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Fight Night Round 3 on Live

If you haven't heard about it yet, then head on over to Xbox Live Marketplace and try out the fists of fury in Fight Night Round 3. The demo is out and everyone's getting a piece of it (except you gamers in Japan and Korea, sorry). So remember to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, no pressure or anything.

[Via Major Nelson]

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1-05-2006 @ 5:33AM

gotmy360 said...

It's a stunner and worth the time to download. If DOA and this reflect what is to come from the 360, the next generation has truly arrived.


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1-05-2006 @ 6:24AM

modeps said...

Too bad it's an EA title and is strictly forbidden under "Boycott EA" stance. They do have some good games, but I just dont agree with their single handed domination and destruction of our industry.


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1-05-2006 @ 7:30AM

Deth said...

If you want to get back at them, download the demo and never buy the game. that will (if EA is doing homework) show EA that their games are not as well liked as they could be. My logic could be faulty, but heres hoping.


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1-05-2006 @ 8:24AM

BDM said...

EA is in the business of making money. If getting exclusive licensing helps them do that, then I don't see what the problem is. If another company wants to make a football game, they can go right ahead. Good gameplay would outweigh having the real player's names on the jerseys anyday.


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1-05-2006 @ 9:18AM

Modeps said...

Rumor has it that 2K sports will be coming out with a football game this year, possibly something like a Legends of Football game. Everyone makes the arguement that people can make football games and that gameplay will win out, but this is a Sim sports market. To be a simulation, you need the official stuff.

Madden was losing serious ground and they knew it. 2kSports did what EA should have done a long time ago... charge a lower premium for upgraded features and rosters. It forced EA to lower their prices for a while, but when they realized that it was severely impacting their bottom line, time for exclusivity and destroy the competition with a pen instead of on the field. Then, the next year, prices were back up at their 'normal levels'.

It's not just about the NFL exclusivity though. It's more about how they're not bringing anything new to the table. In the past year, they were set to release something like 26/27 games, only one of which was an original title (and that one is based on a movie license). Sequels are normaly OK, but c'mon... if anyone has the money and power to be innovative and try something new, it's EA... but they choose to make money off small incremental versioning for $50 a pop.

It's good for business and shareholders, it's bad for the industry.


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Tim Marman6

1-05-2006 @ 10:10AM

Tim Marman said...

This looks sweet. Fight Night Round 2 was amazing looking on the original xbox - with only 2 characters the models can be much more detailed. I can't wait to get my hands on this one tonight :)


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DanBox 3607

1-05-2006 @ 11:02AM

DanBox 360 said...

I can't wait for this, I saw a video a while back and it looks so painful when they show the replays in slow motion.

I'll be downloading this tonight.


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1-05-2006 @ 11:32AM

magilacudy said...

Can be summed up in one word: amazing. Well two, if you put the F word in there. Easily spent an hour beating the crap out of Roy Jones Jr. If he fights anything like that in real life (uses his face to block my punches, main tactic is to run away just out of reach of my gloves to tire me out) then get Don King to sign me up for a title bout.

Also has anybody else who played the demo noticed a light black line on the bottom half of the screen? When I'm playing the demo it looks like my LCD is starting to crack. It only shows up on the demo, not any other games or sources.


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Reality Check9

1-05-2006 @ 2:31PM

Reality Check said...

This demo has good graphics on my HDTV. The gameplay is either too simple, or brilliant.

I was able to knock out Roy Jones on my first try with little effort, using a strategy not much more sophisticated than mashing the jab and hook buttons while moving in and out.

But when I played against a friend, it got a bit more challenging.

I think the genius in this game is playing against others. The gameplay could be deep if both players really know what they are doing an use the full system.

Overall I'd give the game a 6.5 out of 10, based on the demo. Single seems way too easy and unrealistic...there's no way you score that many hits in real boxing. But against a good human player, it could be fun.

I'd be willing to pay $20 for it (through my EA connection) just to play with friends when they come over.


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1-05-2006 @ 10:40PM

aZTEKv2 said...

I agree that the gameplay is a bit easy , but If you pick Roy Jones Jr. it seems that its a bit of a step up. You also have to consider, if it was harder, you would've been here saying "how impossible it is to play" and how you're never playing this game again. Overall, sweet HD Graphics, and astonishing 3d background, for once the crowd doesnt look like animated cardboards. Cool game, cant wait for its Q4 Release.


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