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360-superfan has 20350 gamerscore points!

Alright, so it's not quite 5 million, but 20350 gamerscore points is almost too high to believe. Amazingly, the guy (yup, it's a dude) doesn't come off as totally crazy obsessive either. Just a little competitive perhaps. He says, "I don't think anyone above 15k gets them only for fun, I mean you can't like all the games. So it's mostly for bragging right even though I don't brag that much (at least not yet). I really think the whole achievements concept is the best idea that Microsoft had since they created Xbox Live as it makes you play games you would never have tried otherwise."

The gamerscore points are pretty brilliant; you'll find yourself playing games much longer and much harder than you normally would. 100% completion is no small feat in most games (King Kong excluded). Anyone here able to claim ownership (or is that pwnership? har har) to what he calls the hardest achievement out there: the "No Crash Victory: Single Races" achievement in Ridge Racer 6?

[Via GameSetWatch]

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1. Wow, I played Chaos Theory against this guy a few days ago. Cool.

Posted at 7:56PM on Feb 18th 2006 by portorikan 0 stars

2. go ST!

Posted at 11:32PM on Feb 18th 2006 by lostidiot 0 stars

3. I was addicted to the gamerscore pts until i saw that (after not even 3 months) i had no chance to be in even the top 100. I have about 4600 pts now and i can see myself only getting another 1200-2000 in the next few months.

Congratulations on the gamer pts! (unless you are one of the cheating group efforts)

Posted at 11:41PM on Feb 18th 2006 by Deth 0 stars

4. seems like a nice guy...

Posted at 12:30AM on Feb 19th 2006 by Irwin 0 stars

5. What about the Smash TV 'win without using a continue' that is so hard even he doesn't have it? Seriously does ANYBODY have that achievement?

Posted at 12:50AM on Feb 19th 2006 by Stuka 0 stars

6. Question:
Do you get any real benefits other than "bragging rights", because that doesn't really want to make me play the game longer. If MS made a system where you get marketplace points for each milestone in gamerscore rating, then I'd definitely would try to up my score. Who else would agree???

Posted at 12:56AM on Feb 19th 2006 by superfly 0 stars

7. ^^^ Ya i've also thought about this, but then there would have to be some standard way of devising the point system cause you know Microsoft isn't going to like to shell out free stuff if there is any way for people to rack up points (like the previously mentioned Kong and Madden games). After thinking more about it I do think that it would still add more value to the point system and reason to care, if they let you get deals on certain items- say if you complete 75% of the achievements on PGR3 than you should be able to get a discount on the theme and pics. Or maybe you get a special theme for hitting a certain amount of points. But anyway ya, I definitely agree that while the Gamerscore point tracking is cool, there should be even more of a reason to try to rack up the points.

Posted at 1:26AM on Feb 19th 2006 by KillerGreen 0 stars

8. I don't see why these gamerpoints mean much at all. I've never been one to brag about my accomplishments and see no other point to these points other than that. They're not worth anything.

Posted at 1:51AM on Feb 19th 2006 by Silver 0 stars

9. I try my best to get 'em on the assumption that someday they WILL be worth something. I see the chances of them being worth something in the future as fairly high. If not, oh well, I still got a kick out of Kong.

An achievment that I've found to be hard that probably isn't hard for most everyone else is the 20 rebounds for a single player in NBA 2K6. I've got all the other achievments in the game, which were more than easy.

Posted at 2:51AM on Feb 19th 2006 by Ralidore 0 stars

10. I'm still having a hard time believing that he got 1000 gamerscore for PDZ. I thought that the 1000 deathmatch and 1000 dark ops games would take forever, and beating dark agent single player and Co-op must require some mad skill as well.

Posted at 3:55AM on Feb 19th 2006 by gamer1 0 stars

11. A perfect game in Smash TV, I dont' think will ever happen. It's impossible. His achievements on GW:E are pretty notable as well, that game is insanely difficult, but I still go back to it, even if it is to beat my paltry 200,000 points.

