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Dashboard silently updated, but bugs still abound

Noticed anything funny with the 360 Dashboard? While it has a couple of problems, it looks like Microsoft have already taken some steps to update the Dashboard, with most people running version 2241 instead of version 1888 which the 360 shipped with. This "silent" updating is a little unnerving, especially as we don't know what was fixed, but it's nice to know something is being done about the various bugs and problems.

[Thanks, Scott]

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The Lorax1

1-04-2006 @ 10:34PM

The Lorax said...

You mention "bugs abound" in you headline but don't mention any. What dashboard bugs are you refering to? I haven't really noticed any that I can think of. Maybe that's just compared to COD2 online though.


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Joey Hawk Bender2

1-04-2006 @ 11:41PM

Joey Hawk Bender said...

So... it was updated without me even knowing?


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1-05-2006 @ 12:26AM

mike said...

Agree with first poster. You dont know they are dealing with the various bugs and problems? For all you know, they could of fixed a spelling error on one of the information pieces.

You are making assumptions.

Also, what problems and bugs is the dashboard full of? the only problem I have actualy noticed is that its a little slow to access the guide then friends then messages etc etc. I doubt they will ever fix that tho.


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Eliot Phillips4

1-05-2006 @ 2:34AM

Eliot Phillips said...

I think they're actually updating Live - not the dashboard (which would require a version bump) since people booting Hexic off of a CD are autodisconnected from Live now, unlike before.


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1-05-2006 @ 6:55AM

Deezul said...

Where can I get the update that J Allard has that allows for one button shutdown? Anyone else notice on the screen capture the blue X button is "Shutdown"? Give me that update.


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1-05-2006 @ 8:28AM

jennie said...

Check out the site linked to in the article. Our articles on this site (and any Joystiq-family site) all have a 'Read' link, and a linked image, which constitute the focus of our posts. In that linked page there's a description of a couple of bugs and Microsoft's official response which explains that the Dashboard software has been silently updated. Hence the post here referring to bugs and the Dashboard software -- not Xbox Live itself -- being updated.


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J Money7

1-05-2006 @ 9:48AM

J Money said...

#4 - Deezul. You can do this with your 360. Simply hold down the guide button and a blade will pop up on the right side of your screen. It'll ask you if you would like to shut down the controller or shut down the console. Highlight the option you want and hit X. It's pretty sweet!


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Art Guy8

1-05-2006 @ 12:11PM

Art Guy said...

Jennie, the "bugs still abound" comment is dishonest reporting. I've learned to expect unprincipled reporting from Joystiq, but I had hoped this particular blog would rise from such deceitful behavior and become respectable. A journalist's mandate is to assemble a fair, accurate, and complete story that can be understood by a general audience. That has not happened here, you have taken facts and twisted them so far from the truth that most publications would fire you on the spot.

Unless I am missing something, the link provided mentions one bug with the progress bar. One. The word "abound" means "exists in large numbers" and last time I checked one is a very small number. Even if you count the rating complaint as a bug (which I don't), that brings the grand total up to a whopping two bugs. How you turned these two minor issues into a large number is beyond my logic, perhaps I need to take a course in journalism that forgoes integrity.

The complaint (not a bug IMO) that you can't see M rated demos when you have the family settings on T makes perfect sense. Just like when you lock out PPV porn channels on tv, you don't see them listed so the kids don't read names that you don't want to see.


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1-05-2006 @ 1:24PM

Julio said...

I really don't mind the auto-updates being forced. Anything to fix bugs, and increase functionality.

I'm pretty sure that's a part of microsoft's backdoor anti-hacking scheme. Which also means that in the end it also becomes part of microsoft's anti-cheating on xbox live solution.


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1-05-2006 @ 3:42PM

Ian said...

Erm ... I got my 360 on release day, and I'm 99.9% certain that when I was setting it up it downloaded the 2241 dashboard. This isn't a new update at all.

Now, maybe they can issue a fix for Bankshot Billiards so it doesn't freeze all the time when connecting to another player on Live.


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1-07-2006 @ 5:08AM

kman79 said...

How do you get this update? I'm still on 1888. I'm just asking so that if/when a good update is available, I would know how to get it. THanks


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1-08-2006 @ 7:03PM

James said...

Both Jennie Lees of Xbox360 Fanboy and vc of Joystiq like to blow things out of proportions or make their own annoyances into problems everyone else seem to give a damn about.

Those 2 are atypical of tabloid journalists.


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1-08-2006 @ 7:06PM

James said...

It should read "typical" and NOT "atypical".


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1-23-2006 @ 10:35PM

empt said...

here's a bug for y'all...

Whenever I start to download one of the larger demos, like PGR, and then cancel the download, it corrupts the file and doesn't let me continue the download later....

When I try to restart the download, the progress bar jumps to 54%, and then freezes....


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