2006 @ 12:03PM

Curry said...

Hmm my link didn't work, click here for the story on Tally getting fired:


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3-08-2006 @ 1:14PM

Jameyt said...

COD2? What's that? I can't hear you, I'm too busy playing GRAW.


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Tim Marman7

3-08-2006 @ 2:36PM

Tim Marman said...

Just pasting what I wrote up on my site ( here

Here's the situation as I understand it - the patch has been ready for awhile, but they couldn't roll out the multiplayer portions without the dashboard update. The multiplayer fix was originally slated to go out with the previous single player fix, but I guess there are also server-side components to it.

As of this weekend, it was "scheduled" for release on Wednesday. That's today, so we'll see later whether that timeframe still holds.

One thing I can tell you is that I'm pretty sure it's not Infinity Ward's fault that it hasn't gone out. I've been told that the patch has been done for awhile, and given the grief IW is getting, I'm sure they wish it was out. There are other forces at work here (and of course plenty of conspiracy theorists).

And as much as we all complain about it, we also have to consider that they were likely pressed to get it out at launch. Ghost Recon - everyone's silver bullet - was also originally slated to be a launch title, and instead they've had the benefit of an additional 4-5 months and the lessons learned by other game.

Personally, I'm glad I had COD2 for the past 3 months rather than waiting until March for a "perfect" game. This is the whole point of a game that can be patched, isn't it? The single player is amazing, and when you do get in a good game the online experience is similarly great. That is still my biggest complaint - I play even when I spend an hour just trying to get into a game, because I know it'll be worth it when I do get in a game.


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3-09-2006 @ 8:52AM

Paul said...

Bill Gates and Grant Collier can go to hell, I will never purchase an Activison or IW game again.

I want my money back.
How dare they hold up fixing the unfinished pile of poo that is the PC version of COD2 because they made a secret deal that one would not be updated without the other and then not be able to fix one because they originally made it incorrectly.


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