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Dashboard update and webcam support rumored

Xboxic is reporting that they've been informed by an "inside source" that Microsoft is working on a huge Dashboard update to be delivered "as soon as possible." Improvements include bug fixes for both lockups and achievement problems, as well as additions to the Dashboard. One such addition is rumored to be support for the as yet still unreleased webcam peripheral.

The ability to update the system software is a key part of the design. I'd love to see what the first two months of feedback has resulted in, but Xboxic says the big one is still an unknown: background downloading. I got the Full Auto demo downloading now, and can't do anything until it's good and done.

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1-26-2006 @ 5:59AM

flippermon said...

i want to be able to password protect my whole gamer profile so you cant use it at all without putting the password in.
This makes perfect sense considering the amount of machines that are being used by multiple people.

I come home and my flatmate is always using my gamer profile and not his own.


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1-26-2006 @ 9:19AM

Modano said...

A webcam would be great. I'd love to get a look at the race-baiters and griefers who scream "LAA LAA LAA" throughout an entire game.


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1-26-2006 @ 9:56AM

murph said...

i know the "big" update isn't out yet, but i think there have been some smaller updates.

when downloading demos, they would time out and i would have to manually restart them. well last night while getting the Full Auto demo, i watched it time out - and then restart automatically.


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1-26-2006 @ 10:01AM

Phace said...

Something HAS to be done about the dashboard locking up in DOA4. In fact, something has to be done about DOA4 in general.. I have lost all of my costumes and rankings, and I shudder to answer that incoming chat request. It's so bad sometimes, I can't even try to access the dashboard to check my friends list without it freezing and requiring a trip to the power button (which is inconveniently located on the unit itself, at the TV, when I am comfortably sitting on my couch wirelessly).


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1-26-2006 @ 10:42AM

Lewis said...

flippermon, that means you get his gamerpoints :P


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1-26-2006 @ 10:43AM

Lewis said...

Phace I have exactly the same problem but on all games...


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1-26-2006 @ 11:53AM

SlyEcho said...

You can put a rudimentary four-button password on your account. I'd tell you how it can be done, but I'm getting the Full Auto demo right now. And you could also try disabling automatic login.


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1-26-2006 @ 11:55AM

Joe said...

Yea you would think that the Dashboard beta testers would actually try to use the service rather then just make sure works for the presentation to jallard.

I mean when i noticed that i cant even play a xbox arcade game while its downloading, i said ok someone needs to fix this.

it's like hello! why didnt you let the target gamers try out the dashboard before you lanuched instead of using the lanuch as the beta test.

but it wont be MS if it didnt suck in one area and amaze me in another.


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1-26-2006 @ 12:39PM

smirky said...

Honestly, don't bother downloading the full auto demo... probably too late. Still, it doesn't really seem particularly "next-gen" to me.


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1-26-2006 @ 12:55PM

Ruben said...

I want to be able to browse my music in sections grouped by letters. So for example, all artists who's name begins with, "A-E," etc. The same would apply to album names, and song names. When you are streaming a huge music collection like I am, scrolling through all the artists in the list is a pain.


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1-26-2006 @ 1:25PM

nojok3 said...

To #10, try using the triggers when going down your music list, it goes by page when you hold it down :-)

Playing an arcade game shouldn't be a problem for the system while downloading something from marketplace...we do have 3 cores


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Clayton Rouse12

1-26-2006 @ 3:05PM

Clayton Rouse said...

I completely agree with the whole playing an arcade game while downloading something. I couldn't believe when I tried to do that for the first time it didn't work.


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1-26-2006 @ 3:21PM

Chappy said...

flippermon, I'd suggest investing in a memory unit, and keep your profile on that. Not only will you keep your roomate from using your profile (by keeping the memory card with you and not in the XBox), but you'll be able to use your profile when you play on your friend's xboxes. $40 is a little steep, but the convience of having your profile (and a couple arcade games or save games) portable outweighs the cost IMHO.


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1-26-2006 @ 8:43PM

thomas_h said...

i wish they would add msn messenger support ( i live in europe, msn is way more popular here than aol and such...) and maybe a simple web browser.. that would've been nice...

ah well..


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1-29-2006 @ 1:23AM

gonzo752 said...

Personally i think it's awsome that they're able to updtae the dashboard, i didn't that was even a possibility. Hope the updates are good. Background downloading would be nice.


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