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Xbox 360 for Dummies, Fanboys need not apply

I don't think any self-described Xbox 360 Fanboy will have much of an interest in the release of Xbox 360 for Dummies, but the book's pedigree was interesting. Authors Brian "Brize" Johnson and Duncan "Festive Turkey" Mackenzie are both Microsoft employees, so the assumption is they're uniquely capable of writing a book about the Xbox 360. From the Amazon description:

This friendly guide shows how to maximize both gaming and non-gaming features of this amazing machine. * Topics covered include hooking up Xbox 360, taking advantage of HDTV and Dolby capabilities, using built-in digital video recording and wireless functions, storing media files, playing music, and displaying photos * Shows how to have even more fun by taking an Xbox online for massively multiplayer gaming, instant messaging, and more * Discusses the social potential of the Xbox, which people can use to make new friends, join groups and teams, and even throw fantastic parties * Includes tips for securing the Xbox from online threats

Sounds like there might be an interesting tip or two in there. What I really hope the book explains is if "Festive Turkey" is actually Duncan's nickname. I'm guessing it's his gamertag.

[Via Major Nelson]

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1. Hi Christopher,

It's his gamertag. He's Canadian... go figure. :) Hey, if you get a chance to read it, we mentioned Joystiq! I don't think Xbox360Fanboy was up yet when we finished writing.



Posted at 9:09PM on Feb 2nd 2006 by Brian Johnson 0 stars

2. Sounds like a decent read. It's just another reason for my wife to think I'm an "Uber" dork! I don't mind though, she knew it before she married me!

Posted at 12:01AM on Feb 3rd 2006 by Tiremfej 0 stars

3. I saw this on amazon not too long ago (past week or two). Figure it would make a perfect gift on april fools day :-p

Posted at 8:28AM on Feb 3rd 2006 by jron 0 stars

4. Happens I skimmed through it yesterday at B&N before I read this article, what a coincidence. Anyways interesting tips on how to turn on the box, how to create a gamertag, and yes even multiple gamer tags.

Posted at 9:39AM on Feb 3rd 2006 by Me 0 stars

5. Digital Video *Recording* you say?

Can the 360 actually capture video?

Posted at 11:52AM on Feb 3rd 2006 by Sense 2 stars

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