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Xbox 360 could still be MIA through spring

Yahoo is running a thought provoking article that conveys the idea of the Xbox 360 still being pretty sparse for the next few months. This is speculation, of course, but some that has a bit of credibility to it. There's a subtle hint that kicks up some dirt as well mentioning that with the PS3 looming overhead, Microsoft has some stiff competition considering they're still having this much trouble getting the next-gen console into the hands of gamers.

From the article: "In the short term, prospects don't look good. Microsoft initially hoped to have shipped as many as 3 million systems by the end of February. But by the end of the year, Microsoft had shipped only about 1 million worldwide..."

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1. I'm not buying it. I bought a 360 Premium @ BestBuy 2 days ago...they had 12 prem. and 12 core...just sitiing there at 5 in the evening. I went to the Target across the street to grab a VGA cable...and the had 4 of each there! They were out of the cable so I stopped @ EB games at the same shopping center and they had no 360...For shits and giggles I asked when they would have more in...he said spring. I laughed to myself and told someone who walked out ahead of me who was looking about the other stores. Just sayin.

Posted at 11:37AM on Jan 25th 2006 by Big Ice D 1 star

2. When the lead in to the article basicly predicts doom and gloom because initial hope were to ship 3 million in three months, but they only shipped a million in the first of the 3 months.... Doesn't exacty make you want to click through does it...

Posted at 11:53AM on Jan 25th 2006 by pocketDragon 0 stars

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Posted at 11:56AM on Jan 25th 2006 by Derick 0 stars

4. This could possible go down as the worst launch in history....

Posted at 12:03PM on Jan 25th 2006 by Crazyglues 1 star

5. EB/Gamestop holding off 360 for Omega Bundles.

Posted at 12:03PM on Jan 25th 2006 by Nossy 1 star

6. Well... Yahoo is correct in saying that MS sold only a million at the end of the year, but production has changed since then. Yahoo is wrong with their speculation. MS has another vendor building XBOX360s so now they will defintely be able to meet capacity and exceed it. Instead of having 2 vendors building the 360s, they now have 3. The only thing I can say about available units is you better get it before they run out. These guys are selling like hotcakes on a cold-winter morning.

Posted at 12:16PM on Jan 25th 2006 by Joe 0 stars

7. Ummmm...#2 and #3 did you not read my post? Get off your ass and actually go into the to a person in charge. I'll bet they have them. The problem with those trackers is they don't really update.I'm telling you go to the stores, not everyday you junky...just when you are passing by. They hype is dying...production is moving and most "early adopters" and "Whiney Brats" got their boxes. The proof is on ebay my friends...look how much the prices are dropping there. Doesn't that suggest that just MAYBE they aren't as hard to come by? AND people aren't willing to get screwed by a re-seller?

Posted at 12:31PM on Jan 25th 2006 by Big Ice D 1 star

8. #1 - That may apply locally for you, but all areas of the country are different. My room mate wants one really bad but he hasn't been able to find an available one here. I told him not to waste money on an Ebay purchase and just get one locally when available.

You are right that Ebay prices are they should. Christmas will see the most ridiculous Ebay prices. Now people are willing to wait to buy it in the store. However, there is still a lot of bidding on about anything 360, but the prices are a bit more reasonable.

There seems to be some good games coming in March and April (Burnout, Splinter Cell, Prey, etc.). We'll see if that makes a difference. I've heard of people hanging out waiting for more games, but the question is how many people are doing this?

Posted at 1:08PM on Jan 25th 2006 by SuicideNinja 2 stars

9. #2 and 3 are marketers, Big Ice D.

Posted at 1:47PM on Jan 25th 2006 by Sense 4 stars

10. #6 - Where do you live, Iowa? No stores in the NYC area have any units. I have gone to my local Circuit City multiple times over the past two weeks and they have not even gotten any shipments let alone had them sitting there.

Posted at 2:09PM on Jan 25th 2006 by Kevin 0 stars

11. Big Ice D-what state and town do they have xbox 360

Posted at 2:24PM on Jan 25th 2006 by TNT 0 stars

12. Sorry, Untitled.

Sounded to good to be free. I have misjudged you. As an act of contrition, I will now slap myself firmly on the wrist.


Posted at 3:01PM on Jan 25th 2006 by Sense 4 stars

13. S'OK.. just don't know why they deleted my comments. Oh well..

Posted at 3:27PM on Jan 25th 2006 by untitled 0 stars

14. I live in Overland Park, KS where it was just as scarce as everywhere else. I had been talking to the people and Best Buy and was told that their shipments usually come in Tuesdays or Wednesdays between open and noon. I went in Tuesday at 12:30 and they had a ton of premiums out on the shelves. The weekly shipments are true, just find out what day of the week and time they usually get them and be there at the right time. Forget ebay and bundles.

Posted at 3:30PM on Jan 25th 2006 by Q 0 stars

15. MIA? They are appearing everywhere at Best Buy, Circuit City, Target ect.

Posted at 5:30PM on Jan 25th 2006 by junior 0 stars

16. I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area and have not been able to locate a 360 for sale at any store. There were some available on launch day, but only those who camped out overnight got one. I've tried everything, including visiting stores every week. There's none to be found here.

Posted at 9:34PM on Jan 25th 2006 by Captain Obvious 0 stars

17. I check BestBuy, Circuit City, and WalMart websites every day. No consoles available for sale online!

Posted at 9:38PM on Jan 25th 2006 by nick 0 stars

18. #9 /10 -

I live in Raleigh,NC...not quite NYC but not East Bumblefuck either. All the BB's in the area ( 4 within 30 mins from my house) had them the other day. The one in Fayetteville, NC( about 45mins away) always has big #'s too( the other day they had 17 of each i think...from the best buy computer..not the tracker site). They always have the largest allocation in our state due to Fort Bragg being there.I guess soldiers make for good gamers..or so thinks M$. Also the targets had them sitting out too....not under lock and key...not in the back stock room with an armed guard...just sitting out in the case.If you go to a BB they can look on their terminals to see how many each store has. Again I can't emphasize enough...if you want one ..get off your ass and go to a store PHYSICALLY...don't just call/look online.

Posted at 10:18AM on Jan 26th 2006 by Big Ice D 1 star

19. The numbers quoted here are wrong (or just out of date). MSFT released earnings yesterday, 1.5 million units were sold worldwide, 900k in the US, 500k in the EU, and 100k in Japan.

Posted at 6:24PM on Jan 27th 2006 by Rami 0 stars

20. "Yahoo is running a thought provoking article that conveys the idea of the Xbox 360 still being pretty sparse for the next few months. This is speculation, of course, but some that has a bit of credibility to it."

Speculation? You've GOT to be kidding.

Who out there but the bloggers, reviewers and VERY LUCKY FEW actually have an XBox 360? The press/bloggers (this site included) have done the gaming community a HUGE DISSERVICE with their launch coverage.

Little or no chastizing Microsoft. And completely ignoring the lack of product on the shelves. It seems more like an "I've got mine, so I don't care if it's not available anywhere" attitude.

Calling the Yahoo article "Speculation" -- when there's obviously no Xbox 360s to be found -- just adds insult to injury.


Posted at 4:24PM on Jan 29th 2006 by EatingPie 2 stars

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