I think the acheivements are great, it's an excellent idea, brings the community in closer, shows a bit more competition, and also shows who BS's or not. I love the idea of them. To the naysayer of the gamerpoints, go play your Gamecube or PS2, we understand why you don't get it.

Posted at 10:29AM on Feb 19th 2006 by Tiremfej 0 stars

12. I actually thought the gamerpoints WERE supposed to translate to marketplace points. I mean avatars and whatnot would be nice rewards.

Unfortunately, Microsoft started off by charging money for things like that. If that model works, is there any reason for them to change it? Microsoft IS in it for the money after all!

There is one piece of encouraging news on this front. In Halo, new maps have come up for pay on XBox Live, but after a specified period of time (3 months), they revert to a free download.


Posted at 12:16PM on Feb 19th 2006 by EatingPie 2 stars

13. If only the points could turn into cash...

Posted at 12:28PM on Feb 19th 2006 by Patrick 0 stars

14. The real problem is they risk devaluing the Marketplace currency if they give points away for free. They would need to actually purchase the freebies for you. Any economists around here able to elaborate?

Posted at 3:25PM on Feb 19th 2006 by C. Grant 0 stars

15. We might be waiting a while for this economist to show up... think most economist might have trouble getting past the whole marginal cost to marginal benefit comparison on the 360. ;)

Posted at 6:52PM on Feb 19th 2006 by KillerGreen 0 stars

16. These bragging rights only show that your a spoiled rich kid with no life. Sorry, but 20000 gamerpoints means you have played every game and got mostly every achivement.

In games like PDZ, there are achivements like 1000 deathmatch and darkops games played. In order to get these to alone, you need to put in at least 300 hours with the game (providing your not just starting quick 5 point matches over and over again).

To have a gamerscore like that, you literally need to play for at least 12 hours a day. Also, you must have money to afford to buy (or at least rent) all these games. Theres no way most people could even afford to play every game unless they where rich (or have rich parents)

I would be ashamed If I had a gamerscore Like that. I own 2 360 games and 2 XBLA games (1 is hexic HD). I just about have my full 2400 gamerpoints which I can get from these games. And this is after playing for usualy 2-3 hours a day which I find is already to much.

I dont plan on EVER hitting 20000 Gamerscore in the 360 consoles lifespan (well maybe if I end up buying more then 20 games).

Posted at 7:05PM on Feb 19th 2006 by huh 0 stars

17. If all I did was play on XBOX 360, I would have a higher score too. Achievements mean nothing because it doesn't tell how much time a player plays at a game. It could have taken him 160 Hours to beat Perfect Dark Zero, but a better player would do it in 40 hours.

Check out the leader boards here:

Posted at 7:58PM on Feb 19th 2006 by WillGonz 0 stars

18. At the rate I'm playing, it will be the year 2008 by the time I have finished 1000 Deathmatch, and 1000 Dark Ops games. That is, of course, if I am still playing the game by then.

Posted at 2:26AM on Feb 20th 2006 by gamer1 0 stars

19. I personally like the achievements, but don't care at all about the Gamerscore. I don't even care who sees my achievements; it's just a matter of adding goals and getting more out of a game I've paid for.

Posted at 11:27AM on Feb 20th 2006 by SuicideNinja 0 stars

20. Face it guys, this guy is a really talented gamer. He's probably more talented than any of you will ever be. Think about it. He got almost every point for almost every game out. Some games, he could have used a walkthrough, but for a game like geometry wars... that not only takes mad skill and tons of practice, that is no easy feat. And to those who say "all he does is sit home and play xbox, he's a spoiled rich kid blah blah"... like you wouldn't if you could. Maybe he's a spoiled rich kid, or maybe (more likely) he's an adult who actually makes his own money who spoiled himself with his hobby. You guys need to get a life.

Posted at 3:52PM on Feb 20th 2006 by jCsickZ 0 stars

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